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d100 Cops and law officers for Roadwar

So Im distracted from my d100 crystal monuments and back onto stuff i can use in game like this.

d10 Quick Cops and Law officers
1 Vigilantes are armed locals often self appointed to keep outsiders away. Tend to be distinctive individuals or a gang rather than a trained force, they may not have local approval. Many are corrupt and abuse their power, possibly molesting travellers for kicks.
2 Militia are civil defence associations from rural towns under threat from gangs. They are raised by a leader or authoritative body and make some effort to train and equip them and provide uniforms or at least hats. Some militia come to take power over their communities if civil leaders fail.
3 Country sheriff are appointed by courts or mayor or town vote in areas not covered by fed or state or city governments. Sherrifs vary in ability and quality of equiptment. Some are dangerous trailer trash given authority others are heroic lone gunmen.
4 State highway patrol with pursuit and anti gang units are state government force to control roadways and at least maintain the major highways are operational. They may make other operations or missions and are  probably the coolest looking lawmen. Even if the vetrans are a bit funny.
5 Urban PD from city state capitol or large town policed unit, probably on a mission for their city state as mostly they seldom leave the city policed zone. Sydney cars are coolest and fastest. Melbourne's have biggest guns. Brisbane send mutants or cyborg cops on outside missions.
6 Riot squad with vehicles and heavily armoured police with non lethal arms. Will block roads with barriers and car traps, deploy shields and are heavily armoured enough to ignore enemy fire then capture enemies alive. Mostly from large towns or cities especially industrial or slum areas. Most frequently deploy dogs and horses. They may use experimental riot weapons.
7 Police STAR force (Special Tasks and Rescue) with snipers, heavy weapons, special forces and rescue operations. Trained in wide range of paramilitary situations including rappelling from copters and mountain climbing. Have equipment for rescues especially removing motorists from crashed cars.
8 Corporate Security and Mercenaries for private policed zones are private law areas licensed to act as police on company property or by contracted clients of companies. Well equipped with special forces and air support. Will put government over locals or government forces. May be corrupt but dificult to prosecute. Some have been outright criminal.
9 Military various branches and ability from reserves to front line cyborg vets. Military doesn't want to kill you but if you are in the wrong place they wont care when they kill you. Military deal with big problems like bioplagues, disasters, undead, mutant animals and occasionally are called on to cleanse gangs on a section of road. The politicians who direct them worry more about accidentally helping terrorists than accidentally killing a few innocents.
10 Government Agents from various agencies including MIB. Many plainclothes departments have agents but some are especially mysterious. Tax, finance, postal dept, are common but intelligence agents looking for terrorism or threats to national security. Some from experimental operations command seek strange stuff like cults and saucers. Most are plainclothes with suits and unmarked cars with concealed weapons. Some prefer black cars and suits. Teams mostly surveillance but might question travelers. They generally are equipped as special forces when not concealed in plain clothes but prefer to call in other agencies for prolonged combat or actions.

