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d100 Wonder What's in the Well?

Well here it is. A local well in a village, city or dungeon needs water. Factions will seek to control wells but sometimes old ones are forgotten or change purpose over time. Most people dislike adventurers fouling their water supply and don't encourage adventurers. The contents of a well are often interesting. Ancients clans fought over wells and worshiped them. Even sacrificing animals and humans. 

d10 What kind of well is it?
1 Grassy or mushroom overgrown mound with a muddy narrow shaft opens to subtereanean water chamber
Grassy or mushroom overgrown patch with a sinkhole pit, a small spring produces a few gallons a day 
3 Dirty hole surrounded by muck and footprints, dry out in hot season but rest of year water pools in ground attracting animals
4 A neat shaft into ground with a bucket or jug and rope to gather water
5 A short stone circle surrounds the brick lined shaft into ground
6 As per five but a small roof covers the well and it has a winch and bucket
7 A shaft carved into bare rock long ago
8 A shaft carved into bare rock with a locked lid or bars preventing access
9 A shaft carved into bare rock next to dry fountain and broken hand pump
10 A crumbling ancient brick shaft with some old foundations around entry

d10 Quick Well Contents
01 Rubbish
02 Vermin
03 Body
04 Grotto
05 Hideout
06 Humanoid lair
07 Monster lair
08 Cursed
09 Haunted
10 Weird

d100 Well
01 Broken pots
02 Old broken bones
03 Rotten food scraps
04 Rotten lumps of floating wood
05 Slimy algae rafts floating on surface
06 Floating excrement
07 Remains of old wooden hoist and bucket
08 Floating remains of moldy books
09 Great floating lumps of fungus or mold or slime possibly 1in6 deadly dungeon kind
10 Abandoned treasure chest in bottom half buried in mud

11 Savage carnivorous school of rippy fish
12 Huge aquatic serpent or eel creeps from well some night and steals local pets 

13 Bats nest in walls and airspace in cave beneath
14 Huge stranded snapping turtle
15 Gigantic freshwater lobster
16 Tentacled horror (huge octopus)
17 Wounded animal on ledge d4 1=goat 2=dog 3=pig 4=donkey
18 Huge rat colony if startled swarms everywhere screaming
19 Giant bug nest usually ant or termites in dungeon but also bees or wasps if outside
20 Giant bat like a doom bat or huge vampire bat or goblin riding bat
21 Dead animal d4 1=goat 2=dog 3=bird 4=big fish with big bite mark
22 Sacrificed animals 1=dogs 2=cats 3=birds 4=goat
23 Burned ashes of human sacrifices
24 Mixed jumbled bones of human and animal sacrifices
25 Murder victims corpses dumped here by locals for centuries
26 Floating rotten human corpse
27 Remains of long lost underworld shrine with skeletons
28 Zombies dumped here when necromancer overstaffed
29 Ledge at bottom with remains of broken boned starved person
30 Ledge on side is a opening of a long forgotten crypt or tomb
31 A delightful cave with crystals, calcium formations and luminous fungi  
32 Gated cave almost sealed by formations contains a long mummified monk
33 Crystal filled cave with great crystal imprisoning something
34 A bubbling grotto with misty pools is home of a holy hermit
35 A strange slime encrusted grotto where a deformed sorcerer dwells
36 Cave complex with stone age paintings and megalithic shrine
37 Spectacular fungus cave with some mushroom folk
38 An amazing crystal grotto with steaming geothermal spring
39 Grotto with large docile albino cave fish
40 Grotto with a lonely undine appointed to live here as punishment of a god
41 Cave in bottom is secret lair of a bandit gang
42 Cave in bottom is secret thieves guild bolthole
43 Cave off side of shaft houses 1d6 runaway children
44 Cave off side of shaft home to a refugee family
45 Cave off side of shaft home to 1d6 escaped slaves
46 Cave system at bottom home to clan of inbred cannibals
47 Cave system at bottom home to crazed berserk madmen
48 Secret door off shaft is hidden cult shrine
49  Secret door off shaft is band of hidden desperate adventurers
50 Secret door off shaft is a assassin clan hideout
51 Kobolds have built a cramped hidey-hole to avoid bigger monsters
52 Goblin lair with hidden fungus garden grotto
53 Albino degenerate lizard folk have a semi submerged complex
54 Fish men outpost to monitor the surface and kidnap mates
55 Orc outcasts lair carved from shaft in hiding
56 Bugbear secret family burrow off shaft, they love to scare locals
57 Rat men lair with chaos altar and swarm of pet giant rats taint the water
58 Frog men dwell here peacefully fishing and trying to seduce local women
59 Secret lair of hobgoblin spies watching area for their distant king
60 A cave complex with magically sleeping serpent men and pet dinosaur
61 Owlbear fell down long ago into damp cave now very hungry
62 A Carrion crawler nests here with several paralysed prisoners
63 A Bonesnapper lived here since a egg left by lizard men
64 A enraged hook horror like to pull on any ropes dropped down
65 Nilbogs are thrown down by local goblin tribe kin for being too weird 
66 A furious troll lurks down here, tricked into being trapped
67 Hideous ogre lurks in cave constantly counting his sack of gold
68 A small black dragon has lived here for aeons in secret
69 A hideous formarian hid here as a child and now too big to escape
70 A grell was planted here by mindflayer cult long ago
71 Well is tainted but could be purified by magic
72 Water causes fevered hallucinations if not boiled
73 Water causes madness unless black altar in bottom destroyed
74 Water transforms drinkers into goblins unless purified by magic
75 Well has a trapped demon in the bottom bound by magic
76 Well is polluted until water weirds in bottom killed
77 A hellcat whispers advice from the darkness and offers to help you
78 Well has become tainted with sulpher and boiling, possibly connected to hell
79 A witch dropped a potion in well and drinkers turn into children 24 hours after drinking
80 Water is unholy water and causes disease if drunk
81 A spectre arises from well by night to torment living
82 Cave at bottom filled with megafauna skeletons which arise if disturbed
83 A vampire is trapped in well his coffin surrounded by flowing water
84 Ghouls lair in bottom, creeping out at night to steal corpses
85 Phantoms from millennium of sacrifice, human and nonhumans
86 Superior skeletons from ancient times guard a necromancers chest
87 A wight dwells in his tomb inside well occasionally screaming by night
88 Aquatic ghouls feast on centuries of dumped corpses in well
89 A spirit seeks someone to complete a quest so they may find eternal rest
90 A spirit possesses victims and makes them murder comrades and kin
91 Secret door off shaft is long lost trapped treasure
92 Lonely stranded selkie would love help to escape to sea
93 Leads to separate cavern or dungeon caves long forgotten
94 Water heals 1d4 damage if drunk within 3 rounds from well once a day
95 Water is holy water but if removed loses potency in 24 hours
96 Water has strange random magical properties (use this possibly)
97 Well is intelligent and will talk for hours about gods it has met or something
98 Well if swum through takes you to the "Woods between worlds" a multiversal hub
99 Well has a imprisoned immortal in the bottom
100 A god made a sacrifice here once, some remnants or entity or monster remains. Possibly messing with this will change your life

(should do random dungeon fountain table with a random magic pool table - i think JD has one...)

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