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d100 Wilderness Caves

These are caves you can chuck in wilderness hex crawls or put in bigger cavern complexes or passages for some variety. Most are not too big and many are lairs or may hide hidden treasure caches or natural wonders. Should be able to add any where or several in a hill or cliff or in a great cavern might be workable adventure. Could possibly do a d100 mine tunnels.

d20 Cave Decor

1 Fossils of ancient aquatic life forms
2 Sparkling mica deposits
3 Ancient cave art of early man
4 Erotic dark elf 
relief sculpture
5 Ancient rusted junk and machinery
6 Spectacular stone formations
7 Fungus garden
8 Crystal deposits
9 Overgrown with root mass
10 Carved tomb with burial niches
11 Dwarven statue or rune carvings
12 Savage hunter totem made with bones
13 Ancient worn fishman sculpture
14 Water feature like a waterfall and pond
15 Ancient fertility shrine and potterey
16 Petrified animal remains covered in calcium
17 Assemblage of ancient bones
18 Crates and barrels from forgotten storage cache
19 Piles of large ancient sea or snail shells 
20 Ancient stone altar once for sacrifices

d100 Wilderness Caves
01 The Black Heart - magically dark cave with shadow guards and a evil relic
02 Demon Bear Cave - home of a mutant cave bear that sleeps for decades
03 Bloodfeast Cave - altar to the bat goddess, 
ceiling covered in squirming vampire bats 
04 Pissstain Cave - full of broken bottles and stench of urine, homeless drunks haunt05 Iceheart Cave - dripping icicles and frozen corpses, icetoads breed here
06 Gladiator Cave - once place of sacrifice now gladiators worship the shrine of the fallen
07 Hunters Cave - with cave paintings, stockpiled arrows and animal skins and skulls
08 Ogres Cave - home to a family of ogres and years of victims bones
09 Hellhound Cave - shrine once used by devil cults now guarded by hellhounds
10 Bloody Eye Cave - home of a giant and his blinded slave cattle victims
11 Stinkwizzle Cave - home to a family of troglodytes who like to play musical skulls
12 Meltwater Cave - a chilled stream flows out and a young white dragon lives inside
13 Gorehome Cave - a stinking blood spattered home of a savage dinosaur
14 Firebourne Cave - salamanders guard a locked gate to the fire plane inside
15 Stonespear Cave - a lamia lives here with several charmed servants 
16 Foaming Cave - frothing waters fill cave with foam where giant toads frolic
17 Scorpion Cave - where several giant scorpions live with remains of a lost treasure 
18 Bloody Hand Cave - where a savage cult come to make sacrifices to their shrine
19 Minotaur Cave - winding twisting complex where several minotaurs live
20 Werewolf Cave - where lycanthropes come to worship and induct new werewolves
21 Crystal Cave - misty cave of strange lights which can transport travellers through time
22 Fireflesh Cave - ever burning zombies live here guarding a shrine of evil fire gods
23 Bonedirt Cave - skeletons who can burrow 3" guard a necromancers chest
24 Bigfish Cave - pond inside with island with chests, guarded by a giant angry fish 
25 Beetlegnaw Cave - lair of giant flesh eating beetles with dozens of suits of armour inside
26 Yellowrock Cave - home to a fly demon awaiting a mission so he can return home
27 Vampire Cave - where a ancient degenerate vampire lives so old forgotten language
28 Redclaw Cave - home to several harpy sisters guarding ancient treasure
29 Sculptors Cave - filled with statues, a medusa lives in a secret section with her loot
30 Gibbering Cave - home to a shoggoth guarding a ancient monolith of prehuman writing
31 Skeleton Cave - filled with bones of ancient mammals guarded by undead mammoth
32 Hangmans Cave - cave fisher lives here with dried corpses hanging from ceiling
33 Stonecrab Cave - home to several giant crabs guarding a fishman shrine and gold
34 Pincer Cave - several giant cave lobsters guarding a aeon slumbering catfishman
35 Shipwreck Cave - somehow a wrecked ship got in here guarded by a cave octopus
36 Ochre Cave - bloody ochre jellies live in water here guarding chest of gold
37 Wight Cave - evil warriors buried here long ago guard their comrades remains
38 Grimgore Cave - dire wolves live here and have dragged hundreds of victims here
39 Stoneshank Cave - home of many piercers and a great mysterious stone chest
40 Stirge Cave - breeding colony of bloodsuckers in a long abandoned burial ground
41 Haunted Cave - wrath lair guarding a stone tomb of ancient evil lord
42 Painted Cave - covered in artworks and clay sculpture, savage artists often working here
43 Toadstool Cave - overgrown with shrooms where goblins frolic and brew potions
44 Kobold Cave - a colony of tiny mining men, heavily trapped and ruled by a king
45 Black Orc Cave - gang of horrid orcs guard body of wizard who made them years ago
46 Dark Crystal Cave - black gems and fungus covered with a brother and sister dark elf
47 Heart Cave - once for lovers but now a succubi lives here preying on explorers
48 Ghoul Cave - once a ancient tomb cave has been home to ghouls for millenia
49 Serpent Cave - giant snake guards ancient serpent man sealed doorway
50 Fishbone Cave - goblins use as a fishing hole for aeons with mounds of bones
51 Shithole Cave - stinking cave has a pool of filth with a tentacled horror

