Tuesday 2 February 2016

d100 humanoid gang loot

Chinese loot hoarde here....

Dyson and I chatting on FB about this and discussing loot weight
100 coins per pound looks pretty fair
i use gurps one of 500 coins per kg in most of my games but i might change that now...
old dnd 10 coins per pound

Dyson showed me this
Canuk coins seem to be based on old dnd

so like a balanced aussie with 2 chips on my shoulder i found this
"thats not a coin" in spirit of former king of australia croc dundee

Which has me thinking of adventurers trying to roll a huge coin around a dungeon, through badlands and to a city

Or wizard semi ethereal bit coins that hold spell energy but for each extra coin you carry ads 1% chance of a planar monster being attracted to your stash - roll for every coin you get. Too many on your plane threatens reality and risks apocalypse. Greedy wizards don't care.

Anyway this a table to help fill out monster gang loot
To compliement cash and magic items
Weirdest appears last

d10 Printable gang loot sources
This to help with ideas for goods you might find1 Local farmers and villagers
2 Travelers on road
3 Merchant caravans
4 Other weaker dungeons
5 Other weaker monster tribes
6 Rival monster tribes
7 Nomads or barbarians
8 Grave robbing and ruin plundering
9 Sound business skills, trade and savings
10 Have a thriving industry making goods and trading

d10 Defences for Hordes
1 Snakes or scorpions
2 Mechanical traps
3 Viscous dogs or other pets
3 Curse or spell
4 Hidden monster among loot
5 Shrieking fungi
6 Gas or contact poison
7 Disease or spore contaminated
8 Horrible monster asleep on loot
9 Hidden with false wall, underwater, etc
10 Elaborate locks or bars

d100 humanoid gang loot
01 Baskets of vegetables
02 Bushels of dry grain stalks 
03 Sacks of seeds or dry beans
04 Sacks of grain
05 Farm animals, herd beast like goats and sheep
06 Farm animals, equines like horses, donkeys, mules
07 Farm animals, cattle for dairy or meat
08 Farm animals like poultry
09  Barrels of beer
10 Barrels of wine (often non grape wine)

11 Wagons and carts
12 Animal hides and rolls of leather

13 Animal traps
14 Butchered meat (last 1d6-3 days, negative numbers increasingly off)
15 Cured and smoked meats like bacon or ham
16 Salted fish
17 Dried meat
18 Dried fruit
19 Dried vegetables
20 Mushrooms, possibly dried
21 Military grade iron rations
22 Pots of pickled vegetables, eggs, meat
23 Bread in different shapes and sizes
24 Hard biscuits of dried grain like groats
25 Hard biscuits of hide for stew
26 Cheese in large waxed wheels
27 Milk or yogurt in clay pots
28 Crude coarse sack cloth
29 Rolls of coarse linen
30 Bags of wool
31 Spools of thread and balls of yarn
32 Kegs of honey
33 Boxes of candy, sweetmeats or fancy pastry
34 Clothing from years of commoner victims
35 Rich clothing of merchants and nobles
36 Quality lumber cut into planks and beams
37 Expensive quality wood
38 Scented exotic wood from far away
39 Cosmetics like kohl and lead paste from far away
40 Beads, trinkets and shiny things in sprawling heaps
41 Wigs, hats, and fancy accessories
42 Ingots of metal d6 1=copper 2=tin 3=brass 4=bronze 5=iron 6=silver
43 Mounds of metal junk d6 1=copper 2=tin 3=brass 4=bronze 5=iron 6=silver
44 Boxes of incence and scented resins
45 Exotic spices in boxes like pepper or tumeric
46 Pots of dried salt
47 Collection of common pottery and ceramics
48 Perfume and scented oil
49 Cooking oil like olive or seed oil
50 Lard and rendered animal fat in pots
51 Quality fine pottery like tea sets for rich or painted pots
52 Palanquin or luxury carriage
53 Slaves human or humanoid
54 Chains of various metals and lengths, including manacles
55 Rope enough for ship
56 Nets for fishing or birds
57 Ship sails
58 Flags and banners
59 Piles of commoner weapons loose or in barrels
60 Collection of military steel Armour and weapons in boxes and barrels
61 Collection of idols and ritual paraphernalia of church or cult
62 Paintings on wood or canvas
63 Loose documents including d6 1=letters 2=records 3=deeds 4=
64 Collection of scrolls mostly financial 1in10 magic or lost lore or maps
65 Books d4 1=religious text 2=legal records 3=educational 4=blasphemous
66 Boxes of unused vellum, paper, quills and bottles of ink and paint
67 Statues in varied sizes, materials, quality and subject
68 Furniture from commoners like beds, tables, cupboards
69 Valuable artisan furniture with carvings
70 Sacks of goose and duck feathers and quilts and pillows
71 Military camping supplies including tents, stoves, bedrolls, lanterns
72 Boxes of candles
73 Lamps oil in jars
74 Kitchen pots, knives, spits, stove, cauldrons
75 Bathtub, boxes of soap, towels
76 Quality marble, stones, scaffolding and mason tools
77 Siege weapons, dissembled for transport in boxes or wagon
78 Brewing or wine making equipment
79 Blocks or beads of coloured glass
80 Dye for cloth most green or brown but 1in6 exotic colour from far away
81 Kegs of black powder, incendiary devices or fireworks
82 Collection of small boats, canoes, wood and boat building supplies
83 Stuffed animals, mounted heads and hunting trophies
84 Boxes of antlers and animal horns
85 Piles of animal and human bones
86 Crates of building supplies, tools, paint and bricks
87 Collection of human scalps or severed/shrunken heads
88 Torture equipment including chairs, racks, chains, pokers, etc
89 Piles of arrows, bolts, lead sling bullets or other missiles
90 Cages of exotic pets like parrots, monkeys, fancy dogs
91 Documents of ownership deeds for d4 1=cash 2=house 3=land 4=slaves
92 Medicine, herbs, artificial limbs and surgeons kit
93 Drugs like smokable herbs in bales or exotic addictive resin blocks
94 Monsters or ferocious beasts in cages
95 Monster eggs or babies in cages
96 Stuffed and mounted monster bodies
97 Barrels of poison like arsenic good for well poisoning
98 Alchemist glassware and ingredients
99 Boxes of spell and ritual components
100 Collection of erotic art, saucy pamphlets, bejeweled sex toys, pornographic furniture 

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