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d100 magical under garments

No half orc co ed panty raids here sorry, move along

A poor person, labourer and child wears possibly one layer of clothes and costs less than 1gp a year
A middle class man or woman wears three layers a child two if cold, costs 1-12gp a year
Rich wear more than 3, more layers more mightier, children wear three layers, spends over 100gp/year

Clothing might be limited by class
Poor cannot wear clothes of rich
Middle class posers might be tempted to try to wear noble dress
Hats my decelerate race or class and gender or age

d40 (d4 for 10s and d10 for second digit)

Big sleeves say "I don't work with my" hands so good for rich ladies and clergy or just status +30% cost +10% normal sleeves
1 Footwrappings - poor rags wrapped around feet
2 Socks - knitted foot covers
3 Sandals - cheap footware
4 Shoes - common footwear
5 Boots are for some workers or soldiers requiring protection
6 Leg wrappings - help protect feet from wet, cover tops of shoes or boots to help waterproof
7 Stocking - or hose are socks that go from to knees or thighs, garters hold them up
8 Leggings - a stocking covers legs and abdomen
9 Loincloths - cloth that covers lower abdomen
10 Drawes - undergarment to protect outer garments (underpants, knickers, panties, etc)
11 Bumroll - a buttock enhancing feature, the richest made of fox tails
12 Girdle - a light belt, often symbolic for chaste women or pious men, worn over shirt or robes, can be used to restrict and change shape of figure
13 Belt - leather strap to support pants, heavier ones hold tools or for fighting men as protection
14 Codpiece - a bulging groin attachment often of leather
15 Corset - tight form shaping garment around torso, often laced
16  Braies - short pants of cloth bundled about groin, waist down to knees
17 Trewes - long cloth pants
18 Skirt - a tube of cloth haging from waist to knees or even covering feet
19 Tunic - a short sleeve shirt down to waist
20 Shirt - a long sleeve barment often hang over thighs down to knees
21 Gloves - hand garments woven or knitted or leather, fighting men have heavier ones with metal
22 Smock - light outer coat to protect clothes for better off workers
23 Jacket - a light coat opens in front, also used as undercoat
24 Jerkin - a leather sleeveless jacket
25 Bodice - sleeveless low cut jacket worn over shirt often laced, possibly detachable sleeves
26 Dress - a women's garment combining a skirt and sleeved bodice
27 Apron - garmet worn over other clothes to protect from work (cook, butcher or blacksmith)
28 Toga - stola female version worn over a tunic and goes down to knees or feet
29 Gambeson - quilted jackets with padded vests, good with a collar
30 Overcoat - a outdoor heavy padded coat
31 Surcoat - heavy padded possibly sleeveless coat often with a coat of arms
32 Cloak - a cape hanging from neck or shoulders
33 Robes - long often hooded shirt hanging to ground
34 Collar - a neck band of cloth worn with shirt or often frilled or decorative
35 Coif - cloth head coverings to protect head
36 Veil - semi transparent scarf often worn over face or many of them all over by dancers
37 Scarf - a piece of cloth to wear around neck or head or over face
38 Hood - covers neck, head and possibly face, might be attached to other garment
39 Hat - a cloth or other material to protect top of head and from sun with a brim
40 Wig - a fake hairpiece, but include beards, merkins, chest wigs, moustaches

d100 Magical Vestments
More magical looks high quality and very decorative for the effeminate tastes of decadent nobility or colourful ornamental folk taste. Most are in style appealing more to women but who knows what a wizard wears under his robes
01 Clogs of dancing make you dance like a pro in ten peasant popular styles
02 Shoes of neatness protect you from getting filth on you or getting splashed on the road
03 Shoes of desire give you +1 CHA and they are always shiny
04 Stockings of grace give you +1 DEX and never smell bad
05 Stockings of the spider let you grow 6 extra legs and spider climb for ten minutes a day
06 Girdle of defence always holds up a stocking as lets one leg cause 1d6 kick damage
07 Hose of the worm allows you to turn into a giant worm and burrow for 10 minutes a day
08 Stockings of holding each leg can magically hold 1000 coins and still be worn
09 Stockings of spinting add's 3" to movement rate or double run speed for ten minutes/day
10 Drawes of purity always fresh and wearer never needs to go to bathroom while on

11 Drawes of sanctity only removable by mother or good dame over 40
12 Drawes of virginity restore maidenhood every time put on, prevents pregnancy