52 Batkin Cave - clan of werebat messengers live here with many children
53 Blue Cave - blue crystals here guarded by a giant spider and cobwebbed mummies
54 Faceless Cave - eyeballs in walls twitch and watch intruders enigmatically 
55 Crimson Cave - splattered in blood from aeons of cult sacrifices with relics in boxes
56 Golden Cave - sparkling fools gold cave with statue of glittering ox
57 Lead Cave - long used as place to find lead, some old mining tools scattered
58 Gullet Cave - slimy winding cave with pool with a hag and her treasure
59 Slime Cave - green slime pool guarding a ancient druid crypt
60 Mirror Cave - shining mica mirrors on surfaces hide doppelganger family
61 Troll Cave - family of grumpy insane troll live here who often fight each other
62 Faerie Cave - sprites and pixies live in a fungus garden dancing and feasting
63 Five Fingers Cave - with five corridors each with a chest and guardians
64 Gremlin Cave - home of dozens of gremlins who will try and hide in explorers bags
65 Cream Cave - white calcite cave of great peace and beauty with a magical well
66 Mole Rat Cave - burrow complex of a clan of molerat men warriors ruled by a queen
67 Devouring Cave - giant cave axolotls live in shallow pools guarding a stone chest
68 Golem Cave - remains of a smashed lab and failed golems and a dead alchemist
69 Hellgate Cave - resembles a terrible face, inside great locked doors to the dread domain
70 Siren Cave - beautiful cave with fine acoustics where a siren lives cursed to never leave
71 Foul Cave - stinking cave with huecuva corpses and a mummy with stone age relics

72 Strange Cave - carved dark elf erotica decorated hall, a crypt thing guards it
73 Dire Cave - demonic cult degenerated into cannibals worshiping a lesser demon
74 Cricket Cave - full of fungus and giant crickets who will chirp if intruders enter
75 Deathwatch Cave - corpse littered cave home of a giant deathwatch beetle
76 Cave of Chaos - formarian giant wallows in pool of corpses and filth guarding a gateway
77 Wizards Cave - once a secret study of a spellcaster who's rotting remains lie here
78 Sisters Cave - three ogre sisters live here and will offer advice for someone to eat 
79 Nightmare Cave - creatures from the nightmare world leak into the waking world here
80 Cauldron Cave - a black well of darkness returns corpses to life as zombies
81 Dwarf Cave - lonely old dwarf lives here all that remains of a destroyed colony
82 Imp Cave - pesky imps guard a hidden devils treasure awaiting cult to return
83 Woolly Cavern - a great curly haired spider lives here and goblins would shear for wool
84 Checker Cavern - has a chessboard like floor, a magical death trap built by a wizard
85 Starry Cave - mica on ceiling looks like a night sky by lamplight, very quiet place
86 Jewel Cave - gems in walls but cursed by hell making collectors mad with greed
87 Spiders Cave - home to magic using evil spiders who's cult bring them victims
88 Phlegm Cave - slime covered cave with multiple gelatinous cubes inside
89 Lion Cave - home of a flea bitten black sabertooth lion, long been a maneater
90 Brazen Cave - guarded by a bronze golem, inside is lab of a long dead sorceress
91 Silver Cave - shining silver veins in walls have imprisoned several wights for aeons
92 Green Cave - green crystalline walls carved with ancient historical writings
93 Holy Cave - dozens of shrines with remains of offerings and cave paintings

94 Stone Cave - ancient stone age wizard cave with wall carvings and ritual items
95 Goat Cave - cave where goats come to shelter, occasionally a predator is attracted
96 Shrine Cave - numerous holy shrines hidden here during a religious purge aeons ago
97 Glory Cave - six dwarf miners live here collecting rare crystals used by alchemists
98 Worm Cave - a great pit here where cultists feed a hungry purple worm
99 Nightfang Cave - fanged cave geckos live here but roam on hunts
100 Rat Cave - giant bear sized mutant rat lives here with some smaller rats

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