Thursday, 17 September 2015

To do list top 100ish things

A list of projects - feel free to nominate stuff to do sooner or suggest more

Immediate things being written now
d100 wells
d100 caves
d100 crystal zone about half done looking gonzo
d100 bogans of the slumburbs for roadwar
d100 road conditions and barriers

To do list top 100ish things
d100 umbrellas
d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 Gruesome deaths for saints, heretics and heroes of old
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also
d100 catacomb and Gothic decor
d100 alluring strange headstones
d100 Madness table for failed WIS checks vs horror, tragedy or shock
d100 Secret Societies
d100 honest undead motivations
d100 madmen and their monsters
d100 Elemental/Demonic relics with corruption fx
d100 Law/chaos/elven/cthonic and other relics with corruption fx
d100 village life encounters
d100 humanoid loot
d100 shrines
d100 cults
d100 lairs
Alchemist Class
story/plot tables
finish some suburbs maps and tables of Shadelport
Write a campaign set on a bridge in shadelport

Maritime Setting:
(Shadelport is a Pirate city state after all)
the deep dark and undead chaos mermaids
sunken city dungeon zone
d100 Captains
d100 weird odd and nonhuman sailors
d100 sea undead
ship weird ships
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 weird sailors, weird captains, weird ships
d100 fishmen hybrids

Goblin mine zone ideas:
d100 goblinoid tribal factions for your goblin mine megadungeon
d100 whats in a hobgoblins war trunk
d100 whats in a bugbears backpack
d100 whats in a orcs satchel
d100 monster market

Redbrick Zone Book to finish:
who built and why - convert to d100
entrances change to locations and d100
get off my ass and get a proofing copy set up
d100 dungeon documents
common monsters
fix vermin table to real d100
mid and high level encounters
convert barrels and boxes to variable basic containers
1=Barrel 2=CCeramic Jar 3=Box 4-=Chest etc
false traps and secret doors - animal nests, repaired leaks, etc

Planet Psychon
d100 Petty bunker problems and gossip
d100 Utopian Arcology encounters
Citadel pubs for psychonian adventurers (psychon carousing?)
Elder Gods and pre human horror on psychon (or anywhere really)
Organizations and other creeds of psychon...
Heroes, warlords and wizards - champions
Pregens created for different genre piece adventures
ancient ruin generators for psychon
the twelve rays of Psychon

Dingo dungeons of gamma oz (psychon/gammaworld)
koala wagons - wasteland merchants with giant koalas
dingo dungeon - a big fat Aussie dungeon cobber
Possumclaw tower where possum wizards in troubles
Glory falls, behind waterfall is a hidden kingdom under the mountain
Emus and elves - elves ride emus in Sth and cassawaries in Nth
Bunyip Burrows - a dungein with wombats and bunyips
Gumboot gallows - a town that makes livin punishin folks for other towns
koala wagons for gamma oz setting
Magic puddings - nicest shoggoth you will ever meet

Post Crash ship exploration:
Robots part2 and mutant characters class
Spaceman characters class?
Post crash space hab modules 1 features industrial type
interior/superstructure ship sections
1 Engineering - power and engine sections
2 Ships boats, docking, drone rack, fighter bays
3 fabrication, factories
4 superstructure
5 gunnery, weapons and defense systems
6 exodus storage and supplies, terraforming
7 medical, suspended animation, dna vault, life support sections
8 crew quarters, mess, training, relaxation
9 Sensor/coms/electronics/computer section
10 Bridge and command sections
bio dungeon treasures
d100 alien space ruins

Early 20th C Science Fantasy:
(BRP Great Weird War, DECOPUNK and Planet Pulp)
d100 pulp villains
d100 pulp forces
d100 pulp mission targets
d100 Great Weird War tech table
D100 Terrible letter from home
d100 fortean phenomena - raining frogs and stuff
WW1 kit 30lb for major powers + other stuff like sappers headphones
Deco punk tech list
d100 pulp planets and places for decopunks
d100 Cabal recruits for the Zone
1 Pete Reagan a 7 foot tall Australian galoot who is a master with his machete and drinking beer, always jolly, very willing to torture if ordered and might suggest use
2 Major Charles Fort - American Preternatural Intelligence Agency - wants to send missions to Antarctica, north pole and mars to investigate mind control conspiracies.

d100 weird wasteland encounters
d100 sanctioned ops
d100 race teams
d100 gangcults
d100 CBD encounters
d100 slumburb bogans
d100 interzone scum encounters
d100 Wasteland Cyborgs
d100 Vehicles for sale
d100 Common Folk on Murder Highway
d100 drive fumbles
d100 monster drivers
new vehicles including interceptors, renegade, boats,copters
d100 bike gang freaks
d100 roads and terrain tables
d100 roadkill table
d100 professional criminals
d100 Race Events types, rules and prizes

long stairs Dungeon Stormers DnD vs Modern:
Lists of officers and personalities at three bases (about a third to half play time was in base).
rough maps of base and local zones
Print out equipment lists and info for players
Need to get my modern era skills sorted...
d100 Base missions - protect miners, bug hunt, whodunnit?
more stuff to do in bases and more tables on carousing
Possibly write up Modern version of infantryman as dnd fighter class
Might do as other way round game with players native monsters and acclimatized vs invading 21st c earth men invading death squads

Space Opera:
tech templates
space patrol in different eras

Maps n Stuff:
Castle Geomorphs - keep and wall and tower section
Manor Geomorphs - a few mansions for haunting and tragic nobility
Crypt and tomb - lots of small funeral structures
Ruin Geomorphs
Catacomb Geomorphs - create a maze of tunnels
Mausoleum Geomorphs - this will be basic one
Cathedral geomorphs
Fantasy citadel zone
Scan Sir Banister Fletchers architecture book will help all of this - best DnD book ever

will write a comprehensive review of 80s RPG from Melbourne RUS a Russian fantasy fairytale romance game and will include Super Squadron and Hunter Planet also - Australian gamers now dont remember most of these 80s Oz games - update RUS was possibly stolen - a flawed DnDd100 80 mashup but great cultural and magic and mythology - you could have a christian priest or a koldun wizard but never both.

More scanning and go through old 80s and 90s notes and maps and stuff stuff so I can destroy old paper piles and mine space for myself


  1. I love it when you post these lists! How are the books coming Chris? Do want/need any help with compiling or layout sir? I'd love to help out if I could!

  2. I do want to publish some stuff - editorial biggest hurdle really then time juggling part time job, business, health etc

    I can do layouts - i will have a crack over xmas holidays
    i also need to be able to get production happening
    im looking for permanent work so i dont have so many loose ends about

  3. Excellent sir! I can't wait to see it out there man!


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