Sunday 14 January 2018

Hoboskull Fort - Phase 3

Probably one more of these for when the town taken over by big money and nobility then the farmers and the priests turn up and the frontier is over.

Possibly a ghost town version full of monsters and bandits might work too.

Could do a guide to all the personalities which would help run the setting better.

I could just do a new murder hobo town or more villages.

Still wanna do my Broken Hill for gamma world

Feedback on this welcome. Should it become civilized or burn down in a night of violence?

Updated versions of maps of my flickr - see left sidebar

Recent Developments
The graveyards and midden heaps have grown. Not many camp outside anymore. Druids have moved into the badgers cave and created giant badgers and badgermen. They are critical of the towns growth. Some say there are sounds of digging under the town. Most scoff at this thought. There are plans to build a fighting pit, a new hotel, a rendering plant for monster corpses and more walls. Local nobility are thinking the town is unregulated and eying off the place, Duran has started to bribe them but knows his days in charge might be numbered. He could flee or set himself up as a guildmaster or business owner or sell the place or flee. Few sleep outside anymore. It costs a sp to enter and a cp for animals or children or cripples. There are more heavily armed soldiers in town now.

The town uses a rampant owlbear holding a skull on a red background as the flag now.

Outside Location Updates
Badger Hill - druids have moved in and created giant badgers and badgermen. They are well armed and support the druids and rangers who criticise the new industry like the tanner in town. The senior druid Caerfyn D7 is trying to negociate the town adopt more nature friendly development. There are x6 D1 and x4 D2 acolytes and Miriam D5 Caerfyn's assistant plus rangers stay in the cave. Badgers have dug into the hill and connected to the goblins cave. There are a dozen well armed badger men and four giant badgers they sometimes ride on patrols. Regular badgers follow them like dogs. The druids heal half the price but they make the recipients swear oaths to protect nature.

Brock Stream - flows from the badgers cave and people think you will turn into a were badger if you drink it

Goblin Cave - goblins have increased in numbers and with the druids and badgers have expanded the caves and increased their mushroom yield. Over forty goblins, a dozen heave hobgoblins and six bugbears live here now under the Shaman Blackfang and King Grimbletoungue

Poor and desperate wounded come here for cheap healing but some end up mutated or turned into goblins. Goblins labour is now a sp a day. Goblin first aid is only a gp and a d4 magic mushroom potion is typically 50gp. They try and sell mutating fungus to every customer.

Newt Hill - people avoid it now they know dogs and owlbears live inside

Owlbear Cave - the owlbears have been charmed into submission. Criminals are thrown into the cave with broken legs. Mother, father and three young bears are doing well

Water grotto - a spectacular cave of limestone formations and a bubbling pool but a few visitors have vanished. Rumours persist of some secret or hidden something here. The druids are up to something here and hold secret ceremonies to awaken ancient sleeping water spirits.

Wild Dogs - cave is where the growing pack of wild dogs live. Many are friendly but as they grow in numbers some have been getting more aggressive. Some have been adopted by murder hobos and most like them. Duran has a few cooked occasionally to keep the numbers down. There are more than 40 dogs and most of them are unwelcome in town, some of the older friendlier ones and pups are allowed in.

Camping Ground - was built over, nobody who can afford it camps anymore and it is increasingly dangerous outside

Graveyard - this has grown lots and their are more stone carved headstones now not just fresh mounds and mostly wooden slat or large stone markers. Undead lurk at night, the priest planned to build a shrine here but he is a lazy drunk and doesn't want more zealous clergy better than him in town or to lose hs status

Midden - a heap of trash and latrine pits where rubbish and chamber pots are emptied. Dogs look for food scraps and large rat nests have formed. By night badgers and the owlbear sniff around. Giant rats here sometimes eat a servant throwing out trash

Updated Inside Locations
The open area in the stockade usually has plenty of livestock, some urchins and a few wild dogs begging. Frank the Pig and Laurie the goat have moved inside and Frank has several lady goat wives Paulette, Philipa, Tawny and Jill who provides milk plus more baby goats 

Tower - twenty foot tower now have heavily armed guards with crossbows. In times of trouble this is doubled

Kitchen - now has a shack and ms molly has several urchin and goblin helpers and sells snacks over a counter. She has been growing a garden and there is wth goblin mushrooms a 1sp gruel or 1gp fancy meal or 4gp deluxe meal with real meat on the menu. Ms Molly T2 now has married a murder hobo Castor F3 and he has expanded the kitchen.

