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Carousing pt7 Dungeon Dwelling

So part 6 is my old shore leave table here:

Am going to fix old item fx corruption tables - might do a blog with all together

Why would you downtime in a dungeon?

You are evil
You are a monster
You go solo exploring
You are a prisoner
You seek something lost
You are just scouting
Your so poor you get a job
You find other carousing boring
You need to know your enemy
You try infiltration to learn about dungeon lore

You might start as a prisoner but end up in with the monsters if several rolls made

d10 Dungeon dwelling life style - for monsters, prisoners or curious - quick version 
1 Prisoner - you somehow have been locked up (i guess you somehow escaped)
2 Hard labour - you start at the bottom with dirty jobs
3 Specialty labour - you work in a dungeon factory making goods
4 Trap Duty - you clean, maintain, set and build traps
5 Monster carer - you care for a monster lair
6 Guard Duty - protecting the dungeon or just wandering about
7 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a level or dungeon or faction boss
8 Magical Assistant - serve a dungeon shaman or other magic wielder
9 Magical Event - witness or discover bizarre dungeon magic
10 Monster party - attend a dungeon festival

d100 Dungeon dwelling life style - for monsters, prisoners or curious
01 Prisoner - you somehow have been locked up and kept in a stinking cell with regular beatings
02 Prisoner - you are kept locked up with other inmates who shank you but a dungeon healer saved you
03 Prisoner - you are manacled to a wall and passing monsters abuse you
04 Prisoner - you are horribly tortured by cruel sadists and left with scars and nightmares
05 Prisoner - you managed to get preferential treatment with your skills and made d6x10gp profit
06 Prisoner - prison keepers treated you as a favorite pet and other prisoners hated you
07 Prisoner - spent your time cross dressing to help you survive and get along
08 Prisoner - developed a drug habit now dependent on d4 1=booze 2=opium 3=black lotus 4=devil weed
09 Prisoner - became a gang leader and drug dealer you made d4x100gp and a stash of d12 drug doses
10 Prisoner - made friend d4 1=humanoid murderer 2=bandit 3=thief 4=prison lover roll random gender
11 Hard labour - nightsoil crew who clean latrines, collect monster dung and process sewerage
12 Hard labour - mining new areas with inferior tools with dangerous work practices
13 Hard labour - brick laying and paving new dungeon areas and moving back breaking loads
14 Hard labour - pack bearer transporting loads around dungeon for inhabitants 
15 Hard labour - runner transporting messages and small loads around dungeon fast
16 Hard labour - kitchen servant turning spits, filling cauldrons, hacking up meat and carrying food
17 Hard labour - mushroom farmer making compost and harvesting fungi, get terrible foot fungus
18 Hard labour - rat catcher trapping, skinning and supplying kitchens with rats normal and giant
19 Hard labour - orderly collecting wounded and taking to medical treatment, well treated 
20 Hard labour - cleaner scraping up muck and grime, mopping bloody floors, collecting monster vomit
21 Specialty labour - assisting blacksmiths making crude weapons, pumping bellows, hammering
22 Specialty labour - sweatshop leather worker making crude armour, tanning and curing hide
23 Specialty labour - dungeon medic assisting with treating sick and wounded creatures with healers
24 Specialty labour - wanders about refreshing lamp oil, candles, torches, firewood  & chimney sweeping
25 Specialty labour - cook hand working on monster recipes and preparing boss monster favorite dishes
26 Specialty labour - carpenter making doors, furniture, barrels and crates or just making planks
27 Specialty labour - butcher assistant slaughtering, skinning, chopping meat and transporting
28 Specialty labour - food preserver pickling, salting, preparing vinegar and drying meat and mushrooms
29 Specialty labour - brewer producing beer and wine and spirits from often horrible ingrediants
30 Specialty labour- lumberer who travels outside to collect wood for building and fires, cut down trees
31 Trap Duty - scraper who gets to collect bodies from traps and cleans them, free dungeon snacks
32 Trap Duty - sweatshop worker making traps from plans and kits for others to install
33 Trap Duty - trap tester you get to sample traps which is very dangerous
34 Trap Duty - trap baiter who sets appealing bait for traps, considered most creative job
35 Trap Duty - trap design work in trap lab, copying blueprints, sharpening quills, dreaming up traps
36 Trap Duty - trap installer sets up traps in locations around dungeon
37 Trap Duty - trap inspector checking if traps set, in working order and reporting to managers
38 Trap Duty - alarm monitor checks gongs, bells, rattles and other alarms working
39 Trap Duty - spyhole monitor in confined space to manually activate alarms and traps
40 Trap Duty - secret door instilation team build and maintain secret doors, often executed for secrecy
41 Monster carer - you clean monster lairs while they go wandering or sleeping
42 Monster carer - you collect monster dung and collected d100gp in valuable scraps
