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d100 Gothic Dungeon Dressings

These are intended to furnish castes, palaces, manors, churches and large state buildings. But really for dungeons. The more decrepit catacombs version of table more run down, possibly crude, with lots of dead. If description calls out for a open courtyard or windows then there is a cave ceiling or built dome in place above instead of a sky. It could have a deep shaft from above and some light.

Gothic dungeon rooms A-Z goes well with this
You could probably arrange some letter forms and put courtyards connecting multiple nodes as squares or circles or hexagons
add this to do gothic dwarf dingeon and add undead grave stuff for horror

Will do a catacomb specific set later perhaps a dungeon set for penny dreadful villains and a haunted feature one

d10 Quick Gothic Decor types
01 Fortifications and power
 Stairs, ladders, domes and vaults
 Columns, buttresses and archways
 Plinths, pedestals and altars
05 Statues and gargoyles
06 Relief carving and latices
07 Ceilings and stained glass
08 Room Furnishings
09 Paintings, tapestries
10 Floor tiles and rugs

d100 Gothic Dungeon Dressings
01 Great Barbican with heavy gate and guard rooms and tower or ceiling height
02 Heavy reinforced oak door with metal rivets, a lock and bar
03 Solid door with metal lock
04 Arrow slits or fortified battlements for archers or crossbowmen to shoot from cover
05 Murder holes with d4 1=hot oil 2=hot lead 3=burning oil 4=boiling water
06 Hidden guard post where guards watch and may ambush or signal help
07 Prison cells
08 Prisoners cage or gibbets
09 Torture dungeon
10 Courtyard with parade ground for soldiers or staff

11 Stairs d4 1=up 2=down 3=split level room 4=bricked up
12 Two grand stairs that go to same upper level - usually offices or bedrooms

13 Trap and ladders d4 1=up 2=down 3=trapdoor 4=sealed up
14 Hall has a high vaulted roof with flying buttresses and artworks, possibly stained glass
15 Room has a high dome possibly with windows or artworks
16 A great shaft above (or inside a tower), or huge pit below
17 A huge candelabra dominates the room, supported by chains or ropes
18 Bell chamber actually runs several levels above and below with ropes and mechanism
19 Incredible mural on ceiling by best artists of time
20 Organ chamber is a architectural bellow powered organ built into high ceiling room 
21 Wall is variegated with buttresses making niches
22 High ceiling, buttresses and flying buttresses with windows to a hidden upper level
23 Ornamental stone arch over door with some holy design
24 Relief carved memorial archway around door depicting afterlife or creation or war scenes
25 Huge triumphal arch with interior split into two floors, well fortified panic room
26 A open courtyard with columns around the outside
27 A great column with engraved monumental relief art of some event
28 A classical theatre with a semicircle of steps around the stage
29 Cloistered open courtyard with covered walkway around the outside
30 A ceremonial bridge so persons can walk under a priest, mostly useless but fancy
31 Podium for a speaker with book stand and stone step seating
32 Stage with seating for rituals, presentations, performances or choirs
33 Small lecture theatre with room for secretaries desk and a number of scholars
34 A dais with engraved woodland scenes and creepy staring animals
35 Statuette of saint of beast in a niche
36 Blood stained old shrine in a niche
37 Pedestal displaying armour and weapon of a righteous soldier or cleric
38 Pedestal displaying a ancient urn or statuette or art object
39 Altar with significant religious scenes engraved, often some urns and candlesticks
40 Statue of mythic creature over altar with braziers or fountains
41 A great statue of d4 1=robed figure 2=knight 3=noble 4=merchant
42 Rows of mummified bodies built into niches with clergy regalia
43 Rows old statues of pious old priests and saints from the past
44 Engraved sarcophagi of a armoured warrior in order dress
45 Busts of scholars and war leaders on plinths
46 Collection of even more ancient stone statues and border stones
47 Ugly faces or skulls up high in corners d4 1=alarm 2=surveillance 3=cast spell 4=speak
48 One gargoyle part of a feature on plinthor two guarding a doorway
49 Rows of gargoyles perched around a courtyard on shelves
50 A gigantic gargoyle or a gaggle of exotic looking foreign looking gargoyles
51 A huge relief battle scene marble runs across a wall
52 A carved font with stone seats and a cup on a chain
53 Stone benches in niches for prayer with carved scenes of pious heroes and clergy
54 A huge marble fireplace with carved scenes of mythic history
55 Rows of thin columns part of flying buttress every few meters on side of room
56 A stone screen formed with interlocking holy symbols carved in stone (& a bit of glue)
57 A stone screen carved to look like beasts or interlocking animal horns
58 A stone screen carved to look like vegetation or with vegetable themes
59 Intricate stone lattice screens around a open courtyard
60 Stone semi transparent screen carved with incredible skill
61 A glistening series of small glass works depicting local founding families and donors 
62 A glass depiction of creations and heavens
63 Hundreds of candelabra filled hall with elaborate equipment for servants to help light
64 Stone head with mouth for doorway, high ceiling to make art have more impact
65 High dome with giant stone figure carved into walls or remains of huge machine cogs
66 Crumbling mosaic vaulted high ceiling with ancients symbols a bit odd by modern tastes
67 Apocryphal painting of local saint doing something strange
68 Great shutters in ceiling can open or close for ventilation in very high ceiling
69 Huge mural depicting the dawn of humans and their relations with gods and non humans
70 Variegated dome high up with gold and silver leaf
71 Huge throne on dais with rug before it usually entered through a courtyard
72 Artful canopy in covering high ceiling over a locked reliquary on a dais
73 Huge royal bed for visiting high priests or kings, 4d6 layers with canopy and columns
74 Stage with locked book case chained on a reading stand, often valuable 
75 Huge torture apparatus 1=mechanical 2=chemical 3=magical 4=slow impaling 
76 A great kitchen fit for barracks, noble or rich monastery, huge spit roasts and ovens
77 Monk cells often small niches and hidden in clusters or inside structure of building
78 Store rooms full of boxes, art work, furniture under sheets, dusty and dark
79 Trophy room with museum of mighty deeds of local faith objects that prove the miracles
80 Artisan work benches for crafts or scribe projects, samples of goods on hand
81 Painted heraldic creatures on walls
82 Painted stars and night sky on walls
83 Painted gloomy underworld mural on walls
84 Paintings of martyrs suffering on canvas
85 Panels depicting the gods birth, childhood and later life on wall
86 Painted scenes of the end times or underworld on walls
87 Paintings of cult heroes in frames with prayers written on frames
88 Tapestry of the dawn times
89 Tapestry of gifts being presented to church and king
90 Tapestry of kings victory over old bloodline
91 Mozaic of the religions founders on floor
92 Tiles on floor include maps  
93 Mozaic of animals in wild or fish in water
94 Bricks forming crude 8bit holy symbol pattern
95 Long carpet in colours of nobility or church
96 Huge carpet of abstract symbols actually remnants of older faith
97 Carpet includes map 1=world 2=local county 3=complex 4=catacombs
98 Crypt entry built into alcove wall as artwork, shiny stuff inside
99 Well shaft for d4 1=drinking 2=bathing 3=rituals 4=garbage with possible monster
100 Trap door in floor or ceiling d4 1=spy hide 2=prison cell 3=crypt 4=secret complex

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