Monday 7 September 2015

BRP Booster cards revised

I am writing up petty mutations, crystal dungeon zone ecology and d100 Bogans - but thought id play with this again.

I want something for my low manna BRP games, they use normal cards available anywhere and they can push story telling in game. If characters know they can escape they will let themselves be caught which almost never happens in RPG games but are common on TV.

Had players save a good hand to kill a villain alone (Nemesis, Champion, Martyr), get glory, get their sweet hearts (romance), not die in childbirth, scab a bit of extra loot and avoid death dramatically. I encourage cool and entertaining uses. Kinda opposite of my usual simulations grognard stuff.

Im hoping my roadwar game will benefit from more awesome stunts

Cards for GM are only for when party are doing too well not to hit them when they are down. If Villains bosses are worried then GM can invoke a card. I have not played too much with the GM version and am more flexible with their future. I had a earlier hand made deck influenced by TORG before all this so some card ideas still unused. Had others that let players swap cards with each other and other and other meta card effects I could develop but gets to micro-gamey. GM cards are meant to be obstacles, hazzards and trials.

Every one gets three cards
You can spend any or all cards in your posetion in a game
You get one new card per session
If you have three cards you can swap the new session card with ones in your hand
If GM has a deck they draw last after players
GM might award a bonus card above the standard three but once spent stuck with basic three cards
Keep track of cards in play usually use one deck

Doh! King in lower case on tables

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