Lodge - or former guesthouse - is now 1sp to sleep on the floor or a GP for a bunk. It is often over crowded and has triple bunks. One of Duran's thugs, Trevor Snook T2 looks after it

Dormitory - has been improved and is where Duran's men mostly T1 gang members live, though many more live in the Dungeoneers Guild.

Store - sells more and more overpriced food stuff and dungeon supplies. The old widowed shopkeeper T2 married a murderhobo Wolf F3 who helps keep riff raff out and now she is Mrs Wolf. They have adopted some urchins to make deliveries and business is booming

Trader - a solid shack with armoured shutters and well armed guards. Corbin T4 sells all kinds of second hand items at good prices and buys things and changes coins at what most agree are terrible prices. He is a old friend of Duran and has two F1 guards. Corbin now deals from behind iron bars and has several young helpers and a mistress now

Duran's - has been made over with better decor and a small house garden. It is fortified and has stone foundation now. Limpy Pete and four servants and Duran's lover Catherine lives inside with their new baby. Duran is now a T8, he still pays off his former master in the city and local nobility but now he has built a Dungeoneers Guild to legitimise himself

Watch - now the watch are well armed mercenaries supported by thieves, The Watch Captain Harrow F5 manages everything and keeps beggars and drunks out of town. He wants to build a bigger cell instead of sharing the slavers stockade and if the cells are overcrowded the troublemakers are fed to owlbears

Vacant - 10gp a day to visitors or adventuring parties. It even has a stove, stone floor and bunks now after a upgrade and includes meals

Grog Hut - was just a tent now Talia T2 and her ex adventurer F2 lover Gregor have a shack and brew local beer and stout according to his recipe. 1cp a drink but BYO cup

Slavers - is a shed full of cages and leg irons where humanoids or wanted criminals found in dungeons are chained up before being shipped to the slavers or the law for bounties in the city. The slavers are a friendly gang and they also pay out for humanoid scalps 1cp each but they get more for them in the town. They make good money and Duran gets a cut.  Slorak T5 runs it with his ork henchmen. Business has been good.

Doc - T4 has a nice shack now instead of his old fleapit. His helper Gordon T2 who is a barber who helps especially when Doc is drunk. Doc has married one of the harlots Glinda T2 who also helps. Doc no longer gets a body guard now the camp is so civilized. Doc charges 1cp for a shave or haircut, to a gp for first aid. Doc is saving to have his licence returned by the surgeons guild and has sobered up

Shrine - friar Granwell C5 lives here and does some healing and blessing and advising. He is flawed by standards of a city priest and is a letcher who visits the prostitutes to bless them daily. He was a wanderer for years and people hope he will bring civilization. He has a two young acolytes from the city who spy on him and judge him. His assistant Peter C2 has come to accept the friars ways and has relaxed his attitudes to vice. They do all the marriages, blessings and burials. They watch the graveyard and warn it needs a fence and to be sanctified but the paperwork is tied up in a bigger church elsewhere. They usually charge 30gp for first aid and 100gp+ for magic healing. The acolytes insist you come to church for the weekly service or they will not heal you.

Brothel - a dozen girls live here, and anyone working outside without Bertha's T4 approval gets whipped and forced to work here. Most of the girls are debtors under contract whos families sold the to Duran. About half of them come and go a lot. Tabitha, Candy, Primrose and Griselda T3 are the old hands and are tough enough to stay and renew their contracts. A eunach  Osric and a pretty dandyboy Kevil look after other tastes with a few casual rentboys. A basic favour like a kneetrembler or a wetwhistle is a cp, quick sex 1sp or a gp  or more for fancy city noble sex. A delux 10gp a head per night package with food and grog is now available.1sp for a bath or 1gp with warm water and soap and a extra gp per woman in your bath max now of 4.

