Thursday 4 January 2018

Murder Hobo PDF Open to the Public

Download this here

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So this was the first PDF I did exclusive to my Patreon Users. Now I'm releasing to the public. I did forget one murder hobo blog I did and will revise sometime with the extra article and some murder hobo shanty town maps. But for now enjoy.

This is to partly celebrate over a million hits here and 1200 posts but a little bit later than usual.

Shortly on my Patreon Im releasing to my sponsors Village Life  - a companion to my Shadelport book. There is a bit of overlap with the shadel port book which will probably have less wilderness stuff next release and more city stuff. That book was kinda three planned books in one and the ne Village book is first to split off. Probably all my maritime posts and Bloodsand Village will be detailed some time.

Anyway more Patrons I get more quality design time I will put in with new design and consolidating what I have built here. I've updated most of the links on my sidebar and added new ones recently too.

If you need illustrations of octopi wizards or piss stained rascally murder hobos I might help you. I'm pretty happy with look of this book.  Any feed pack on the Murder Hobo Manual let me know it might make the upgraded version.

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