Friday 5 February 2016

Blood and Bronze (BnB) Coming Soon

(Sorry Trey commented on original post and it got gobbled up by web spiders so I re-made it)

Blood and Bronze is a oldschool in style fantasy game set in ancient Mesopotaimia. I was contacted by one of the creators and have seen PDF proof which looks great. Classes have interesting abilities and the game has some good art and interesting tables which helps it's oldschool flavour and could be used for any sandbox with ancient desert flavour. While it has own mechanics they seem familiar enough. Certainly useful for any ancient near east or desert fantasy games. Comes with adventures and more in the pipeline which is a good plan for a new game. Has a good beginners scenario for a prison break with lots of good detail.

I will do a full review later when Ive read it and hope to include pix of he book but here is link with a pdf with basic classes and info on game releases. I'm tempted to perhaps run and write some stuff for it. Apparently Olav has used some of my Mesopotaimian image dumps on this blog to set mood for new players. Check It Out

Im still hoping for Puerta De Ishtar by Rodrigo Garcia Carmona to come out in English - I got art pack from Drivethrough but the game has truly horrible demonology I would like to use.

Goto my sidebar on left for more mesopotaimian madness and my image dumps - possibly the best visual online resource on subject. I collected this stuff when i was supposed to be doing classics. Lecturers abused me when I said Iraq did it first - now there are text books about it. When I get to scanning I will work through my pile of photocopies from kids books and uni library books. Encyclopedia of ancient near east full of scholarly docs on everything my art school had too.

I have probably a thousand minis for this setting1/72 of course

Pugmire rpg on kickstarter - Sadly Im probably supporting this even though I like cats more - Looks very well crafted product conceptually and visually.


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