Thursday 18 September 2014

Road War Journal: Deathrace Part 2

So the team confronting a police roadblock simply took an alternate route.
Two more advanced cars had beaten them already. The japanese advanced racer with the huge rocket tube came in first with a few kills. The tailing car had racked up best score by hanging back and targeting schools and oldfolks homes.

So when team almost near goldcoast were surprised by aproach of a school bus (a new toy model). It was being driven by 11 death race fan gang members and 20 hostage teens were on board.

The team managed to destroy the bus tires and wheels from a distance and it had begun spinning out of control. The mutie racer with ram plates hit it in front as it spun and thr bus flipped though the air tumbling 360 degrees and landing on what was left of its wheels while the ninja biker girl of course drove under the flying bus. Everyone else sent of road to avoid the flying death machine.

When bus crashed many of the team kept racing but Karumi on her bike rode up to the now open bus door and emptied her silent machine pistol killing the leader and making his seconds take cover. She drew her vibro monoblade katana and began scything through the mostly stunned gang. The mutie had done a 180 degree turn and eventually got enough forward momentum to pull up and fire his battered sawn off. One shell jammed damned his wasteland grimed car and so he ran inside to see if he could punch any before Karumi killed them all. The Sheriff pulled up and aimed his magnum finishing a few off and within seconds the gang were all dead. They were angry death race fans. The same police convoy from before arrived actually they had been called away from roadblock to rescue the school bus so after they came across most of team performing first aid on injured kids. So after kids safe cops escorted them to the outskirts of the Goldcoast. They crossed finishing line after.

So one of the new team members (a cyborg in a green muscle car) had got third place for speed but low pedestrian kills to not rate (got a few thousand cash bonus). Mutie got third highest score in race for most kills including an accidental old person when trying to save old folks home. The Sherrif was barred for life from death racking and got booed by fans who would hate him forever for ruining the race by destroying most of the contestants.

The cyborgs had dropped out of the race to loot ruined vehicles and filled a semitrailer a truck and a van with parts to sell. Mutie and the the.

As they team caught up and celebrated a Gentech exec arrived to offer them all race expenses (ammo and repairs) and pay them well if they spied on a compound of the Brethren of Joseph in the northern territory. The team accepted and continued to party and spent next few days prepping and shopping.
So on the road with a few old team mates including a thief biker girls and a trucker who had been absent a while. Across the mountains the team drove by night. Mostly quiet but did see some inhabited ruins. A bunch of weird bushes and corpses on the road ahead someone identified as triffids so everyone went off road to avoid. Some farms had been left untended during the plagues of the early 90s and many were wild but the government kept it quiet.

Saw a ruin with a crowd of homeless and decided to visit. Starving homeless farmers told how a gang had driven them away so party thought would check it out. Spied on camp and saw only a few gang vehicles a folding razor wire fence and a mine field. Also saw gang members were bandaged and many coughing up blood. Records showed the gang were known as plague carriers. All thoughts of fighting them stopped and the party returned to farmers camp. Gave them some food and supplies. While gathering plant matter for trucks biofuel plant a mutant killer koala or drop bear leaped at the the truck driver but Sheriff and others shot it. Trucker threw bloody mess into the biofuel plant and kept on working.

Reached the desert and mostly empty but did see in distance a fortress by the road. Spied on with scouts and saw had flag indicating a militia group. Contacted them by radio and found they required doctors. While in compound after a tense entry the thief girl robbed the leaders  stash of gold. Went on their way with offer of welcome return. Most had no idea of theft.

Finally over the border into the Northern Territory and ahead saw convoy of all blue christian militia. A truck, several 4x4 offroaders, a pursuit muclecar and some bikes. At thought they thought their mission was involved but realised the religious gang were own brand of crazy who disliked Josephites. Radioed the team and the militia demanded the party needed to be inspected for muties, cultists, cyborgs and perverts if they wanted to pass. While team was willing to try and bullshit the new cybork kid in his green musclecar floored it and opened fire. Several party members fired rockets and grenaides including a white phosphorous round.

Most of the bikes were down and got rammed of the road. One biker went through the musclecar window and the driver got a few scratches from chunks of bone and high velocity gristle. Most of the ammo spent on the militia truck did very little. Wheels made better targets. As themusclecar pushed through the militia he dropped caltrops and smoke and forced cars off road. Mutie sis swiped truck and a pasenger fell out into his back rollcage but fell off seconds later when he rammed another car. As both car groups passed only the blue truck battered made it through. Another car on fire, another had crew killed by lucky burst. The new kids musclecar had a corner and machinegun destroyed.

Next time the spy mission begins....

I have become a car collecting addict. Have over a hundred now. 25% donations rest i have been stalking at sales. I just got lots of vans and light trucks and off road buggies. Have built some basic roads that interlock from foamcore and painted them grey for now. A few stencils will finish them off. Have paper templates for curves so will make them next - need buildings to use for marvel also, but scale not important as much in that game.

When my car rules complete will start posting car designs based on matchbox and hotwheels cars. Hotwheels more cool, matchbox more techie. Some hotwheels are weird scifi monster vehicles. I might wait a season before i get more. Apparently hottest toy in indonesia and i can tell they are selling well. Cheap knock offs don't have originality. Have a predator drone and a harrier might get a  A-10. These aircraft should scare party shitless. Some of vehicles slightly too good - I goofed on the trucks early on with stats. I need to rethink armour and effects on vehicles too.

The club has moved out of my building. My dnd game is in crisis again despite fun ive had but i need at least 3 regulars. With a bit less gaming im going to have more time write, more room to paint (i sold $500 other day) and i might get back into stand up as someone offered to coach me. Might get new players in new venue or get a new day sorted so i hope i can get my dnd game afloat again. My taste is a bit too obscure. Club has three levels and i hope to see next few days.

More road murder stuff soon.

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