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d100 Elven Ruins

Elves ruled the world in the dawn age after dragons and giants and trolls. Elves tell man was created at the end of the dawn age so elves no longer had to make sacrifices to the gods.Humans and orcs have thrived and are no longer under the shadow of the elves. Elven ruins are everywhere.

These might be good for Swordfish Islands too

d20 Decorative Motifs for artist decor

1 Rampant porpoises or some sea animal
2 Tree Heraldry
3 Sun images or chariot of the sungod or wheel
4 Heraldic Insect 
5 Depiction of artisans tools
6 Heraldic flowers or leaves
7 Heraldic animals d4 1=fighting 2=
8 Elvish hero fighting monster
9 Elven royalty as divinity
10 Monster looking fierce or eating someone
11 Elf rune or pictogram

12 Eye-sun symbol
13 Moons in various phases or moon-eye symbol
Narcotic mushroom or flower type
15 Elves showing dominion over other races
16 Gardening tools
17 Humans leaving offerings to elves
18 Dancing faeries
19 Nature deities and faeries fornicating
20 Dancing elfmaid around trees

d20 Quick Decor
d4 rolls here 
1 Fused into trees, almost covered with vegetation
2 Covered in vines and creepers all over
3 Covered in flowering vines, showers of petals and perfume in breeze

4 Dead dried vines and vegetation all dead
5 Burned and blackened by fire
6 Fungus covered dripping with slime
7 Lichen and moss covered
8 Thorn bushes 1in6 with tasty berries too
9 Rough cyclopean chiseled stone, fresco long gone
10 Still remains of ancient paint and glaze, colourful
11 Orc and goblin feces and urine stained stonework
12 Goblin graffiti everywhere scrawled with obscenities and racism
13 Someone carryied away stones to repurpose

14 Someone has removed fancy fittings as loot
15 Bones scattered over area
16 Someone living and camping here often
17 Someone removing writing and religious symbols with chisel
18 Treasure hunters have smashed holes in walls searching for loot
19 Someone built shacks using the ruin structures and lived here
20 Thick with thorny rose vines

d100 Elven Ruins
01 Fine fluted fragments of stone wall with worn carvings
02 Row of monoliths up close they were once eroded columns
03 Elegant flying buttresses and wall of a cathedral 
04 Remains of a tower outer shell
05 Piles of strange coloured sand with fragments of written tablets
06 Stone animal statues from some monumental road
07 Giant reclining naked elf with enigmatic smile
08 Thirty foot statue of soldier on guard
09 Sacred well with magical lit chamber and bench
10 Cave crystal grotto with spring and elvish statues inside
11 Broken spiral staircase going up a column to nowhere
12 Spiral staircase going 10-20 foot deep, possibly a lair now
13 Staircase into foundation slab into a basement, often a lair
14 Broken square tower lower floor intact, tree growing on upper floor
15 Circular round structure once a public market area
16 Circular amphitheatre with sculptural plaque of the two faced god 
17 Sacred tree in stone bowl, seasonally blossoms with fruit
18 Stone fountain 1in6 works 20 foot circular stone base
19 Drain entrance under ornate stone slab
20 Remains of old canal now boggy and overgrown
21 Remains of old canal tunnel entrance
22 Old well shaft drops to old tunnels and cistern
23 Huge tree with overgrown tree house
24 Huge dead upright tree carved with elvish runes and figures
25 Monumental stone archway, a ancient war memorial
26 Elven common gravestones semi exposed, some fallen
27 Elven statue grave memorial and stone sarcophagi
28 Stone Sphinx or unicorn
29 Sundial with astrological decorations
30 Bird bath with plants growing inside

31 Horse trough with sludge inside 
32 Fishpond overgrown with slime
33 Outdoor altar with engraved writing
34 Stone floor mosaic of natural scenes on brick floor 
35 Stone floor with oakleaf flagstones
36 Map of the world floor with glazed tiles
37 Mound of rubble with some intact interior walls
38 Lines of rubble where interior walls supposed to 
39 Long marble staircase following slope
40 Row of 30 foot high elven heads
41 Thick roofless walls of a temple with religious carvings
42 Section of defencive wall with decorative patterns
43 Collapsed section of decorated wall on pile of rubble
44 Ancient overgrown gardens with statues and fountains
45 Huge thick thorn wall
46 Garden of ancient fruit trees from a elf orchard
47 Ancient overgrown herb garden for a cook
48 Ancient overgrown herb garden for a healer
49 Remains of apothecary, several ancient potions buried in rubble
50 Crumbling smithy with decorated anvil and some tools and furnace workable
51 Remains of massive state bakery complex to feed the people

52 Semi collapsed bathhouse and water park, swampy and overgrown
53 Small solid stone shelter in a pile of rubble, creature lair 
54 Rows of trees in lines of same age, planted by elves
55 Forest floor reveals huge stone lined garden beds now overgrown with trees
56 Large pool over a hundred foot long filled with slime, creature lair
57 Tomb of stone with statues of occupants and memorial gold plate
58 Stone statue of toad with a pool, frogs here have hallucinatory contact poison
59 Ruined pleasure palace where hundreds used drugs at festivals
60 Temple to narcotic plant with floral motives and a altar used to press juice
61 Remains of a bestiary where rich elves kept animals for novelty or breeding monsters
62 Greenhouse rusting metal frame with steel strong glass panes
63 Workshop where elven crafters made goods fit for kings to last centuries
64 Crumbling coach house with stables and sheds with rotting waggons
65 Ancient stone barn in good condition, popular large lair
66 Observatory tower in ruins with zodiac themed carvings
67 Rows of ruined cottage foundations
68 Rows of collapsed cottages, often d4 lairs
69 Two huge statues overlooking a road
70 Border monolith with worn faerie writing with distances between towns marked
71 Shrine house with broken statue where pilgrims would stay long ago 

