Wednesday 3 September 2014

Deathrace part one

So the team made the death race. Well sort of.

Sheriff, the sniper and the cyber psycho vet and mutie did and upgraded their vehicles. Sheriff got a rocket launcher and caltrop dropper. Cyber psycho vet got two rocket launchers in front and two in back to go with his forward .50 cal mg and laser turret. Also fitted rocket boosters. Sniper went with sheriff as navigator. Mutie was happy to keep ramming with his contaminated renegade buggy. Sheriff saw score system rewarding civilian kills and decided o win by eliminating other racers instead. Cybervet didn't really mind but his therapist working on getting brain chipped in porn as therapy for his homicidal sex mad rages. His therapist came along as navigator.

So race began in Coopernook and intended to be a five hour trek to Gold coast. Was as rules insist peaceful first few hundred meters. Eight other racers.One Japanese car put on rocket boosters and zoomed off. Managed to stay ahead most of race. A bit of bumping went on as cars split into different speed classes. Big retro green luxury hung at back.  The first car to get out of control dropped back and the green cat skillfully did a 180 handbrake trn and opened fire destroying first contestant. Others impressed. Road split from old highway to new and racers divided. Caltrops deployed by sheriff shredded some tires. Other jap car zoomed into second place out of sight. Mid weights began bumping and shooting. Those on main road in forest ambushed by militia killing two lead cars. Heroes fired through gaps in wreck and damaged several militia off road cars. Sniper was tossing explosives out window and firing rifle bursts. Several militia destroyed and only one escaped.

From behind old team mate the Gun lovin Nun, secret Vatican agent in her Alpha Romeo came to hunt and kill amoral death racers. When half racers pulled through near by town to shoot up a school Sheriff dropped mines in town main street damaging several contestants. Alpha waited and opened fire on several as ran over mines. Big green saw this and pulled down side road going for cafe in town. Nun pursued and killed it with superior turning power. She damaged green car car steering and damaged fuel tank and it didn't last much longer. Others rammed through a pair of sandbagged militia at a bridge killing them all.

Some went into larger town to attack old folks home. Was a good chance to get second lead purple car lasering up home setting it alight. Ran down some oldies escaping and mutie and sheriff trapped and killed the high tech purple racer. Trucker went crazy and ran down some more oldies before snapping out of rage. Purple car used ejector seat and sheriff followed and ran driver down. In the battle the laser damaged muties detachable ram plates. Dropped the rear one and front one badly melted.

Another sandbagged bridge and nun killed another lagging racer. One racer managed to hang back, avoiding others and hit old folk and ambulance crew racking up a top score. Nun went hunting but didn't find. Fans on TV unhappy at mutie and sheriff team work and lack of killing pedestrians.

Another bridge with militia ran down and into forest when horde of renegades attacked seeking glory of killing racers. A few hits and more damaged tires both sides but two renegade buggies spun out of control throwing off passengers the mutie ran down. One anger jumped in mutie car and tried to throttle him but the ogrish mutie pulled off chain around neck and threw guy in front of car. Another car lost steering and went into woods. Two buggies escaped. Nun killed one and let one go.

Nun on her racer killing spree made truce with party. Went through another town stirring up trouble and finished lst competitors. Only non team racers left now were one Jap rocket car keeping ahead and other purple sports car hanging back. Turns out stopping for new tires saved her from nun and team so she stayed back. Another team mate caught up with race in his van and was stripping wrecks rather than playing.

Finally travelled a good distance without trouble when saw in distance a line of five sheriff cars. Race team sheriff tried to convince them he was working on stopping race from inside but these lawmen didn't believe him. So they got closer guns ready...

14 cars destroyed and death race ruined - one white interceptor so far in lead able to slaughter pedestrians with impunity. Rear purple car has best kill score.

Glad to see party be moral sorta.

Next game will finish and get up to some more mystery for a while.

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