Saturday 13 January 2018

d100 Goblintown Encounters

Im writing 2 beastmen things at the moment because they are soooo sloooow to write in knocking out this one as a break. Some posts start to feel like work. Some feel like breathing.

Goblintowns are pretty common really and they are not as hostile as people think.
Comparison to a concert is a fair comment.

d100 Goblintown Encounters
01 Goblins with pushcart selling addictive fairy fruit 1cp each
02 Goblin with pushcart selling magic mushrooms, various prices
03 Goblin offers to show you a enormous mushroom he has under his coat
04 Goblin selling glowing tiny faeries in bottles make great lanterns 30gp
05 Goblins playing leapfrog invite you to join in
06 Goblins busking with strange instruments
07 Goblin laying on ground drinking and belching
08 Goblin selling huge ridiculous hats 1sp each
09 Goblins playing with wolf puppies 1sp each
10 Goblin maid nursing baby giant bats 1sp each
11 Goblin playing a fiddle while a goat dances
12 Goblin selling huge brilliant purple thistle flowers 1cp each
13 Goblin granny selling nettle soup 1cp a cup
14 Goblins taking turns suckling on a goat while she eats
15 Goblins drinking beer from a keg invite you to join in
16 Goblins having a farting and belching contest winner gets a sp
17 Goblins playing dice games, winner gets a cage of delicious bats
18 Goblins getting tattoos, invite you to get one (pretty good and cheap) 1sp each
19 Goblin mother selling crying goblin babies from a suitcase
20 Goblin selling a human baby he "found" 1gp
21 Goblin frying up eggs with a furious chicken flapping about 
22 Goblin selling bottles of colourful liquid he says is magic 1sp each
23 Goblin with no legs dragging himself on a sled begging
24 Goblin in coat heavy with medals and big hat wants to tell war stories
25 Goblin maidens make catcalls and sexual offers
26 Goblins throwing turds at each other laughing
27 Goblin trying to catch a worm wearing a bib, holding knife and fork
28 Goblins playing checkers, winner gets a chicken in a cage
29 Goblin selling frogs in small leather bags, "best in town sir" 1cp each
30 Goblin acrobats putting on a show with tightrope and see saw
31 Goblin selling rat on a stick only a cp each
32 Goblin riding a giant cricket
33 Goblin wants to show you collection of rude root vegetables
34 Goblin jester wants to be your follower
35 Goblin mercenary offers to work for you 1sp a day
36 Goblin shaman offers to tell your fortune 1sp
37 Goblin shaman offers to talk to your dead ancestors 1gp
38 Goblin shaman offers cheap healing potion d4 25gp
39 Goblin selling bat stew only 1cp a cup
40 Goblin selling frog stew only 1cp a cup
41 Goblin old lady offers to bathe you 1cp
42 Goblin hooker offers services from 1cp to 1gp
43 Goblin selling potion will give you visions of the worm god 30gp
44 Goblin selling fancy pointy shoes 1gp a pair
45 Goblin shaman selling lucky fetish 30gp +1 one save once
46 Goblin selling colourful gourds 1cp make good bottles
47 Goblin selling baby rattles 1sp keep babies busy for days  
48 Goblin politician kissing babies and asking for votes
49 Goblin on soapbox complaining about humans
50 Goblin carving comical turnips 1cp each
 Nilbogs stabbing each other for fun
52 Norkers with clubs trying to open a box
53 Hobgoblin mercenaries 1gp each a day 2d6 of them
54 Bugbear selling shrunken heads he made himself 1gp each
55 Hobgoblins in armour practicing weapons
56 Bugbear skinning a goblin to cook in a pot
57 Hobgoblin getting toenails cut by a goblin
58 Hobgoblins judging a goblin beauty contest, winner gets a pig
59 Bugbear playing instrument made of a hollow log with screaming goblins tied to it
60 Nilbog takes on anyone in poison drinking contest, loser pays winner 25gp
61 Goblin bat rider feeding his mount and petting it
62 Goblin fisherman selling strange glowing fish and albino crayfish 1cp
63 Goblin women with big hats talking gossip
64 Huge frog eating a goblin while others laugh
65 Goblins stomping on mushrooms in barrels to make juice
66 Goblins gorging themselves on berries with filthy faces
67 Goblin 
mother nursing a dozen suckling babies 
68 Goblin fire eater having a hilarious accident sets self alight
69 Goblln child chasing a frog
70 Old drunk goblin choking in his own vomit, easily savable
71 Old goblin teasing younglings with honeycomb

72 Hallucinating goblins drinking shroom potions
73 Goblin wretches up a d6 fingers in a pool of vomit
74 Young goblins jumping on a drunken bugbear like a trampoline
75 Teen goblins smoking dried mushrooms offer you a hit
76 A visiting elfmaid charmed by the adorable crowd of fawning goblins
77 A smiling elf noble giving silver coins and shiny apples to goblin children
78 Goblin children dancing around a ring of mushrooms
79 Goblin drunk urinating on another drunk asleep
80 Goblin woman with pendulous breasts winking at visitors
81 Goblin riding a pig backwards looking confused
82 Ugly old goblin teased by children
83 Young goblins taking turns to poop on a drunk goblin
84 Goblins maypole dancing
85 Goblin band with dancing and singing drunken crowd
86 Goblin playing shell games 1cp a bet
87 Goblin selling a fog cloud in a bag 30gp
88 Goblin urinating in a well
89 Refined old goblin dame wants to talk to strangers to assess manners
90 Old goblin with ear trumpet in sedan chair carried by young goblins
91 Goblin selling dirty forbidden parchments
92 Goblin children lighting huge firecracker
93 Goblins setting off fireworks

94 Dirty old goblin chasing goblin maiden
95 Goblin mother chasing sons with broom
96 Goblin poet wants to read his new epic to you
97 Table of goblins feasting with terrible manners
98 Carving a jack o lanter
99 Goblin boss recruiting fir a dungeon
100 Full goblin market selling strange goods

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