Sunday 14 September 2014

Carousing pt3 Sholarly persuits

This is mostly for arcane spell casters but anyone studying or researching could apply. Not as much fun for most to hit books in spare time but for magician is worth it.

I have always thought term spell caster ugly and meta gamey so I use term magician to cover any type of spell caster you like but here mostly about arcane casters such as wizards and sorcerers.

d10 Study, research and experimentation in the University district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among arcane establishment
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Experiment - make a lucky or unlucky blunder
4 Discovery - find interesting knowledge or clues
5 Secrets - forbidden or forgotten lore uncovered
6 Rivalry - a rival scholar tries to bother you and your work
7 Publishing - academic peer review of your work
8 Student - project have a learning opportunity
9 Opportunity - some lucky find or deal
10 School break - get to let down your beard to fraternise. A sorcerer might roll on priest version or this.

d100 Study, research and experimentation in the University district
01 Meet a magician who offers to swap spells from books or magic item
02 Meet a magician who teaches you familiar training +1hp
03 Meet a magician who gives you a dungeon map where he lost an item years ago
04 Meet a magician who gives you formula to create an item or potion
05 Meet a magician who when young slaved at a terrible artifact under a evil master
06 Meet a magician who once lived in long forgotten d4 1=dungeon 2=tower 3=castle 4=house
07 Meet a magician who wishes to be patron or sponsor of adventurers in return for books and scrolls
08 Meet a magician who offers you forbidden and blasphemous lore
09 Meet a magician who shows you his lab and experimental breeding program
10 Meet a magician who offers to train you in the future
11 Invitation to join secret order of magicians with strange schemes and conspiracies
12 Invitation to join secret order of magicians in contact with other planar beings
13 Invitation to help project to reactivate elder artifact for a share of ultimate power
14 Invitation to meet undead elder magicians in secret lair to learn of their great plan
15 Invitation to participate in orgiastic drug cult of a sorcerer in secret pleasure dome
16 Invitation to meeting of magicians guild to discuss trivium of city affairs
17 Invitation to lecture at the university of magic paid 100gp for guest speech
18 Invitation to teach rich youths basics lore and beginners first cantrips 100gp a month
19 Invitation to perform your "tricks" in front of nobles, if pleased may reward you
20 Invitation to from romantic admirer, a noble magic groupie who will cause trouble if spurned
21 Experiment with spell goes wrong but hints at interesting variant
22 Experiment with cheap scroll fragments and mushrooms, get to learn or swap a new spell
23 Experiment with brewing potions learn a new formula
24 Experiment and gain a cosmetic mutation with disastrous brew
25 Experiment but accidentally destroy expensive lab equipment, if not yours was on loan
26 Experiment temporarily changes your d4 1=race 2=gender 3=species 4=skin colour
27 Experiment with other planar symbols and summon a being that spares you for one favour
28 Experiment with fumigation of herbs to gain esoteric visions, develop minor drug habit
29 Experiment with magic trash of superior magician manage to create a potion with side effects
30 Experiment with obscure rituals, formula and animals create a monster egg
31 Discovery of information about a lost spell book in a d4 1=dungeon 2=cave 3=ruin 4=old house
32 Discovery of from a recycling old scrolls and find invisible text with odd lore or map fragment
33 Discovery of a map leading to a hidden settlement of non humans in the wilderness
34 Discovery of incredibly tasty sauce recipe using monster as ingredient
35 Discovery of exotic drug formula using monster as ingredient
36 Discovery of map location of other worldly gate and formula to open beneath a dungeon
37 Discovery of location of long lost ruins during research fabled resting place of lost magic items
38 Discovery of  old wizards journal describing many strange lands beyond civilisation
39 Discovery of  book illustrated with erotic summoning rituals worth 2d6x100gp to collector
40 Discovery of map of ruins of d4 1=necromancer 2=elder races 3=reptile folk 4=evil cult
41 Secret uncovered journal fragment hinting at scandal of ruling clan from long ago
42 Secret uncovered of true name of a outer planar or elemental being in a old text
43 Secret uncovered volume of blasphemous lore hidden for aeons for good of mankind
44 Secret uncovered about community secretly a cult of hybrid monsters
45 Secret uncovered about foreign agents seeking to steal local magic secrets
46 Secret uncovered scandal of magic school teacher or staff misconduct
