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d100 Rustic Rural Folk

A series of mostly lowbrow lowtech people that you meet in the Murder Race world. I will use some colourful Australian language in future episodes, possibly offensive but authentic but mostly for use in the slum-burbs section. Women folk are just as dangerous as the men and fanatic if defending kids or home so don't be a idiot.

Will do suburban bogans for the slum-burbs clinging to the walled city states. Then the inner city scumbags or the mostly criminal class Transfer zone surrounding the cities. Possibly include the Policed Zones such as the posh Uptown playgrounds for the rich or CBD mostly full of suits and a invisible staff.

Basic Rural Breakdown
Choice Vehicles - 4WD utility trucks, jeeps, Hummer, 4WD Buggy, dirtbikes, quadbikes, 4x4 trucks, freight trucks, ultralights, light helicopters, some build light rail above and below ground
Vehicle Arms - swivel mounted machine guns, sometimes archaic arbelast with explosive bolts
Weapons of choice - Big sniper rifles, big knives, shotguns, silenced light rifles, bows, dynamite
Tech - mostly dated and recycled, some vintage, farm machines will often be more modern
Dress - John Deer or cowboy Hats, check flannel shirts, t-shirts, denim, leather, long duster coats

Common Varients (roll or pick a d4)
1 Mutants many mutated mostly for worst, a few champions have useful ability or be pet monsters

2 Inbred all have same 1d3 features (like red hair, missing teeth or missing limbs)
3 Morons who fumble so often most die of funny falls or weapon accidents or vehicle crashes
4 Religious offended by everthin from a city or modern
5 War veterans a few are cyborgs and more deadly
6 Cannibals possibly prone to zombie infection but mostly cos they just like it and are lazy
7 Naked wear as little as possible such as shredded rags or animal skins or woven plants 
8 Strange sect or personality cult with population mind controlled by religious leader
9 Have some militia equipment and hats and flak vests and a bit of training
10 Drunk on homebrew beer, distilled spirits in jars or wine in silver goon bags in cardboard boxes

d10 Weird Varients (roll or pick d3-1)
1 Used killer modified farm robots or drones salvaged from corp farm dumps
2 All contaminated with necrovirus, many zombies, some tribes have not noticed yet
3 Some are animal hybrids or beastmen, tribe skilled at biotech grows killer farm animals in lab
4 All are cultists d4 1=Satanists 2=Pagan blood goddess 3=Alien space god 4=Prehuman monster god

5 Triffid Farmers often out hunting wild or lost stock, can use trained triffids in make a stampede
6 Local witch cult seeking blasphemous lore and contact with undead or aliens, some keep monsters
7 This clan have developed psionics such as a hive-mind or a healer or pyrokinetic or mind control
8 Secretly not human d4 1=greys in skins 2=giant bugs 3=serpent men agent 4=vampires
9 Are protoshoggoth horrors that have human form but sprout tentacles and mouths and eyes
10 Indigenous spirit cult can call on aid from local entities via clan shaman and sacred sites and relics

d10 Quick Rustic Rural Freaks

1 Local drunks -  Bored and drunk sitting about some wrecked cars, will investigate anyone that they don't personally know. Act as a local militia or self defence club but all spontaneous with no plans.
2 Redneck Hunters - Silent. deadly and drunk often have silent or long range weapons, 4WD utility trucks, shotguns
3 Redneck Farmers mostly on the way to or from work but curious about strangers 
4 Crazy hillbillies - locals with problems might seek outsiders help
5 Swagmen - itinerant hobos looking for work and on the move with minimal possessions and tents
6 Jackaroos - wandering labour force, hard from life and work. Like BBQ, beer, gambling and sex
7 Newcomers - defending selves from rednecks and racists, have set up a new community as a microcosm of their homeland with many not speaking English. Any nationality possible, some runaways some came thinking would survive apocalypse better here.
8  Aboriginal Communities - defending their land from racists, media and government officials. Many operate own passports and currency. All hostile to whites taking anything away.
9 Travellers - many nomadic peoples and those who visit wasteland for various reasons

