Friday, 4 September 2015

WW1 Resources

"Norton-Griffiths was charged with forming the Royal Engineer tunneling companies. He recruited miners who had worked underground since childhood, tough and resourceful characters of all ages and political backgrounds who often had been rejected by the army on grounds of health or age. Within hours of leaving Civvy Street, Hellfire Jack, as he came to be known, had them digging beneath France and Flanders, immersed in a dark struggle to the death".

megamega dungeon ww1 trench and airial maps

school stuff

Hill60 Great Aussie sapper movie

Good US ww1 movie

Interesting Canadian stuff

now reading up on crimean and franco prussian wars - 3 parts here

ww1 kit n clobber

ww1 in colour

Prepping up for game

Will give players in con version choice of one but ongoing game will use all

No-mans land Fortean Zone exploration options
1 Aerial surveillance, possible with fly over, could parachute or crash near anomaly
2 Sappers can escort into haunted tunnels men avoid or dig you a tunnel to the anomaly area
3 Can move in with infantry charge up hill to German lines with artillery support
4 Can go on a night raid team raid for escort
5 Can sneak in with sniper team for escort
6 Can go on attack with tanks, aircraft support and infantry attack

I want to do a haunting table and a air table foe great weird war setting also
Im doing a no mans land terrain table for hexcrawls or when lost

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