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d100 Roads and travel conditions

Welcome to the wide brown land

I have had road conditions appear on other tables but i realized i need a more basic one for play - i need it pronto. Those older ones might be modified or be used for situational cases like car chases or are meant to be a surprise. These tables could be rolled for every segment of a journey or murder race. Meant to cover larger scales and provide scenery. Or google map and my pittstop tables. Off road desert probably easiest.

Also this

Difficult ground conditions require reliability roll for vehicle per day
Base is mechanic skill + off road handling bonus (GM might subtract lost car HP)
+20 if vehicle new, x1/2 if poorly maintained
A failure is some drop in performance or a bit drops off requiring a repair roll
Fumble would be catastrophic failure requiring parts or equipment
Suitably rugged military grade vehicles might ignore difficult terrain altogether

Roads, Barriers & Terrain
You can roll lower dice to get more common results. d4-2 wasteland (zero or less means no barriers d6 Agricultural areas d8 to include rural areas closer to cities with d10+ good semi abandoned wealth small farms for rich people near city. Areas where nice tree filled properties have been abandoned with a few die hard blue bloods hanging in. 

d12 Quick Roads
1 Trail in grass where kangaroos go to water supply or migrate
2 Rough dirty trail with rocks and water filled pot holes and prone to floods
3 Gravely rough road graded every few years
4 Well traveled dirt farmers road, dust visible for kilometers 
5 Battered pothole filled neglected bitumen road
6 Craters and bullet riddled. Reasonable road but combat damaged.
7 Reasonable sealed rural road with a few crumbling to gravel patches
8 Reasonable road but some some lanes lost to rockslides and washouts
9 Good condition road well maintained  10 Battered highway with a few craters and wrecks 1in6 sections lit well
11 G
ood quality highway well maintained, well lit by solar lighting 
12 Metalic self healing nanite
 coating highway, solar powered and lit, monitored by feds spysats and killsats, far more policed than any other road type. Mostly in uptown or important industrial links 

d12 Quick Roadside Barriers
1 Short posts with reflectors

2 Short posts with metal crash barrier
3 Concrete crash barrier 1-2m high with wire mesh
4 Short three wire fence with metal steaks or wooden posts
5 Short wire fence with barbed wire and electric wire
6 A 2m high wood or brush fence often dilapidated
7 As four above plus rabbit proof with chicken wire mesh above and below ground
8 Tall 2m high fence that can keep out dingoes, deer, kangaroos, refugees, zombies 1in6 electric 1in6 razor wire
9 Short dry stone wall from colonial times, some scattered farm ruins
10 Tall 2m stone wall with mortar 1in6 have cemented broken glass bottles or iron spikes  on top
11 Short brick wall 1-2m high, 
1in6 have camera systems, 1in6 razor wire 1in6 electric
12 Huge concrete walls and barriers or carved and tunneled into bedrock

d12 Quick Wasteland Oz Terrain
1 Sand d4 1=red 2=yellow 3=grey 4=brown 

2 Ash and burnt out bush fire 1in10 still burning off and smoking
3 Gravel mostly d4 1=red 2=grey 3=black 4=brown
4 Stony dirt with squat salt bushes 
5 Stony ground covered in dry thorny shrubs 1m high to the horizon difficult drive 
6 Rubble, rocks, big cliffs, eroded monuments with some scraggly trees difficult drive 
7 Grass with thin trees with occasional giant gum, creek and 2-3m high termite mound difficult drive 
 Grassy meadows with light trees, creeks, bushes and occasional drop or huge stone
Light bush land with lighter trees most common, rivers, difficult drive, difficult drive  
10  Heavy bush with mostly huge and large trees over rocky ground, rivers and rocky ground. impassable by car
11 Mountainous and hilly with winding roads with steep cliffs, tunnels and bridges. Straggly trees and bushes and native grass
12 Salt pan with surreal opalescent colours surrounded by fields of Salvation Jane (Purple) and Sth African Wild daisies(yellow) - introduced pests. Seasonal floods every one to ten years and is muddy some times or submerged. Mostly just salt.

d12 Weather
1 Bone dry as dead dingo's dick. 40c 104f Sky clear remains for 3d6 days

2 Sunny day on the beach for xmas 30c 86f Some clouds d6 days
3 Warm weather suitable to play cricket 20c 68f Clouds and gentle breeze lasts d6 days
4 Humid sweaty weather causes itching and dandruff 30c 86f Some clouds 2d6 days 
5 Drizzling and showers, muddy roadsides, humid, grey sky 10c 50f or 30c 86f  d6 days  
6 Pelting showers, flash floods, difficult creek crossings grey sky 10c 50f d6 days
7 Fog rolls out at dusk till dawn hiding the land under blanket of mystery 0c 32f d6 days
8 Snow or hail or sleet makes roads slick and may damage paint jobs -10c 14f 1 day
9 Severe winds blows huge dust clouds turning sky red or orange like mars 1 day
10 Severe storm and winds bring down trees and blow around cows like leaves
11 Acid rail damages clothes, stings eyes and defoliates plants
12 Chem and rad tainted clouds drop some hell brew, mutants dance in the rain  

Some areas in Victorian Alps and Canberra get snow in winter. On the edge of the apocalypse Australian weather can be crazy. Even deserts can get frost at night a way of gathering water. Many deserts areas flood 
seasonally or every decade in summer, remain green for a few months. Wetland areas have many crossings like ferries and bridges. Monsoon rain or hurricane might be a good backdrop. Or just cover everything in mud.

Night time rules might be handy

Australian roads have mostly wooden electricity and phone poles, while in Sth Australia they have i beams with concrete beams (ow!). More likely to be functional if better quality road. Mostly functional highways have lights.

d12 Other roadside features
1 Emergency truck breaking lanes regularly
2 Concrete barriers divide middle in places
3 Windmills or solar farms
Well appointed with payphones 1in6 not vandalized by kids or gangs
5 Crops of farm structures 1in6 modern and not in ruins
6 Plague of some kind d4 1=locusts 2=cane toads 3=rabbits 4=rats
7 Tourist attractions 1in6 not in ruins, popular gang hangouts if ruined
8 Observation points with rest stops and some kind of monument to Aussie failure*
9 Wild kangaroos, emus, deer, pigs, goats or feral farm animals thriving
10 Mounds of garbage like dumped wrecks, beer cans, ciggy and takeaway packs, used nappies, junkmail, sacks of old clothes, suitcases, fridges, broken appliances
11 Huge electrical towers, anterra, microwave towers, dish arrays in area
Roadworks in progress with police armoured cars on guard

*=Starving explorers, killed settlers, racist bushranger, heroic dog sacrifice, war deaths

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