43 Monster carer - you care for baby monsters when at adorable and helpless stage
44 Monster carer - you get to know and train a single monster and could possibly recruit a a follower
45 Monster carer - you get to know one species very well and can predict their behavior
46 Monster carer - you get to bathe monsters which is very dangerous and stinky
47 Monster carer - you get to help breed monsters and understand reproduction well of one type
48 Monster carer - you are familiar with assisting monster trainers of one specific type
49 Monster carer - you worked with hunters catching one type of monster and learn their habits
50 Monster carer -you managed to escape with a baby monster in a sack
51 Guard Duty - you are assigned as a wandering monster aimlessly walking about looking for trouble
52 Guard Duty - you are a doorman protecting a single door from intruders
53 Guard Duty - you spent time on alert in a guard post with other creatures
54 Guard Duty - you spent time drunk and bullying lesser creatures with your squad
55 Guard Duty - you got to guard monster treasure and pilfered 1d4x100gp
56 Guard Duty - guard women and children who treated you well but other guards laughed at you
57 Guard Duty - harem guard made into a eunuch if male by jealous boss monster
58 Guard Duty - you got to join raiders of outside world looting and kidnapping
59 Guard Duty - you got to work with guard and riding beasts
60 Guard Duty - you got to gamble d4 1=lost 3d6gp 2=lost d100gp 3=gain 3d6gp 4=gain d100gp
61 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a faction boss learning lots about day to day activities
62 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of a level boss learning lots about day to day activities
63 Boss Crew - get to work with retinue of dungeon boss learning lots about day to day activities
64 Boss Crew - got to be guard of a sub chief on raids and interfaction battles
65 Boss Crew - got guard secret entrances and bosses escape routes
66 Boss Crew - got to be hooded executioner decapitating bosses enemies and punishing failures
67 Boss Crew - got to be hooded torturer of naughty dungeon staff using whips and torture
68 Boss Crew - got to be a spy for dungeon boss informing of rival faction activities
69 Boss Crew - got to betray boss in coup and rewarded by new leader with d6x100 for efort
70 Boss Crew - got to maintain your own staff, can recruit permanent followers from them if able
71 Magical Assistant - serve a dungeon shaman dealing with ancestors, spirits and healing
72 Magical Assistant - served a mad wizard and his crazy experiments, stole a mystery potion
73 Magical Assistant - served a evil high priest as a zombie foreman
74 Magical Assistant - served a evil high priest with rituals and preparing sacrifices
75 Magical Assistant - served a sorcerer preparing and obtaining their drugs and other comforts 
76 Magical Assistant - served as a test subject for mushrooms and potions, hair turned abnormal colour
77 Magical Assistant - served setting up magical traps and other features of the dungeon
78 Magical Assistant - served looking after records of master and stole a scroll
79 Magical Assistant - served as a personal servant and managed to pilfer a petty magic item
80 Magical Assistant -turned into a monster and lived with them a while before being restored
81 Magical Event - witnessed communion with d4 1=wizard 2=sorcerer 3=priest 4=evil noble
82 Magical Event - witnessed communion with d4 1=god 2=demon 3=devil 4=old one
83 Magical Event - witnessed monsters praising messiah monster child with great destiny and powers
84 Magical Event - saw monster faction gate in reinforcements from somewhere else
85 Magical Event - saw strange faction magical sex rites nobody will believe, scholars will interested
86 Magical Event - gathering of monster magicians create d4 1=orcs 2=undead 3=golem 4=lycanthrope
87 Magical Event - saw faction magician manifest outer planar being to commune with comunity
88 Magical Event - lost in a magical maze for d6 days, came out starving
89 Magical Event - found a healing spring and found a magic healing brew
90 Magical Event - found a magical fountain and obtained a random magic potion
91 Monster party - attend a dungeon festival with wicker dragons and demons, get incredibly high
92 Monster party - at a party for noble monster coming of age ceremony, you are nominated a godparent
93 Monster party - wedding d4 1=caught bouquet 2=drunk 3=offended everybody 4=regrettable sex
94 Monster party - chosen to represent faction in brawl won several fights won d4x100gp from betting
95 Monster party - made lots of friends, chance will meet other guests over next few months
96 Monster party - holy blood feast made member of monster tribe or faction by priests and leaders
97 Monster party - gifted with a quality weapon by boss monster at gift giving ceremony
98 Monster party - monsters got you to chase naughty children at family festival to set them right
99 Monster party - monsters got you to play human in sacred cult drama, escaped when realized ending
100 Monster party -make you festival king and offered sex by ots of monsters, 1d6x100gp in gifts

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