d100 Cops and law officers
01 Local vigilante possible ex death racer vet defends area, car and suit are flamboyant colours
02 Holy agents like vatican monks, priests or nuns out to destroy evil, well armed vehicles
03 Hooded vigilante cult in triucks lynch, burn, hang or tar & feather any who meddle in locals affairs
04 A battered ex cop in a dented interceptor leads local armed vigilante posse
05 Locals operate ultralight aircraft with other light and off-road vehicles
06 Local farmers use hay bails for road blocks and use off-road and farm trucks
07 Church defense club train after prayer and take turns keeping away filthy deviants
08 Boy and girl scouts with buggies, bikes and scooter scouts use dirty tricks to hit and run
09 Local Bubba rules area and hillbilly redneck gang inspect and harass interlopers
10 Local have guardians who dress in local law uniforms and who occasional kidnap sacrifices
11 Militia well trained in bunker, wear riot armour, weapons and a heavy vehicle to lead force
12 Bearded old hillbillies with retro hotrods and bikes protect their kin and women folk
13 Warlord has locals drafted into militia in rag tag mix of vehicles and weapons
14 Good old boy's like drinking and watching roads for strangers to harass for toll fees
15 Judge created militia after sheriff dept wiped out, well armed with special forces hardware
16 Part of a regional militia league with dated but effective old police hardware
17 Local militia with retro town police uniforms, cars, vans and riot equipment from 60s
18 Local benevolent despot uses militia to enforce his desires, arbitrary but organised
19 Business has funded a well armed local defense league possibly for corrupt purposes
20 Grey Legion of senior citizens enforce the laws of their youths and whims on any rude outsiders
21 Lone vetran sheriff in cruiser appointed by courts possibly will deputies a mob if needed
22 Sheriff appointed with deputy and a few helpers with a pair of cruisers and a jailhouse/office
23 Multiple elected sheriffs and deputies with cruisers and sizable station, corrupt and incompetent
24 Elected sheriff who rules area with iron fist and dim witted deputies who like car chases
25 Large sheriff dept appointed by council with several off road vehicles to cover wilderness
26 Lone wolf sheriff with pet dingo or feral kid, has uncanny driving and fighting skills
27 Large sheriff dept with cruisers, off road jeeps and light aircraft, orderly and careful
28 Strange sheriff with mutant deputies in battered off road jeeps, bikes and buggies
29 Creepy dept with special deputies d4 1=cyborgs 2=clones 3=replicants 4=undead
30 Huge sheriff dept run by town with APC or light tank, drones and armoured cruisers
31 Highway patrol with pursuit vehicles targeting road violations and hunting fugitives
32 Motorcycle squad handling road crime and biker gangs with cool sunglasses and leather
33 Highway patrol with cruisers and customs agents seeking illegal cargoes and goods
34 Highway patrol of all black interceptors seeking to eliminate gangs on the roads
35 Highway pursuit car investigating drugs or firearms crime, keen for punks to bust
36 Patrol squad in interceptors need a bust urgently looking for trouble
37 Highway patrol elite with high tech interceptors and extra spiffy uniforms looking for evil to smite
38 Highway patrol squad with bikes, cruisers and interceptors sweeping common highways of scum
39 Highway patrol accompanied by light plane, helicopter or drone as an observer and air support
40 Highway patrol biker squad living it rough and looking increasingly like the gangs they hunt
41 Squadron of city police cruisers escorting a armoured car to special location
42 Several city cruisers with possible van on a mission seeking something or someone in wasteland
43 City PD Interceptors on high speed intercept mission
44 Urban PD of bikes scouting for squad of cruisers sweeping wasteland for fugitives
45 Large town policed cruisers searching for missing persons and wary of wasteland scum
46 Lone rogue cop from state capitol with no reason to live is patrolling wasteland to destroy scum
48 Advanced gentech interceptor driven by elite cop with AI, on a urgent mission in wasteland
49 City PD detectives in plain clothes unmarked cars mostly on undercover and investigations
50 City mobile command center truck with fleet of cars, bikes and copter declare martial law in area
51 Riot squad with armored cars and heavily armored police with non lethal arms
52 Riot squad with APC and armoured cars will disable hostile cars and capture
53 Riot squad armoured cars guarding special variant with sonic or microwave weapons
54 Riot squad with mobile command centre, cruisers, armoured cars and a copter
55 Riot squad conducting searches for customs with large numbers of dogs
56 Riot squad guarding or transporting prison work gang wary of escape attempts or rescues
57 Riot squat with command centre, armoured cars, lots of men and several horses
58 Riot squad on kill mission with armoured cars and lethal ammo
59 Riot squad vans on a kidnapping spree for secret purpose of home city
60 Riot squad with mined roadblocks d4 1=trade blockade 2=drug dogs 3=ID check 4=alcohol test
61 Police STAR force with snipers, heavy weapons and vehicles
71 Security team with jeeps, SMGs, and a van racing about after someone
72 Security squad with pursuit buggies and a command hummer which coordinates patrols      
73 Security helicopter coordinating jeeps hunting someone
74 Security vectored thrust stealth assault flyer strafes intruders then returns to fuel base
75 Security hovercraft (or GEV) with long range rockets and a machinegun uses terrain for advantage
76 Security patrol van with crew of dopey guys looking for intruders
77 Security sniper team in hidden positions ready to destroy light vehichles
78 Mercenary corp with armoured cars driving in line looking for a tardet to destroy
79 Mercenary corp light infantry with support jeeps searching area for something hidden
80  Mercenary corp squad with heavy weapons and can call in copter support or transport
81, Army reserve squad with sandbags, jeeps and  d4 1=MG nest 2=mortar 3=flamer 4=RPG
82 Army special squad dug in near road d4 1=MG nest 2=mortar 3=sniper 4=RPG
83 Army in ABC suits with military hospital truck and vans looking for contaminated victims
84 Army truck and a squad with sandbags and a machine-gun nest, mostly green troops
85 Army blockade with truck, with a armoured car or APC or tank plus a squad with sandbags
86 Army apache helicopter on mission to eliminate undesirables on certain roads
87 Army frontline kill-team of cyborgs fresh from zone, now in armed hummers and highly unstable
88 Airforce hypersonic or ground attack fighter flies over area to destroy contaminated fugitives
89 Airforce orbital laser or kinetic kill satellite has a a few bugs
90 Airforce Drone observes area will fire missiles or 20mm autocannon at suspicious armed targets
91 Agents of tax/post/tax/customs department investigating disappearance of goods
92 Security agents of ASIO or ASSUS investigating national threats mostly ignore local problems
93 Elite agent in gentech interceptor with very advanced new tech seeking enemy agent
94 Foreign agents documenting wasteland phenomena, corporate strongholds and military bases
95 Military intelligence looking for causes or warning of zombie and mutant outbreaks in wasteland
96 National Crime Authority agents monitoring gangs and earmarking them for destruction
97 Secret society agents with psionic powers seeking threats to earth or corrupted by hostile beings
98 APIS agents investigating paranormal phenomena or hunting cultists or occult relics
99 Mutant control officers visiting mutant camps for DNA register and eliminate dangerous specimens
100 MIB seeking crashed saucer or escaped alien, agents have bio mods and advanced weapons

Clarify my fiction bit ive used for decades not real unlike everything above
APIS = Australian Paranormal Intelligence Service often reluctantly attatched to Commonwealth Experimental Expeditionary Forces (1916) which grew to became official Experimental Operations Command (1937) or commonly known as EXCOM

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