47 Secret uncovered of location of secret outlaw magic school or possibly the secret black lodge
48 Secret uncovered old wizards sordid deeds, blackmail a petty magic trinket from him
49 Secret uncovered of lost gateway to faerie land and ritual to open it
50 Secret uncovered of dawn age magic and possible location of relics of when gods walked
51 A rival magician of your school challenges you to a spell off to see who is  greatest
52 A rival magician of your school hates you and constantly plots to shame and humiliate you
53 A rival magician interested in same potential lover tries dirty tricks and lies
54 A rival magician of your school is a honourable foe, competition brings you both glory and fame
55 A rival magician  tries to steal your spell book or drug stash with magic and mortal means
56 A rival magician recruits a party to beat you to dungeon treasure and will use dirty tricks
57 A rival magician challenges you to a familiar fight in a magic gymnasium to earn badges
58 A rival magician planted a cursed object in your possession ass a trick
59 A rival magician runs a smear campaign about you with gossip, pamphlets and slanderous artwork
60 A rival magician tries to seduce and steal your lover with magic disguises, charms and tricks
61 Publishing a paper at university gets you noticed by peers and scholars
62 Publishing a volume on dungeon exploration gets you apprentice wannabees follow you
63 Publishing a essay gets you a lecturing gig at various magician guilds 1d6x10 a month
64 Publishing about your amazing adventures gets you mocked and slandered by public
65 Publishing theories gets you laughed out of respectable academia but praised by lunatic fringe
66 Publishing your adventures is misunderstood as satirical comedy inspiring comedy musical plays
67 Publishing your adventures inspires copy cat juveniles who copy your antics and go to dooms
68 Publishing your work angers you enemies who driven to jealousy try and kill you
69 Publishing your papers gets you bequeathed money by a secret admirer d6x100gp
70 Publishing your journals earns you a literary award and book deal worth d6x100gp
71 Student project manage some kobolds in a dungeon for a week and filed a report on experience
72 Student project manage a work gang of zombies in sweatshop for extra credit with teachers
73 Student project manage watch a bound demon trapped in circle, protect from stray animals entering
74 Student project assist master while he negotiates with elemental lords through planar gateway
75 Student project transcribe scrolls and spells for master and pilfer one scroll for yourself in process
76 Student project teacher gets you to recharge wands and writes you a good reference
77 Student project manage alchemy lab and keep gremlins out or experiment will explode
78 Student project manage tests for potential new students and grade exams and aptitude tests
79 Student project work in library for credit and get to peek at forbidden books learning about a evil cult
80 Student project tending dangerous monsters and plants in menagerie cleaning out cages
81 Opportunity to blackmail teacher for d4 1=sexual misconduct 2=fraud 3=cultist 4=treason 1d6x100gp
82 Opportunity to loot a dead wizards estate d4 1=strange book 2=scroll 3=familiar 4=potion
83 Opportunity to steal a dungeon blueprint from planning office a teacher was consulting on
84 Opportunity to return item stolen from elves in return for friendship and or sex
85 Opportunity to eat some magic food d4 1=+1hp 2=-1year age 3=aroused 24hours 4=grow huge beard
86 Opportunity to talk to master about dirty tricks with your spells you had never considered
87 Opportunity to be intern to magician get to check out all their cool stuff and tower
88 Opportunity to get job as adviser to noble d4x100 per month wage, sacked if unavailable
89 Opportunity to assist great sage, get a foot in door of selling knowledge to fools racket
90 Opportunity to find masters sex secret d4 1=party golem 2=succubi 3=sexy imp 4=tentacle beast
91 School break but get into brawl with d4 1=barbarians 2=farmers 3=gang 4=priests
92 School break got drunk and misplaced something like a spellbook pay d4x100 to get returned
93 School break got into sexy times with d4 1=fellow student 2=teacher 3=janitor 4=someones familiar
94 School break road trip hunted by d4 1=yokel lynch mob  2=rednecks 3=orcs 4=kidnappers
95 School break and fellow students experiment with attractive but dangerous monsters in captivity
96 School break while partying supernatural horror killed peers one by one stalking you now
97 School break got into brawl with fellow student no spells or magic allowed
98 School break got to party with odd new friends d4 1=barbarians 2=orcs 3=thieves 4=assassins
99 School break woke up in wrong side of town with d4 1=goblins 2=wererats 3=vampire 4=demonic cult
100 School break with wild university fraternity now everyone assumes you are party animal

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