13 Drawes of fraternal love tell you who fancies you and if intentions are good to you
14 Braies of piety prevent wearer from desire and are never soiled or spoiled
15 Braies of the goat allow wearer to turn into a goat for one hour a day 
16 Braies of manliness make wearer look like a man or if a man more manly and hairy
17 Loincloth of defence adds +1 to AC and lets you dig or march 8 hours a day
18 Codpiece of vulgarity can grow up to two feet, shrink, change colour and animate 
19 Bumroll of the fox made from 9 fox tails allows wearer to turn into a fox for one hour/day
20 Trewes of horseman, ancient checkered pants, let mind link to horse you ride
21 Shirt of sleeping allows wearer to remember dreams and enhances realism
22 Shirt of the night lets you detect enemies and provides night vision
23 Shirt of arms may turn from decorative kingly shirt to plate mail at will
24 Shirt of delight allows wearer to change and exude any scent they can imagine
25 Shirt of panic allows wearer to blink awat 1d6" if back stabbed or surprised once a day
26 Shirt of heroism makes you immune to fear and adds +1CHA 
27 Shirt of many colours can cast sleep once a day including on yourself
28 Shirt of the Bard extends a song range by 3" and lets them last +1 round after bard stops
29 Shirt of splendour add +d4 CHA for ten minutes/day and casts light spell one/day
30 Shirt of Paradise creates illusions of luxury and vice in a room d10 minutes/day
31 Tunic of spiders, cast insect swarm 10 miutes/day as level with spiders pouring from shirt
32 Tunic of the pirate makes the wearer able to perform acrobatics in rigging on boat
33 Tunic of the snake looks scaly and lets you turn into a venomous snake o minute/day
34 Tunic of the sun can cast light and burning hands each once per day
35 Toga of Imperiousness lights up with a light spell whenever wearer makes a speech 
36 Bodice of the witch allows wearer to levitate holding a common tool one hour/day
37 Bodice of the holy harlot makes wearer look more busty
38 Bodice of the salmon lets you turn into a salmon one hour/day
39 Bodice of the birds lets you talk to finches and summon them with any music skill
40 Bodice of demonic power, conjure up a succubi or incubus monthly but without control
41 Gloves of knitting let you knit as if skilled and if already can then doubles speed
42 Gloves of the siren, can animate and give you a massage rubdown for one hour/day
43 Gloves of the beast allow punch to inflict d6 damage and can harm magic beings as +2
44 Gloves of the healer allow +1 HP per person per day when attempting first aid
45 Inferno Mittens protect your hands from any heat like petting a salamander or baking
46 Mittens of power let your punch inflict a d4, damage = inches of stone smashed through
47 Mittens of strangling let you inflict a d6 damage on any wrestling attack or manouver
48 Aprons of defence +2 AC from front only, resists stains and heat of oven or furnace
49 Apron of charming casts charm person per day
50 Apron of hammers keeps within it weightlessly a set of small tools and a hand weapon
51 Dress of the goodwife, protects modesty by turning invisible ten minutes/day
52 Dress of fish wife, can breathe on water and float at will, never smells of dead fish 
53 Dress of the Sphynx, consult the riddlers of the ages with weekly commune spell
54 Dress of the iron maid acts as chainmain +5 AC with no movement penalty
55 Skirt of the rainbow provides feather fall at will 
56 Skirt of the wind fairies allows wearer to jump +3" anytime
57 Skirt of the elves allows you to dance for eight hours a day unharmed
58 Robes of night - improve ability to hide or see at night, become a shadow if you die 
59 Robes of the hermit as +4 Ringmail no move penalty, create food and water one/day
60 Robes of the holy keep wearers moist in holy water that burns undead to touch
61 Chain of Ganilon used as a war flail or a bolo, two lage balls connected by 1" long chain
62 Girdle of piousness unable to be undressed against wielders will, protected by a god 
63 Girdle of gender change a popular magic item shunned by conservatives
64 Girdle of the Elves +1CHA, skin and teeth shinier
65 Belt of the Dwarves wearer works 12 hours digging, crafting or carrying without harm
66 Belt of the Hero +1 STR and AC +1, wearer comes to prefer bare sleeves 
67 Warbelt of the Crusader, carries 1000 coins mass inside in pockets as if weightless
68 Iron Corset of the war queen adds +2 AC on any other armour
69 Spider Corset allows wearer to create 10" rope three/day from spinerettes
70 War Corset inflicts d4 to any who touch wearer ten rounds/day
71 Cape of prediction +2 AC unfortunately ever month 1in6 chance summons a time demon
72 Cape of gliding, fly across as far as height you fall, DEX save to avoid harm
73 Cape of shadow makes you invisible in dark if you don't move
74 Necktie of fowl mastery can summon a d6/day chicken to crow sized birds to eat
75 Collar of slavery keeps victim charmed and complaint as spell when put on
76 Neck Ribbon of Celestial ones Resurrects wearer once a decade (roll d10 years since)
77 Imperial Head Ruff head can fly off on own for up to 10 minutes/day speed 24"
78 Scarf of the assassin, stretch to 10 feet, become rigid and be used as ladder or scimitar
79 Scarf of the sultan makes up to 100 extra magic silk scarves per/day last 10 minutes
80 Scarf of the Magister, woolen coloured item can stretch to 100 foot long or back to six
81 Rogues Jackets, ornate gaudy number +2 AP, hides a lockpick set and dagger 
82 Jacket of the hunt, wearer can track and speak to hunting dogs
83 Jacket of tears, user inflicts +1 damage on any attack and sheds tears every life taken
84 Travellers Surcoat, worn over armour but the wearer changes heraldry design at will
85 Great coat of the marshal, ignore bad weather and can march 12 yours/day
86 War masters coat, +1 ATT, pockets contain a sheild, hand weapon, 12 days iron rations 
87 Coat of the merchant has twenty pockets that hold 2lb objects with no mass
88 Fools Jerkin with hood takes d6 less from fall damage, can charge into any two colours  
89 Woodsmans jerkin, pockets contain bow, twenty arrows, dagger, hatchet with no mass
90 Dwarf Jerkin, +1 CON +3HP +2AC used by elite dwarf emergency labour crews 
91 Skullcap of thought +1WIS, often comes with horns of some kind, improves hearing
92 Bonnet of power is a cloth tied on hat, wearer can call flame strike once per month  
93 Headband of mystery +1INT, detects copper in amounts of over 100 coins
94 Coif of the holy allows wearer to cast bless three times a day
95 Hood of dread, wearer sees in dark, can change face for ten minutes/day
96 Cap of Jauntiness, cast charm person once per day and +1DEX
97 Hat of Jubilation can twice a day produce tea, cake and fruit for 12, large and decorative
98 Mask of Night allows night vision, makes face unrecognisable, and changes your voice 
99 Veil of Illusion can cast phantasmal force once a day for as long as you can concentrate
100 Wig of Regal Locks, bonds to scalp till death, change colour or length up to 5 foot

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  1. These are among the best lists you have posted. Definitely not enough clothing as loot in fantasy games given the role of garments in displaying wealth in historical cultures.


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