Inn - Dorian T5 a dandy from the city runs the place with gambling, fancy 1sp or 1gp a cup booze and some more expensive items. The girls from the brothel spend time here many charging a cp per dance. They put on a floorshow everynight to sell their wares. Dorian owes Duran his life and is very loyal. All the girls like him. He is deadly with a rapier and was a duelist and hitman. He wants to marry Tabitha but she has not said yes yet.

Smithy - Chandry F3 the smith has moved in to fix armour and weapons. He takes care of Duran's men as part of his sweet deal. He buys second and monster armour and weapons too which he fixes and has shipped to the city. He charges frontier prices for the good stuff. He married Veronica a prostitute and they have adopted several urchins to help about the shop

New Inside Locations
The old camp ground has been fenced off and chickens and a few ducks and a goose wander about. Stray dogs are not welcome in this area. The new buildings are better made and several loggers and carpenters live in the dorms that handle buildings.

Shacks - S1-S7 these are rental shacks built by Duran for more successful visitors and adventurers. Most occupants only remain a month or so. Most are 100gp a month with a gruel meal a day included.

Pawn Shop - Master Carbuncle T4 and his two sons T3 run the place and trade all kinds of goods and give credit. 

Tanner - Gordon Tanner T2 makes leather goods with his wife and two children, like boots and armour and treats monster hides. He has been polluting the stream and the druids hate him. He wants to expand

Butcher - Gregor C4 and his wife C3 with his son C2 and his wife C2 are chaos cultists. They spy on the town and make good money selling meat, jerky, sausages, tallow candles and ham. Sometimes they sell humanoid flesh. They buy any monster corpses to chop up or render. The place smells horrible.

Baker- Philippe and his wife and children work hard and there is always a line every morning for fresh bread. Fancy treats like honey cake do well and Duran buys several for the owlbears daily

Wizard Shop - a stone tower built by magic 45 foot tall with a stone cottage on the side. Muntford W7 with his d6 apprentices Wd4 live here. He tamed the owlbears which now trust him and duran and the watch without magic because of all the food they give them. Muntford buys all kinds of magic stuff and often has a d6 minor items for sale (d81=potion 2=+1dagger 3=+1sword 4=+1shield 5=+1weapon 6=scroll 7=+1armour 8=petty item). He also teaches magic and occasionally teaches promising urchins or at least gets his apprentices to. They act as scribes reading and writing letters and preparing wills and contracts

Dorm - a second smaller dorm for the watchmen is here

Mercenaries Guild - this regulates the mercenaries and provides combat training. It also has regular fights for money and competitions. Everyone hiring themselves out as fighters uses the guild. They have some cheap bunks 1sp and good beer 1sp but membership is 30 silver a month or 18gp a year. Master Theodric a ex empire captain is the guildmaster and is a friend of Duran

Adventurers Guild - this is a thieves guild with Duran as the head. They refer to the hired thieves as dungeon specialists and hire out to adventurers. They train lots of the local urchins as thieves and help them avoid prosecution or becoming owlbear food. They are a bunch of conniving penny pinchers and demand 10% of the take and broker services of thieves. Dorian T4 administers it for Duran. They have a secret sub level with locked and secret trapdoors in a maze for exams. They have a secret shrine to the god of thieves and luck inside also but no priest (Duran acts the part)

Bank - owned by Duran and administered by Hangcock T5 a grumpy old bulldog faced man with several clerks and guards. hey charge to store goods 5% per month of the value and exchange coins at 10% rate or loans at 40% with collateral which are exorbitant fees. Without much choice the place makes a killing.

Stables - here horses are kept a sp a day or a gp a day for fancy food. Envoys of the Barron or nobility stay for free. Livestock is for sale at high prices but the main sale is dwarf ponies and donkeys with dungeon carts. Some are blind and deafened to avoid them panicking. Horsemaster Flynn T4 runs the place. A few animals sold here cheap without papers are stolen. As only nobles may ride most of the for sale animals are work horses not riding ones. 


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