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d100 Catacomb Dungeon Dressings

This is for decrepit built underground cemeteries under churches, ruins, cities and dungeons. Roll a few for a small complex or roll as a theme for new areas opened up or levels. Ive been playing with the Zac S system of placing several courtyards about and some other features like from my pre-keyed locations or from a table. Then I connect them with shapes based on letterforms for passages and perhaps add soe more rooms where lines terminate or meet. Ive done a few and has got me doing the whole chaotic complex thng. Normally my stuff is too sensible, rigid and boxy.  

d10 Quick Catacomb Dungeon Dressing
01 Remains of dead
Niches, shelves and
03 Tombs, crypt and sarcophogi
 Ladders, trapdoors and stairs
05 Gates and archways
06 Plinths, pedestals and altars
07 Relief carving and statues
08 Paintings, tapestries
09 Floors and condition
10 Weird conditions

d100 Catacomb Dungeon Dressing
01 Piles of loose bones and 
02 Piles of loose old coffins stacked up
03 Piles of mummified bodies
04 Piles of stacked skulls and bones sealed off passage
05 Barred cell with body on plinth with heaps of dead flowers
06 Skeletons assembled as art works with symbolic robes and tools
07 Bodies on plinths in rusted cobweb covered armour and tabards of holy order
08 Skeleton with scythe actually a trap if passed
09 Skeletons in robes posed praying or holding lamps
10 Cases of mumifie children

11 Mumified bodies standing upright in niches
12 Skeletons laying sideways in niches

13 Small sealed niches where mumified bodies inserted head
14 Shelves of coffins
15 Shelves of mummies
16 Niche with graffiti from past
17 Niche with bars and ancient gilded skeleton
18 Niche with huge bladed pendulum trap
19 Niche with swinging battering ram
20 Niche with spiked bars block passage and possibly impale someone slow
21 Rows of sarcophagi with fine carved line art or former heroes
22 Entrance to much older tomb with older art and different symbology
23 Great stone sarcophagi with carved figure of great leader
24 Smashed sarcophagi robbed and vandalized
25 Sealed stone door to chamber full of sarcophagi
26 Huge holy symbol seals crypt entry 
27 Upright sarcophagi with carved likeness of once important occupant 
28 Crypt carved with figures in middle of room sealed with bars
29 Open sarcophagi with open coffin inside no body
30 Hole in wall to sealed tomb patched up with skulls and mortar 
31 Wooden trapdoor 1in6 locked d4 1=wood ladder 2=stone footholds 3=rope 4=rope ladder
32 A heave flagstone trapdoor cover, with iron staple wall ladder to another level
33 Iron bar lid locked or built in, situated in floor or ceiling, possibly a drain or air vent
34 Open shaft connecting upper and lower levels for goods, possibly with rope and winches
35 A secret iron ladder in shaft to other level
36 A well shaft which cuts through several levels or even into a cave or underground stream
37 A secret spiral staircase to other level
38 Steep stone winding staircase
39 Grand stone staircase with skull and death symbols carved in stone
40 Tiny cramped srairs reaching into depths of crawlspaces within walls
41 Grim archway actually a concealed portcullis trap
42 Ornamental archway with skeletal death statue harvesting souls
43 Arch with bars covering entrance to tomb
44 Pillars either side of barred stairs to tomb
45 Grim Reaper life size statues with scythes or sickles either side of door 
46 Door arch is a huge crude brutish face with door for mouth
47 Rows of pillars and buttresses
48 Archways with skeletons chained hanging by limbs or tiny cages
49 Archway gate with locked iron gate with bars
50 Archway gate with portcullis and hanging chains 
51 Bejeweled mummified body inside Glass case on plinth
52 Small caged shrine with old boxes stacked inside
53 Stage with stalls for robed singers and very acoustic ceiling
54 Dais with holy symbol in stone
55 Dais with ritual altar
56 Dais with caged sarcophagus
57 Dais with ritual font surrounded by skulls
58 Dead adventurer shoved in open panel in base of plinth with statute
59 Podiums with mummified monks, some are holding crumbling old books
60 Podium with scroll shelf for records of burials, candles, wax, quills and dry ink
61 Rough hewed coarse stone walls
62 Smooth dressed stonework
63 Glazed brick walls with strong earthy red  and black colours
64 Crude brick walls with some patterns forming simple symbols
65 Carved scenes of skeletons, the reaper and the underworld entrances and demons
66 Carved scene from creation or other important religious event
67 Gargoyle pair guarding a door or crypt 
68 Doorway carved as entry to d4 1=hell 2=primordial garden 3=heaven 4=judgement
69 Carved grotto with water flowing from spring or well
70 A great carved mythic beast like a sphinx or dragon or divine beast
71 Family scene mural
72 Underworld mural
73 Graffiti covers walls some dating to ancient times or secret cults
74 Painted scenes of agriculture, farmland and landed class wealth
75 Mythic feats of religious heroes mural
76 Mural of funeral scene with weeping mourners
77 Tapestry of conquest over the old people
78 Tapestry of coronation of long ago ruler
79 Tapestry of heretics being rounded up and stopped
80 Honour roles of names who helped fund catacombs
81 Floor covered in bone, rat dung, bits of bodies and garbage
82 Floor covered in chalky white bone meal and dirt
83 Ancient worn cobblestones, some areas smooth worn by foot steps and water
84 Water covers some lower floors and areas where drains blocked
85 Roots burst through walls, ceiling and floors in places
86 Water drips through from above forming streams and slime 
87 Sewerage and water has turned area into awful stinking mess
88 Fungus and mould everywhere with bad air, shrooms & floating balls of slime in pools
89 Crumbling and prone to collapse if doors slammed or loud noises
90 Mozaic tile floor depicting underworld of funeral
91 Everywhere lit by magic candles and torches or glowing skulls
92 All the dead and faces in art look tormented
93 Find some remains with same face or inscription of similar name 
94 Tiny goblin or gargoyle or gremlin faces peek out from architecture everywhere
95 Huge sealed ornamental gate with magic symbols and ritual altar
96 Dead whispers heard often get worse as skulls and artworks or phantoms join in
97 Doomed phantoms re enact past tragedies or wander about depressed
98 Cobwebs from huge spiders are thick here with mummified bodies in spidersilk found
99 Spacial anomalies make it hard to map or find the way out easily
100 Spores cause dreamlike hallucinations and religious visions

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