Wednesday 10 February 2016

d100 Everyday Deaths

Common deaths are tragic but seen as ordinary. Useful if you need a cause of death for a family back story or some reason. Still writing magic farm animals. Blogger mssing up my post orders alot.

d10 Death types

1 Animals unleashed
2 Everyday in the home
3 Everyday at work
4 Everyday violence
5 Everyday fumble
6 Everyday justice
7 Everyday Vice
8 Everyday Medical
9 Everyday Magic
10 Murdered by Monsters

d100 Everyday Deaths
01 Gored by a bull
02 Run over by carriage
03 Fell of horse
04 Bit by diseased dog
05 Attacked by stag
06 Mauled by bear
07 Eaten by wolves
08 Gored by wild boar
09 Trampled by cattle
10 Stung by bees, wasps, spiders or snakes

11 Starved to death from famine or poverty
12 Died of old age in bed

13 Fell down stairs or off roof or out of bed
14 Homeless and exposed to weather
15 Killed in house fire
16 Accidental food poisoning
17 Stranger robbed and murdered
18 Domestic violence
19 Arrested by law taken away forever 
20 Stack of crushing crates fell
21 Struck by a mallet or work maul
22 Crushed by a barrel
23 Wall collapsed
24 Wagon out of control crashed
25 Murdered by Bandits 
26 Murdered by workplace bullies
27 Executed for causing a accident
28 Crane dropped load of goods
29 Loaded wagon toppled over 
30 Murdered by gangster over protection racket 
31 Killed in a bar fight or sport match
32 Killed fighting over found treasure
33 Murdered in market place for small change
34 Guards killed rioters to break up a mob
35 Executed for a crime in public
36 Murder hobos killed and robbed for no reason
37 Killed for urging others to ignore crime syndicate
38 Found murdered nobody knows why or who
39 Killed by neighbor over quarrel
40 Disappeared looking for treasure
41 Accidentally killed self with weapon
42 Limb cut off in work accident and bled to death
43 Fell and impaled on fence
44 Tree fell on top
45 Fell into staked wolf pit
46 Accidentally consumed poison
47 Fell in water and drowned
48 Set alight and burned horribly
49 Choked on dust or toxic fumes
50 Smothered by grain in silo
51 Imprisoned falsely and died in prison from torture
52 Rounded up with a gang and all put to death
53 Taken as a hostage and murdered
54 Joined a cult then executed
55 Insulted noble and beaten by servants
56 Paid thugs killed to gain land for some schemer
57 Hunted by a nobleman for sport
58 Accidentally went on private land and killed by game warden
59 Died from troubling old war wounds
60 Refused to testify against friend and tortured to death
61 Died while drunkenly staggering in town
62 Died of organ failure after life long alcoholism
63 Died of drug abuse
64 Lynched by commoners for debauched behavior
65 Lost all money and killed by loan sharks
66 Caught in act of awful sex crime and executed
67 Caught molesting farm animals and burned by mob
68 Caught grave robbing and killed by mob
69 Caught with private prison cell and captives, executed
70 Caught committing adultery and killed by mob
71 Died of plague
72 Killed for leaving quarantine house
73 Operated on by quack
74 Wasted away on fake healing tonic
75 Died from septic wound
76 Limbs amputated but still killed by gangrene 
77 Committed suicide
78 Died in madhouse
79 Died in leprous colony
80 Died in hospital care over months
81 Testing magic items
82 Accidentally summoned planar creature
83 Killed in crossfire of dueling wizards
84 Accused of witchcraft and burned
85 Killed by witchcraft, everybody sure
86 Disappeared but later seen as a zombie 
87 Killed by spell caster for some offence or accident
88 Turned into animal and eaten
89 Killed by magical guardian or trap
90 Humanoids robbed and killed
91 Killed by supernatural horror in public
92 Eaten by humanoids or cult
93 Sacrificed to local monster by authorities
94 Flying horror swooped and snatched away
95 Thing from waters grabbed and dragged into depths
96 Some beast burrowed up from earth and snatched them
97 Sacrificed by humanoids or a cult
98 Creatures from the depths raided and murdered
99 Found a monster lair in odd place
100 Killed by monster in own home

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