Monday 22 January 2018

Chambers amid the roots of the great tree

So it is one thing to walk in a magical forest and another to enter the tree canopy but what about the deep? Among the dark roots and crawl spaces and burrows of lightless creatures. What lurks there? Possibly will re do my old forest tables too. Will be getting stuck into my faerieland book this week. Had a horrible bill which is a bit of a downter for $3500 from a overpayment over 18 months ago. But at least I can apply for jobs in my field in this state after chasing qualifications for a year. Exciting times. At least my health has been all good news so everything else if secondary.

Assume most of the animal species are intelligent, sentient and possibly wear clothes. Could be beastmen, intelligent beasts or animal spirit shapeshifters. The underwood holds some darkness and evil but also the fructifying powers of life emerge from here.

d100 Chambers amid the roots of the great tree
01 Burrow of a mole man clan, curled up and asleep
02 Burrow of a moleratman family, mostly asleep but wary guards
03 Family of mice storing their food supplies
04 Squirrels checking one of their nut holes
05 A dragon chewing on roots, wants to ruin the world
06 A jeweled horned snake offers wisdom, healing and prophecy
07 A evil snake tries to trick visitors into committing act of evil
08 Hedgehog family working on chores around cottage
09 Badger family home where they share a meal
10 A family of nice well dressed rat folk discussing local problems 
11 A clan of evil chaos ratmen plotting to ruin everything
12 Weasel family of cuthoats and briggands tormenting a victim
13 Wealthy toad home, he is pompas and ignorant but not deliberately malicious 
14 Nest of huge moth grubs with aging moth mother about to expire
15 An evil giant blind worm gnawing on the roots with a venomous stinger
16 Remains of adventurers overgrown with roots and a rusty old treasure chest
17 Undead adventurers, a mix of skeletons and zombies guarding their loot
18 Ankheg warren were a growing family meet to raise young and bring them food
19 Antmen nest well guarded because they like to mine gold for the elves
20 Termite men eating away deadwood and building a fort
21 Dark elves trying to inject poison into the tree to cause a catastophe
22 Goblins tending a mushroom cave peacefully
23 Nasty goblin clan of demon worshipers camped here between raids
24 Troll cave where they have captives saved to eat later
25 Family of rabbit men, fairly friendly but very vindictive
26 Dark elf temple where they summon otherworldy beings and release them
27 Dwarf clan working on forges making metal goods for local customers
28 Evil dwarves chopping at the roots and high on drugs
29 Friendly gnome clan having a social gathering with local animal friends
30 Evil gnomes whipping captives and making them dig holes
31 Elf village tending the great tree and trading for acorns from squirrels
32 Dryad grotto with her animal familiars
33 Elves, sprites, brownies and goblins dancing around a mushroom cave
34 Hobgoblin camp awaiting orders that a war will finally begin
35 Hobgoblins chopping away dead roots and feeding to beetles
36 A gargantuan sleeping lizard
37 Sleeping giants awaiting the end of the world with long beards
38 Goblins having a market as part of a festival
39 Bat family listening to the stories of the elders
40 Family of frogs fishing around a pond for blind cave fish
41 Chamber of glowing fungus with some goblins and sprites playing
42 Bear family enjoying bowls of porridge with honey
43 Mr Rat's general store selling food and everyday tools and supplies
44 Lone dwarf with candle on hat digging for lost treasure
45 Clan of dwarfs drinking beer and singing of past glory
46 Mrs Squirrel's nut emporium selling local and important nuts
47 Market where various animals and creatures with pushcart stalls selling food and craft
48 Dark elves meeting albino fishmen and evil goblins planning some evil deed
49 Ghouls feasting on buried remains of adventurers
50 A wight lair with his enthralled 
former adventurers minions, plotting evil
51 A vampire crypt with some kind of servant guarding him while asleep
52 Family of nomadic mice with tiny waggons, dancing and feasting
53 Stone crypt of prehuman design with a cult trying to fathom it's inscrutable secrets
54 Elf commoners clearing away a fungal infection having a lunch break
55 Lair of intelligent giant witch spiders able to assume human form
56 Evil witches attempting to poison tree roots with potions brewed in cauldron
57 Kindly witch treating wounds of local animals
58 A large turtle reading books on comfortable chair smoking a hookah
59 Family of owls having school lessons with a few other species joining the class
60 Vile orcs with cage of prisoners hacking at the roots and spreading rootrot
61 A elderly newt patiently letting goblins lick him all over for a copper coin each
62 Goblin alchemist shop selling potions, magic mushrooms and pack zombies
63 Tribe of wildmen worshiping at a altar of the horned lord of the forest and underworld
64 Cavemen cooking a boar in cave lit by glowing fungus
65 Shrine to a earth goddess with cave paintings tended by a cavewoman shaman
66 Beetlemen nightclub with band, alcoholic nectar and poetry by bug bards
67 Spectre guarding remains of his adventurer party who all died here with their treasure
68 Lost human miners somehow got lost and wound up here, lights running low and hungry
69 Lost human children here in hiding have been scared by evil gnomes and a ogre
70 Murder hobo adventurers resting and counting loot, complaining about lack of treasure
71 Human adventurers on a quest looking for a lost relic and bewildered by this realm

72 Sepantman scholar reading books and watching over the sleep crypts of his kin
73 Lizard men on a quest for their shaman looking for magical mushrooms
74 Hellgate guarded by devils, tell you "this is a shortcut out of here"
75 Hellhound lair will savagely attack anyone the detect
76 Gibbering shoggoth trapped in a pit it cannot climb out of
77 Well where various creatures lining up to get water to take home
78 Goblin tyrant rules over his village and increasingly takes advice from chaos shaman
79 Good wizard with his animal and faerie friends is making potions and magic items
80 Evil wizard is torturing roots to extract essence for a evil artifact
81 Druid with his animal friends is healing the root system and wounded animals
82 Night hag torturing roots and extracting evil essence for a potion to spread evil
83 Ambulant humanoid root mass creatures defending the roots but indiscriminate
84 Young rabbits throwing rocks at a ogre
85 Several ogres with sacks of gold camped so they can count their loot
86 Giant beetles grazing on fungus and dead roots and rotting mass
87 Rotten mass of vegetation with a ruined cottage where a deathwatch beetle lurks
88 Frog chorus singing inspirational songs while other animals in audience tear up
89 Giant crickets gazing on fungus start panicking and chirping when intruders visit
90 Village of the mushroom folk, shaman offers you other worldly narcotics
91 Caterpillars munching and looking bored, a few are smoking and drinking
92 Scorpions guarding a golden idol of queen tiamat reserved for a evil cult
93 Cult of evil wizard apprentices lost and unwelcome in hiding

94 Court of a elfmaiden with her sprites and brownies and pixies and animal friends
95 Gnomes building a mechanical apparatus to milk root sap for alchemists
96 Earth elementals gnawing on delicious black rich soil uninterested in humans
97 Carrion crawler with various elves and animals paralysed in terror in nest
98 Zombies digging and gathering dead roots for a necromancer to make into monsters
99 Human priest lost here investigating witches and cults, thinks he is in some hell
100 Gateway to the elemental plane of earth guarded by a stone golem

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  1. This is cracking! Anything that can randomly generate badgers is good with me.


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