10 Weird stuff you see in tablets or is so secret you never heard of it. Anything can happen as the apocalypse approaches

d100 Rustic Rural Freaks
01 Jed tanner and his geriatric vet buddies, keep locals safe from unwanted outside influence
02 Pump house boys in their hot rods and buggies attack travellers in region for thrills
03 Devil Lee Jones and his boys are deeply religious, anything wrong must be raped and murdered

04 Bootleggers hate outsiders poking around and mobilize for battle with CB radios
05 Ma don't like the sound of your engine he sends of his clan to strip your vehicles
06 Kelly boys found some old riot gear and the leaders wear into fights, seek conflict
07 Fishing hole gang in area like to throw dynamite and use waterways for amphibious craft
08 O'Malleys are into brewing, hostage taking, fighting and breeding big fat ginger cats
09 Taylor girls are attractive gang of farm girls who stick together and torment their enemies
10 Barn's Bros are local bullys and hoodlums who sell drugs to gangs, they dislike strangers

11 Nick Bradley and his gang catch and train megafauna to fight, many have pet dropbears
12 Deliverance Christian mens hunting club like to hunt people and arrange sporting events 

13 Uncle Malky leads a group of scrawny youths on cannibalistic hunting sprees
14 McGraw Sisters huntin fer husbands cos they keep breaking the old ones
15 Carlton family hunt together and and kill together and all compete for best trophy
16 Barton clan have been skinned and turned into bio disguises for grey alien probing team 
17 Smith family release genetic monstrosities they steal from black labs as embryos
18 Local farmers gather to hunt predatory mutant or monster hiding in national park or ruins
19 Mutant hunt where locals all rise to beat and abuse mutant camps or settlements
20 Hunters looking for escaped lovers seeking to leave clan
21 Farmers with fleshy alien sphincter plants grown on creepy farm, now planting in the wild
22 Farmers herding d4 1=Sheep 2=Mutant Goats 3=Cattle 4=Triffids, with possible copter

