Saturday 6 February 2016

d100 How I Was Wronged by That Villain

Sometimes it is good to have heroes get personal with bad guys day one. Fairly genre neutral.

You could roll twice and combine the results if feeling it - what would a god do?

d10 Quick Wrongs

1 Family - your family was living happy once...
2 Status - you had your entitlements taken
3 Love - you were happily in love
4 Home - your old home and community bring back memories
5 Friend - you used to be close companions
6 Faith - they betrayed all you believe in
7 Cause - they stand in your way your quest
8 History - your pasts are entwined
9 Betrayal - you used to be on the same side
10 Mystery - something weird ties your fate together

d100 What the villain did to wrong me
01 Your family entered into a bad marriage contract that destroyed your clan
02 Your family were murdered when gathering in public only you survived
03 When the family head was killed the whole family fell to ruin
04 The family home was burned killing all inside
05 The family pets, livestock or servants were all brutally murdered
06 A gang of savaged brutes invaded family home killing everyone horribly
07 The villain's family were traditional rivals who finally destroyed your clan
08 Your family were outlawed and robbed by nobility 
09 Your family were slandered and shunned by peers and driven away
10 Your family was tainted by d4 1=cult 2=treason 3=monsters 4=crime

11 You had false evidence planted on you and have hid from the law since
12 Your were were once respected and important but now shunned and poor

13 You had a promising career but it was sabotaged by lies an slander
14 You were to be married into a good family but turned out they were false and wicked
15 You received a promotion but evil machinations ruined you
16 A former friend or lover was forced to betray secrets and slander you in public
17 You received a chance to be great but your mission was stopped and you failed
18 You were granted wealth and land but someone stopped you receiving it
19 You had to kill one person for a chance of great glory but you failed
20 You were sent to prison and torture for several years by lies
21  Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was taken by criminals as blackmail 
22 Your friend, sibling or sweetheart was deceived by lies and ran to you rival
23 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was murdered just to make you suffer
24 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was driven insane by this madman
25 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart was driven into a life of vice and wickedness
26 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was seduced into your enemies service and died
27 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was killed in a callous accident easily avoided
28 Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was married but died soon after suspiciously
29  Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was sent to their death by a false documents 
30  Your  friend, sibling or sweetheart  was killed in a war be enemies led by your foe
31 Soldiers demanding lodging then killed abused and robbed your loved ones
32 Your home was taken by unscrupulous dealings leaving you destitute
33 Parents were killed on streets leaving you a child to live on the streets in poverty
34 You family were killed and you were left with monks with no name
35 One of your close family betrayed everyone and stole your family home
36 Family were part of a cult controlled by villain 
37 Your family head was in debt  and sold some family members to your enemy
38 Your family enjoyed patronage from superiors but foe destroyed relationship and clan
39 Your family were lynched and many killed when really foe just wanted family home 
40 Your home was taken and your family live in a labour camp which killed most of them
41 Friend
42 You were formerly good friends who enjoyed adventure together but they changed
43 You were raised with them as part of our family but they joined an enemies service
44 You were friends till they stole your sweetheart she then they disappeared 
45 They were a teacher and mentor but really you were a pawn in their schemes
46 You were trained together but they killed the master and fled with a relic
47 They convinced your friends to join them and they turned on you
48 Your comrades were massacred at their command by killers
49 Your friends were betrayed and poisoned by a former comrade
50 One of your friends picked a fight and died, the killer now hunts you all
51 They were a former student but now seek to destroy all your kind
52 You belong to a organisation together but they left and betrayed their teachings
53 You served a crusade together but you managed to get out and they hate you now
54 You worked together on a quest but saw them tainted and leave the cause
55 You were both sworn to service but you exposed them as a fraud and cheat so they left
56 You were part of a organisation that was destroyed by your heretical foe
57 Their servants killed and robbed a wise leader you respected
58 Your faith had amassed wealth and a temple that was destroyed by your enemy
59 Your creed was shattered when leaders outcast and buildings demolished
60 Your cause was overshadowed by a new order linked to your foe
61 You crossed the villain on a quest, now you are hunted
62 You have been blocked at every cause from your mission by the villain
63 All your friends and loved ones seem to be killed by them
64 The have taken something you need to uncover a mystery
65 They have made a major obstacle to stop your quest 
66 They have hostages to prevent you seeking your desire
67 They have same quest as you and seek to block you 
68 You succeeded but now they try and undo your success
69 While you have been working on your quest they threaten your loved ones
70 They destroyed places and killed to block your quest 
71 Your family has been struggling against them and their clan for generations
72 They belong to a organisation your family has battled for generations
73 Your and your kind have been persecuted by them and their kind forever
74 Once your kind and them were allies but a schism divided you forever
75 In past wars your clans clashed again and again
76 You were to be married and restore peace but you were not keen
77 Famous ancestors battled and the grudges remain
78 Court machinations between your clans has reduced you both to ruin
79 Clan competed with them in land grabs for generations
80 Interclan feud went on for generations with one side being exiled
81 They stole your lover, your business, your life and had you sent to prison
82 They were invited to a banquet and used chance to kill everyone
83 They came to talk peace but murdered all the delegates you knew
84 The villain has taken one small object from me each day of my life since born. Sometimes a raisin, sometimes a shoe, but something every year
85 Befriended the family then killed many and sold rest as slaves
86 Gave your family secrets to other enemies who destroyed your clan
87 They were struck by a madness and turned on your family and joining rivals
88 They were promised something by your clan head who backed out of deal
89 They had your clan blamed for their despicable deed. several died before truth exposed
90 They lied starting a blood fued between you and some formerly friendly clan
91 They are secretly your real parent or sibling all along
92 They have unseemly abilities which ruined you clan fortunes
93 They have mysterious secret allies which killed persons you love with impunity
94 They have a great patron supplying them with killers and gold
95 The villain used members of my family in a ritual/scheme, and they were never the same.
96 Your clan killed each other but it turns out they were under influence of something
97 Your parents were murdered but the killer had something you recognise on the villain
98 They fled from something horrible they did leaving you to get the blame
99 They married into your family and used strange influence to ruin and rob your clan
100 They called apon some dark power to destroy those you love most

cheers to trent 95 and zac 84 on g+

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