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Hoboskull Fort - Phase 2

So I have revised the part one map and put on flickr here with this map. You can get bigger versions here of this and the above map

Recent Developments

Having changed from just a camp to a stockade generously called a fort, a few more trees have been cut down, a midden heap is growing and a small graveyard of 20-40 corpses has appeared. The location tents have been replaced by shacks and only the desperate camp on the common now but there are still d4xd6 campers there frequently. There is some idea about the caves and people have grown wary of the Owlbear.  Several towers and a wooden wall have helped security. Beggers are being discouraged and the watch beat them with sticks or put them in the slavers stockade and dump them somewhere closer to town (honest).

All kinds of riff raff and the law are less curious now and less people are wandering about outside the stockade. More young adventurers have turned up.  Stray dogs have become common. Duran thinks the owlbear is good for business and encourages people to stay indoors in paid beds rather than camping outside. He has paid a druid to heal it several times. Rangers and druids have been sniffing about and law from local towns keep away. Duran's thugs have beaten a few beadles spying on the area.

Outside Locations

Badger Hill - family of badgers live near here and the younger ones have gotten curious and go through the trash and fight with dogs

Brock Stream - flows from the badgers cave and people think you will turn into a were badger if you drink it

Goblin Cave - goblins live here and care for a mushroom grove. They used to come only occasionally but more young ones and a shaman have set up to trade and do odd jobs for humans. One night they had a goblin market selling all kinds of strange things. Poor and desperate wounded come here for cheap healing but some end up mutated or turned into goblins. Goblins will work for a copper a day annoying local urchins who wanted to put prices up and goblins are often superior. Goblin first aid is only a sp and a magic mushroom potion is typically 40gp+

Newt Hill - people avoid it now they know dogs and owlbears live inside

Owlbear Cave - home to at least one owlbear known of and Duran has declared it off limits claiming it scares off orcs. There is a big pile of bones just inside the entry and the monster has gotten fatter

Water grotto - a spectacular cave of limestone formations and a bubbling pool but a few visitors have vanished

Wild Dogs - cave is where the growing pack of wild dogs live. Many are friendly but as they grow in numbers some have been getting more aggressive. Some have been adopted by murder hobos and most like them. Duran has a few cooked occasionally to keep the numbers down. A few followers have been attacked fetching water

Camping Ground - poorer and new and broke adventurers  sleep here. Stray dogs hang around and so do pigeons. Livestock know better. Cost is 1cp a day to stay here no food included

Graveyard - fresh mounds and mostly wooden slat or large stone markers. Most are unmarked, a few have badly carved names. Most are forgotten. When ghouls were atracted Duran had a priest brought in

Midden - a heap of trash and latrine pits where rubbish and chamber pots are emptied. Dogs look for food scraps and large rat nests have formed. By night badgers and the owlbear sniff around

Inside Locations
The open area in the stockade usually has plenty of livestock, some urchins and a few wild dogs begging. Frank the Pig and Laurie the goat have moved inside and Frank has a lady goat wife Paulette who provides milk. A limpy orphan Pete watches them and reports anything odd to Duran who lets Pete sleep under the floor of his shack and gives him scraps

Tower - twenty foot tower usually has a watch man on top with a shortbow or javelins, while another man watches the gate. In times of trouble this is doubled

Kitchen - now has a shack and ms molly has several urchin and goblin helpers and sells snacks over a counter. She has been growing a garden and there is wth goblin mushrooms a 1cp gruel or 1sp fancy meal or 1gp deluxe meal with real meat on the menu. Ms Molly T2 gets a marriage offer daily now

Guesthouse - is now 1sp to sleep on the floor or a GP for a bunk. It is often over crowded and has triple bunks. One of Duran's thugs T2 looks after it

Dormitory - has been improved and is where Duran's men mostly T1 live
Store - sells more and more overpriced food stuff and dungeon supplies. The old widowed shopkeeper T2 married a murderhobo Wolf F3 who helps keep riff raff out and now she is Mrs Wolf

Trader - a solid shack with armoured shutters and well armed guards. Corbin T4 sells all kinds of second hand items at good prices and buys things and changes coins at what most agree are terrible prices. He is a old friend of Duran and has two F1 guards

Duran's - has been made over with better decor and a small house garden. it is fortified and now four servants and Duran's lover Catherine lives inside. Duran is now a T7 but still pays off his former master in the city

Watch - where the better armed gang members F1  or T2 keep a semblance of order from and lock up drunks and troublemakers and keep weapons. If it gets full they give them to the slavers

Vacant - a tiny shack which replaced Doc's tent but now he has a better shack and Duran rents this for 10gp a day to visitors or adventuring parties. It even has a stove and a table and the price includes fresh straw on the floor once a week

Grog Hut - was just a tent now Talia T2 and her ex adventurer F2 lover Gregor have a shack and brew local beer and stout according to his recipe. 1cp a drink but BYO cup

Slavers - is a shed full of cages and leg irons where humanoids or wanted criminals found in dungeons are chained up before being shipped to the slavers or the law for bounties in the city. The slavers are a friendly gang and they also pay out for humanoid scalps 1cp each but they get more for them in the town. They make good money and Duran gets a cut.  Slorak T4 runs it with his ork henchmen

Doc - T3 has a nice shack now instead of his old fleapit. His helper Gordon T1 who is a barber who helps especially when Doc is drunk. Doc has married one of the harlots Glinda T2 who also helps. Doc no longer gets a body guard now the camp is so civilized. Doc charges 1cp for a shave or haircut, to a gp for first aid

Shrine - a friar C4 lives here and does some healing and blessing and advising. He is flawed by standards of a city priest and is a letcher who visits the prostitutes to bless them daily. He was a wanderer for years and people hope he will bring civilization. He has a young acolyte from the city Peter C1 who disapproves of everything but has just discovered grog. They do all the marriages, blessings and burials. They watch the graveyard and warn it needs a fence and to be sanctified but the paperwork is tied up in a bigger church elsewhere. They usually charge 30gp for first aid and 100gp+ for magic healing

Brothel - a dozen girls live here, and anyone working outside without Bertha's T3 approval gets whipped and forced to work here. Most of the girls are debtors under contract whos families sold the to Duran. About half of them come and go a lot. Tabitha, Candy, Primrose and Griselda T2 are the old hands and are tough enough to stay and renew their contracts. A basic favour like a kneetrembler or a wetwhistle is a cp, quick sex 1sp or a gp  or more for fancy city noble sex. 1sp for a bath or 1gp with warm water and soap and a extra gp per woman in your bath max of 2. Bertha want some pretty boys and rentboys in and she tries to arrange any such services as best she can

Inn - Dorian T4 a dandy from the city runs the place with gambling, fancy 1sp or 1gp a cup booze. The girls from the brothel spend time here many charging a cp per dance and drinks. They put on a floorshow everynight to sell their wares. Dorian owes Duran his life and is very loyal. All the girls like him. He is deadly with a rapier and was a duelist and hitman

Smithy - Chandry F3 the smith has moved in to fix armour and weapons. He takes care of Duran's men as part of his sweet deal. He buys second and monster armour and weapons too which he fixes and has shipped to the city. He charges frontier prices for the good stuff and spends his money on booze and whores and meat

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