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d100 Colossal Dungeon Dressings

Medieval noodle bars anyone? So returning to my Gothic stuff and rewriting some stuff needlessly. Which is ok so working on not doing this. Developing another genre project on side also. So figuring out a few basic play styles will help flesh out the rest of the dungeon zone type.

Faux Gothic Setting Adventure Modes:
Gothic castles & churches
Graveyards from village plot to city necropolis
Catacombs for built underground graveyards
Colossal dungeon is a prison and torture complex
Haunting of hell house
Romantic ruins 
Tragedy and doom!

Gothic castles & churches
This is to explore recent ish human structures of the officials of the nation and clergy. Big posh stone houses with religious and historical objects to make a statement. The nobility want to follow the kings style from highest duke to lowest land owning knight. Priesthood such as clerical orders and warrior monks enjoy building like this too. So adventurers may explore a modern lords home or church fort. his is basic gothic setting type and others are related to this one by being burred beneath it. While most are orderly grids, some are confused follies built by madmen, or built add hock into sprawling composite buildings.


From grave robbing to protecting graves or finding a specific crypt, there is always danger in these locations. Dealing with a petty graveyard haunt is a good career start. Caring for a big graveyard is a big job and sometimes bad spirits arise from tragedy or curse and even good comunities have problems. Definitely bring a priest. Built castles are better for keeping people out. Built prisons keep people inside. Making prisons a threat to criminals is important, So random torture 

Are underground graveyards beneath some cities or old church districts. Some connect to sewers, drains or storage cellars. Often heaped with dead and no witnesses but chances of getting lost are high. Monsters love these places and the dead walk freely.

Colossal Dungeon
This complex is a prison, often 
the basement beneath a ex fort or castle. Prison life is harsh but the occupants are harder. Special prisons include for mad, lame diseased or political prisoners. Punishment, cruel confinement and torture are the norm. Guards control walkways and towers while the boss lives over the gate house.

Haunting of hell house 
More a furnished fine house but the house is cursed and entities of other planes visit looking for victims, undead arise if left, cultists and madmen are drawn here to draw blood. You cant get out until you have put the evil to rest. Anything could happen.

Romantic ruins exploration
Gothics love 
rambling throughruins to write poems. Exploration by night is the best. The more bloody the ruins history the better. Seeking pagan pornographic art, performing thrilling and forbidden deeds. It is quite the lark. 

Tragedy and doom!
Before you start the dungeon your party can have personal reasons to be at the dungeon, vendettas with local villain, tragic pasts and more. Characters, enemies and certain locations all linked by doom.Sometimes a attempt to relax turns into a adventure or a old tragedy returns.

Im considering moodscapes for gothic sub zones. Basically a additional layer of weirdness for your dungeon. More on this later.

Im considering doing a madness table with temporary WIS stat losses and recovery rules but see my to do list below.

So far I want to spread my tables to cover these things
Quite a bit of my city stuff and maritime stuff could be applicable
Maybe my DX Psionics as a spell system and some classes renamed exorcist (Shaman)
Start writing some guidelines to use these
Will group my tables under these headers

Some Gothic Zone Stuff To Do
d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 Lesser hauntings
d100 Madness, horror, shocks
d100 Alluring strange headstones
d100 Shrines
d100 Sarcophagi
d100 Madhouses and prisons

something about dramatic manor stair cases
d100 Haunted Ruins
d100 Pirenesi/gothic ruins
d100 Crimes and common punishments

d100 Non fatal tortures
Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Secret Societies
d100 Cults
d100 Gothic Dungeon Masterminds
d100 Undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also
d100 Honest undead motivations
d100 Madmen and their monsters
d100 Old lonely women/hags
d100 Violent convicts
d100 Insane inmates
d100 Virtuous young nobles and ladies
d100 Wicked young nobles and ladies
d100 Emotional Hysteria to break the tension...and get adventure happening
d100 Disappointments

So my basic idea of a gothic book has expanded quite a bit. Still looking for more emotions and melodrama. Thinking of Mood effecting or eating undead, Seven Sin Stimulating devils to guide you. I need to get a look at oriental adventures spirits again.

This set designed to be for a sprawling prison complex, but also a mental asylum, a workhouse for the poor, poor hospital or slave labour. It also includes lots of torture and architectural scaled devices of cruelty.

d10 Quick 
Colossal Dungeon Features
01 Cells
02 Courtyards
03 Gatehouses
04 Towers and walkways
05 Torture and punishment
06 Workshops
07 Hospital
08 Secret doors and spyholes
09 Mechanical apparatus
10 Administration

d100 Colossal Dungeon Dressings

01 Hall lined with small cells behind thick doors with for slots
02 Hall lined with barred cells easily observed
03 Hall with a giant open cell
04 Hall with cell pits with locked barred lids
05 Hall with rows of manacles or leg irons 
06 Hall hanging with small cages and gibbets
07 Hall with walk way around deep pits for prisoners
08 Half submerged pits with rocks to sit on with leg irons
09 Hall strewn in garbage, bones and scraps from prisoners
10 Hall with rows of small cages without room to sit or stand