72 Ruined building with tons of shattered glass where elven alchemists made monsters
73 Rows of ruined windmill towers, thin and tall, most lost blades and are buried
74 Circle of towers with reflective discs where items on a central altar are dedicated
75 Complex with pits used as acid baths for various purposes
76 Broken mass of rubble and machinery from a mill
77 Ruined library, mostly stripped bare but 1in6 have a secret level full of lost archives
78 Strange tower made of coral like material, once used by order of magicians 
79 Crumbling huge stone tree with statue of a beloved dryad of long ago
80 Great domed assembly hall with some damage and overgrown with vegetation inside
81 Statue of the great elven goddess in her form as a war goddess in armour
82 Statue of the great elven goddess in her form as a love goddess naked
83 Statue of great stag horned hunting god, area seems haunted and menacing
84 Statue of the elf king as a naked youth with stone sprouting plants around him
85 Statue of the moon goddess in form as a elf queen with two animal guardians
86 Statue of a hunting goddess with her werewolf hounds
87 Statue of spring goddess riding a unicorn
88 Amphitheatre of statue shrines to dozens of gods, spirits and heroes
89 A great mausoleum once sealed with traps, curses and secret doors, mostly looted
90 Ossuary with stone fruit and flowers in a great stone vault filled with bones
91 Remains of a archery range now overgrown with vegetation
92 Remains of a horse park where elves raced and rode ponies
93 Volcanic warm mud pools surrounded by huge crystals where elfmaids once bathed

94 Cave mouth into the hill with giant crystal grotto and shrine within
95 Cave mouth into the hill with giant mushroom grotto and shrine within
96 Thorny hedge maze with goblin clan inside
97 Stairs down to huge root filled wine cellar where a goblin clan live
98 Remains of museum covered in rubble with some hidden treasures
99 Stone relic repository of a forgotten with hidden chamber with magic items
100 Remains of ruined manor house with secret level buried beneath

d100 Old Elven Artisanal Rubbish
01 Steel tea samovar with big dent and corrosion but fixable
02 Broken glass fittings on a rusted hookah
03 Broken porcelain long pipe
04 Brocken porcalain tablewear
05 Dented ornamental brass plate
06 Broken mirror made with mercury and glass
07 Dented pewter tankard
08 Broken glass
09 Broken potterey
10 Ceramic bowl or urn
11 Glass bottle
12 Tiny bottle of crumbling pills
13 Tiny tin of seeds
14 Clay bottle of sealed honey
15 Cracked beer pot
16 Wooden bowl with split
17 Ornate carved candlestick
18 Ivory peg
19 Amber bead
20 Seashell
21 Coral fragment
22 Fossil creature in stone
23 Large fist size crystal
24 Tiny carved gem
25 Semi precious stone seal
26 Glass tablet
27 Enamelled metal disc
28 Bracelet with compas
29 Broken barometer
30 Remains of rusted metal articulated body
31 Rusted heaps or semi buried armour
32 Carved bone flute from human leg
33 Broken harp
34 Shred of gold wire
35 Lengths of copper wire buried in floors and walls, semi exposed
36 Elegant metal pole with broken lantern
37 Carved ornate oak and brass bucket
38 Corroded arrow heads
39 Crumbling arrow with intact head
40 Flint arrowheads in soil
41 Broken wooden handle from a tool
42 Carved wooden spoon
43 Smashed chair in pieces
44 Huge chair with stuffing turned into rat nest
45 Remains of four posted bead with mounds of rotting fabric
46 Bones of some mythical creature
47 Giant insect bodies
48 Cobwebbed bundle of bones hanging from wall or tree
49 Desiccated remains of elf in corroded armour mostly hidden
50 Crumbling fragments of rotten carpet
51 Old curly toed elf boot

52 Old dried leather glove 
53 Remains of crumbling tapestry
54 Old metal pot with dent
55 Cover of old book with decorated leather
56 Metal container with missing lid
57 Knife, mostly corroded copper
58 Broken bronze broad sword
59 Fragment of armour
60 Basket woven from reeds
61 Cooked bones
62 Dried up goblin corpse
63 Bar of fancy elf soap
64 Tiny bottle of perfume
65 Tiny bottle of cordial
66 Silver ring worth 30gp
67 Crystal pendant worth 10gp
68 Animal broach worth 10gp
69 Golden head circlet worth 30pg
70 Tablet of alabaster artwork 30gp
71 Jade seal 10gp

72 Tiny glass bottle with lid
73 Earing worth 30gp
74 Attractive wig
75 Exotic hat
76 Broken Shield with heraldic device
77 Exotic helmet
78 Copper coins d10
79 Clay figurines of nature spirits
80 Chess piece made of semiprecious stone
81 Box of elf wafers, cracker a day feeds a person, 3d10 in box
82 Spider Web rope, 1/5 the weight
83 Silver dagger
84 Silver arrowheads
85 Small hand mirror with decorative patterns
86 Walrus ivory snuff box with black lotus dust
87 Elf Bow made from steel can be restrung
88 Cache of d10x10gp in bundle
89 Cache of d10x1000sp in  a chest
90 Cache of carved ivory d6x10gp
91 Human head in box, answers a human question a day
92 Elfmail shirt for small person, no move or sneak penalties
93 Healing cordial bottle d4 HP

94 Magic candles d12 each creates a 3" choking smog cloud a round after lit
95 Elven boot
96 Elven cape with some holes in it
97 Silver sword +1 made on the moon thousands of years ago
98 Magic acorns will grow into a tree in a week, d10 in a tin
99 Magic copper pinecone explodes as 6d6 fireball if thrown
100 Magic flint stone can ignite fire with a touch

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