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d100 Stuff hidden in a Humanoids bed

Realized my mutation tables idea has been totally re written 3 times over 4 years.

Am writing 80s white dwarf style for no  particular rule set more. Had a idea for mutations as a character class (mutations have levels like spells). So a new bug in mutation writing but funny to have a bash at. Have several long term unpublished posts.

Have been asked to run 20s cthulhu and am running ww1 cthulhu for Sydcon. Missing DnD. Might continue old horror team of 14th lv with two players or do new setting or rest of setting. Other possibility was a BRP fantasy game based on a long running game I ran about 1990. DnD is appealing because i miss it and it has own kind of fun. BRP good for grit and horror and phew only impaled my leg not my head kind of play. More Homeric violence. DnD part of the fun is quantitative growth and obvious superiority to lower levels.

As Im reading my 1990s era Pendragon horde (only need two more books and i ought have wales book as im 1/4 Welsh. Thinking simplified BRP with d20 had a lot of promise for other less gritty games. d20 BRP might be good for the less matchs crunchy kids. Tables i made up for BRP really speed play. Maybe d20 will speed up play. I like the personality trait system and characters are naughty and might not do what player wants. Have interesting ideas for religion and these passions and traits. Might run one off Pendragon on a holiday game.

Anyway here is a dungeon decor table because my parties search monsters mattresses till they get worms or ticks. When you get higher level you get your servants to look and higher still you let your torchbearers and poleboys take what they want.

d10 Quick Stuff hidden in a Humanoids bed
01 Vermin
02 Garbage
03 Snacks
04 Small change
05 Trinkets
06 Trench art
07 Clobber
08 Fragment
09 Horrible thing
10 Strange thing

d100 Stuff hidden in a Humanoids bed

01 Bloodstains and infectious if searchers have any bloody wounds
02 Parasitic worm eggs in skid marked monster sheets
03 Huge ticks jump on searchers may cause infection till removed
04 Fleas make searcher itch and it spread at camp
05 Maggots, worms or grubs eating rotten food scraps and dead rat
06 Swarm scurry from nest d4 1=mice 2=cockroaches 3=moths 4=weavels
07 Several rats scurry away snacking on scraps
08 Angry giant rat hisses at anyone trying to take its scraps
09 Dungeon leeches lurking in wet patches
10 Huge bug HDd4 Save vs poison +2 d4 1=spider 2=scorpion 3=centipede 4=cricket
11 Half eaten food d4 1=turnips 2=apples cores 3=fish 4=human flesh
12 Bits or rings and rivits from armour

13 Body hair and toenail clipings
14 Filthy old bandages
15 Bodily products d4 1=vomit 2=feces 3=earwax 4=oily secretions and dead skin 
16 Empty grog jar made from clay or wood
17 Old broken bones with marrow sucked out
18 Ball of assorted threads, hairs, feathers and string found around dungeon
19 Nut shells
20 Cookie crumbs
21 Food hidden d4 1=turnips 2=stolen apples 3=onions 4=plump rat
22 Food hidden d4 1=truffles 2=meat on skewer 3=cheese 4=bbq rat on stick
23 Mushrooms d4 1=mild poison 2=tasty 3=hallucinogenic 4=decorative
24 Bound and gagged d4 1=piglet 2=kobold 3=child 4=giant rat
25 Giant snails possible tethered by shells
26 Huge black beetles in a pot
27 Half chewed stale bread 1in6 with hallucination causing fungi
28 Huge juicy slugs
29 Eggs of possibly some horrible dungeon monster
30 Jar of preserved d4 1=sauerkraut 2=pickled eggs 3=pickled onions 4=pickled fish 
31 One corroded tiny copper piece
32 Purse of d4 coppers
33 Scattered d6 coppers
34 Dice or knuckle bones for gaming
35 Tarnished silver piece
36 Buckle from some item of clothing
37 Bone or shell button
38 Piece of flint
39 Candles stubs
40 Pipe and smoking herbs
41 Carved tusk figurine of deity or cult hero
42 Terracotta figurine of animal
43 Shiny smooth worn pebble with strange colours
44 String of wooden beads
45 Evil holy symbol d4 1=bone 2=leather 3=wood 4=brass
46 Fist sized tooth
47 Tiny knife for child d3
48 Tiny bottle of grog
49 Copper medallion with strange symbol
50 Brass ring for ring or nose or ear or whatever
51 Cup made of adventurers skull
52 Candles made from fingers
53 Human ear necklace
54 Human helmet turned into chamber pot
55 Human femur flute
56 Shrunken head d4 1=dwarf 2=wizard 3=peasant 4=
57 Scalps with long braided hair in bundle
58 Human leather bag of teeth
59 Musical instrument made from mummified stretched elf head
60 Human ribs   made into knitting needles with ball of wool
61 Worn old boot
62 Filthy under garments
63 A hat d4 1=hunters 2=childs 3=womans 4=wizards
64 A lovely ribbon
65 Woolen sock
66 Old leather belt
67 Leg or arm wrappings
68 Creepy possibly cult mask
69 Moth eaten woolen vest
70 Mouldy old cloak
71 Crumbling old map
72 Crude sketch of dungeon section
73 Tattered old spellbook page used as hanky
74 Broken rune carved horn
75 Love letter stolen cos it smelled nice
76 Monsters pay slips
77 Cult chant practice sheet
78 Sadistic print stolen from torture manual
79 Erotic painting on fragment of rich grog pot
80 Broken chunk of rock with elder runes
81 Corpse d4 1=kobold 2=human 3 =local humanoid 4=demihuman
82 Manacles and key and whip
83 Thumbscrews and tongs
84 Fresh human skin in a sack 1in6 salted
85 Severed head d4 1=human 2=pig 3=dog 4=goat
86 Crushed mummified kobold under the mattress with surprised expression 
87 Jar of pickled eyeballs  
88 Mummified male genitals
89 Mummified monster fetus
90 A baby mimic which tries to flee or attack if cornered 
91 A devil stone in a bag influences viewers to crave it and kill to obtain it
92 Nightmarish evil idol of the old gods that gives bad dreams
93 Frozen cube of troll flesh, will start to grow when defrosted
94 A angry spirit haunts the bed and will use fear to drive away strangers
95 Rock with a permanent light spell
96 A weak herbal healing potion d4
97 A gremlin sneaks into searchers baggage to sabotage and torment them
98 Aggressive footlong baby purple worm hisses and stings if disturbed
99 A magical dungeon pie
100 A fragment of broken mirror that used to be gate to a demon world

A d100 monster nest for their owlbear pets might be needed

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  1. That is an extensive list , good Sir...
    ... we will have to come back and write that down ....
    (Random determination charts are the "Best"... for helping piece together a game ... or to further "flesh-out" an existing game....
    ... and we see that you are a fan of the original (Chaosium) Call of Cthulhu.... Cool...


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