11 Courtyard with bare rock where lone prisoners left exposed
12 Courtyard with sunken floor and walkway around for madmen 

13 Courtyard with nameless grave pits for dead inmates
14 Courtyard for exercising inmates or a few hours a day
15 Courtyard with battered tables and shambling beds 
16 Courtyard where guards drill and have target practise or shooting squads
17 Courtyard full of stores and building materials
18 Courtyard where prisoners chained to large rocks and left exposed
19 Courtyard with flogging frames
20 Courtyard with gallows or chopping block
21 A ornate gatehouse with gargoyles and governors offices and residence above
22 A gatehouse to control movement between prison sections
23 A gatehouse with observation area to watch adjacent courtyards and cell blocks
24 A gatehouse with records office and guard station
25 A gatehouse were trolleys (food or laundry) moved through and searched
26 A gatehouse with bathhouse where prisoners are controlled while bathing
27 A gate with store rooms for clothing, bed linen and other goods
28 A gatehouse with infirmary where basic medical needs like pulling teeth met
29 A gatehouse with guards armoury and murder holes
30 A gate house where keys kept and made
31 Watch tower for guards to see grounds
32 Solitary prison tower for isolated prisoner
33 Solitary tower with luxury cell for nobles or rich guests
34 A punishment tower with gallows and stretching apparatus
35 A guard tower with best marksmen on duty
36 Walkways for guards and marksmen to cross sections of prison faster 
37 Walkway used for storage of junk
38 Walkway between areas left alone due to hauntings
39 Walkways up high for guards to spy into various areas of prison
40 Walkway granting views over several courtyards
41 Torture room with fire pit, iron braziers, cauldrons and chains
42 Torture room with stretching and impaling apparatus
43 Torture room with great wheel for breaking men
44 Torture room with iron maidens and spiked beds 
45 Torture room with torture chair with clamps and implements 
46 Torture room with well used for dunking and water torture
47 Torture room collection of severed heads, limbs and bodies in gibbets
48 Torture room with tiny dark locked punishment boxes
49 Torture room with dissection room with seating for important persons to view
50 Torture room benches for restraining victims with collections of knives and implements
51 Weaving workshop with looms and spinning wheels, piles of cloth, wool and spindles
52 Woodshop where prisoners make wheels, carts, doors and work on prison repairs
53 Metalshop where blacksmith and helpers make bars and chains
54 A kitchen and bakery where workers cook prison food or goods to sell
55 A laundry with well where prison washing and commercial jobs handled
56 A basket weaving workshop with piles of dried vines and finished baskets
57 A tailoring workshop where inmates sew clothes and sails in dim light
58 A stone working pit with rocks to be cut or broken into gravel with mallets
59 A ceramics workshop with clay, wheels, pots, bricks and roof tiles made
60 A brewery where prisoners make grog possibly without permission
61 A hospital foe quarantining disease carriers
62 A medical delousing area with chemical baths and powders
63 Wing of small cages or cells for the worst insane inmates
64 A medical operating room and laboratory for normally illegal experiments
65 A surgical room with multiple bloody benches and rusty tools
66 Dental chairs with pliers, tongs, hammers and rope
67 A medical area for staff and guards, clean with stocked alcohol cupboard 
68 A room of stores for medical supplies including chests of artificial limbs
69 A apothecary for making medicine possibly unofficial and run by mob or guards or both
70 Row of beds with straps and manacles for ill prisoners unfit to work
71 Secret passage for staff escape
72 Secret storage room with weapons and booze
73 Secret panic room to hide from riots
74 Secret prisoner dug tunnel under concealed loose stone
75 Secret cell with dead prisoner, possibly haunted
76 Secret tunnel partly collapsed with dead inmates
77 Secret panel into crawl space between walls and get into basement or catacombs
78 Secret door into crawlspace where you can spy on many cells
79 Secret compartment with tobacco, soap and a knife
80 Secret compartment used as letter drop
81 Flour mill cranked by human labour several stories high with grain silos
82 Huge portcullis gate apparatus with hand winched crank
83 Huge machine to simulate person being torn apart by horses
84 Huge crushing apparatus with spiked platform for victim 
85 Room with crushing spiked walls or ceiling
86 Room which can be flooded with hand cranked pump and reservoir 
87 A apparatus that kills men loaded into crushing wheels and they come out zombies 
88 A rotating wobbling disk with randomly popping up spikes for prisoner death matches
89 A room where restrained victims are flooded with bugs or snakes or rats
90 A room where prisoners run gauntlet through traps and loose monsters
91 Scriptorium and current records room
92 Document storage room with records to earliest days of prison
93 Staff kitchen and mess room
94 Office for section chief or governor
95 Barracks for staff or bedrooms for officers and wives
96 School for staff children often taught by good behaviour educated inmate
97 Library with plenty of religious, penal theory and stories of reform and torture
98 Prison shrine and priest office
99 Theatre where semi reformed put on talent shows and plays
100 Morgue where special prisoners bodies like magicians remains kept under lock


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