23 Farmers on bikes each carrying a d4 1=sheep 2=pig 3=giant chicken 4=giant rabbit 
24 Dino farmers riding raptors herding larger herbivores to new dino park
25 Farmers bored by automated properties turn old farm bots into killing machines and test
26 Farmers left in the past carry out acts of terrorism on corporate farms and property
27 Croc farmers looking for lost new stock, multi climate tolerant fast growing ones
28 Fruit farmers transporting fruit produce including grog evading authorities
29 Farmers unite to patrol area fences vs strangers and weird people from outta town
30 Farmers have turned to organ harvesting on the side seed some kidneys fast 
31 Crazy hillbillies need help finding outside town mates as too many mutants born this year
32 Crazy hillbillies want romance for one of their tribe and they don't take no for an answer
33 Insane serial killing clan after eating all local backpackers start hand at carjacking
34 Crazy hillbilly medicine and magic circus actually a front for drugs and serial killers
35 Degenerate clan now undead without realizing, hardworking but hungry for blood
36 Teen cult kill adults, pretend are abandoned, beg new adults to stay for harvest fest
37 Mad farmer with gene printer lab and wombvat breeding monsters for fun and sale 
38 Mutant redecks outraged by normals kidnap and abuse them for breeding and slaves 
39 Religious cult advocate burning and robbing innocents wear white robes and use swords
40 Clan of secretive beautiful replicants, clones or androids hiding from masters
41 Swagmen hiking or driving a shambling old vehichle or with a wagon pulled by a mutant
42 Swagman is a theiving bastard hangs about to pick look before theft
43 Swagman is a werewolf or other shapeshifter murders folk who don't help him
44 Camp of swagmen all looking for work sharing a simple meal
45 Swagman has stolen livestock to torment and eat assumes strangers are the law
46 Camp of swagmen stealing chickens and kidnapping stray children
47 Swagman has been prospecting for gems or gold and assumes clamjumpers after him
48 Swagmen are ex convicts assume everybody wants to blame them so stay on the move
49 Swagman is part fishman keen to spread his jelly across the outback
50 Swagmen mostly refugees many illegal fearful of law and racist attacks
51 Jackaroos in 4WD travelling to farms for shearing and triffid harvests
52 Jackaroo on horseback with grenaide launcher, wary of armed gangs
53 Jackaroo camp with BBQ, beer, music, bareknuckle fight and strippers
54 Jackaroo camp with mob busy gambling and drinking, having amassed a fortune 
55 Jillaroos camp operates as brothel and strip show for local farmer 
56 Jackaroos have gathered to arange boxing or animal fight with bets on odds
57 Union farm workers protesting and blockading roads, looking out for corp scabs
58 Scab labourers and armed guards trying to get workers to farm worksite past union
59 Labourers escaped slave farm labour and afraid everybody out to get them
60 Prison labour gang with wardens and farmer foremen, gang ready to escape 
61 Newcomer imigrant project set up by feds, always wary racist locals out to kill them
62 Newcomers hunting who sabotaged farm and tried to poison them
63 Newcomers scratching ground with wrong tools and crops, illegal immigrant settlers
64 Newcomers from war torn land turned area into fortified combat field kill zone 
65 Newcomers established mircrocosm of homeland in a village with few English speakers
66 Newcomers have built a terrorist training camp and any who see it must die
67 Newcomers are hippy love cult out to spread vegan alternative lifestyle to strangers
68 Newcomers are a radical collective of students building a anarchist commune
69 Newcomers are a personality cult with Guru that locals fear and hate
70 Newcomers are really a secretive gang growing drugs and cloned organs for the mob
71 Aboriginal vigilante comitee looking for those who have harmed their nation 
72 Aboriginal warriors hunting down do-gooder christians who stole their kids 
73 Aboriginal farmers patrol are to keep out mining surveyors and corporate spies
74 Aboriginal men or women on walkabout hunting and fishing and seeing sacred sites
75 Aboriginal feast with dancing and singing, non initiates might not be welcome
76 Aboriginals guiding tourist 4WD to see the bush country and a genuine firefight 
77 Aboriginal special forces and snipers scouting land for undead or weird phenomena
78 Aboriginal youths in 4WD buggies taunt whites and try to scare and provoke them
79 Aboriginal police looking for fugitives on the look out for suspicious strangers
80 Aboriginal shaman and his followers seeking out and destroying those tainted by evil
81 Travellers camping as a convoy, scared and worried about wasteland scum 
82 Travellers from city uni archaeology site concerned black market bandits will steal find
83 Travellers part of a Nomad gang have begun farming and herding and seek to settle
84 Missionaries spreading word of lord but willing to cleanse evil with fire if possible 
85 Travelling merchants and traders band together and hire mercenary guards
86 Travelling school of feral with fleet of yellow busses, kids ate teachers long ago
87 Travelling journalists out to see real outback and look for any exiting news, poor fighters
88 Travelling circus with carny folk earning a living, clowns are wanted ex gang members 
89 Scientists with mobile lab truck looking for interesting specimens or dna with mercenaries
90 Bogan clans from slum-burbs on family camp, will go any cunt who looks at them
91 Whatley clan have a monstrous invisible tentacled mutant that helps them find sacrifices
92 Strange silent farmers actually alien hybrids with hive mind and a creepy similar look
93 Undead affected folk formed into force led by a necrobiological vehichle with ghoul driver
94 Cult led by charismatic psychic who has taught some of his followers basic powers
95 Rednecks actually special military recon in disguise hiding secret black lab compound
96 Cult of farmers moving megaliths in special pattern across the state. wary of any threats 
97 Giant hippy rock festival with 7 speaker stacks in v shape sacred to Hastur
98 Fish men hybrids looking for relics buried when continent was more flooded
99 MIB in disguise as rednecks observing locals for cult activities and other strangeness
100 Possessed farmers preparing ritual and ground marks to open gate to overspace

 Hillbilly tech in action

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