Tuesday 2 September 2014

d100 Wasteland Road Hazards

So is for dramatic obstacles and hazards for use during a chase, cross country trip or whatever. When you need a crisis on the road this is a good start. It may mention adventure opportunities or encounters but will do specific tables for them yet.  

d10 Quick Hazard
1 Animal

2 Nature
3 Road condition
4 Obstacle on road
5 Booby traps or old ordinance
6 Travellers
7 Gang ambush
8 Authorities like law, militia, sheriff etc
9 Locals
10 Something strange

d100 Wasteland Road Hazards
1 Locusts or other swarm strike car, messing windows, radiator and reducing visibility
2 Huge spider hiding in car drops into view startling driver
3 Duck or bird strikes windscreen startling driver
4 Cat, dog, possum, duck or small animal runs on road forcing driver to keep control if hit
Wombat or pig runs across road potential damaging car and causing a accident
6 Emus or kangaroos or deer run across road with potential to destroy car and kill passenger if collide
7 Sheep or cattle block road 1in6 farmers herding nearby protect them
8 Eagle or Tasmanian devil  or dingos eating road kill oblivious to oncoming traffic
9 Mother animal leading adorable babies over road for first walk like dingo pups, ducklings or kittens
10 Road crawling with swarm of mice, spiders or cane toads, road slippery
11 Flash flood covers road in water, risk of aquaplaning or break failure and loss of control
12 Bushfire and smoke reduces visibility, burning tree might fall on road
13 Tree blocks road
14 Mud makes road slippery
15 Frost in morning or fog at night or snow or hail by day makes road slippery
16 Sudden downpour reduces visibility and reduces control
17 Dust storm blows cloud of choking dust and sand
18 Strong wind makes safe control at high speed harder
19 Road blocked by water or dips through temporary creek or river
20 A pod of triffids block the road eating corpses
21 Road covered in loose gravel on corner making turn dangerous
22 Road rough and broken from lack of care
23 Road so broken more like off road conditions
24 Road damaged by water, road washed out and eroded pit
25 Road crumbled and slide down hill with barley a lane left
26 Road crumbled and slide down hill requiring a jump
27 Road has a deep crater, sinkhole or pit obstacle
28 Broken glass everywhere
29 Oil slick covers road possibly a hazard and covering wheels
30 Road extremely uneven and bumpy, expert can assess exact speed to move over easily
31 Car wreck partly blocks road d4 1=car 2=truck 3=bus 4=container truck with contaminated waste
32 Burning wreck partly covers road making visibility poor and attracting scavengers to this point
33 A large vehicle like a wrecked truck, train or bus blocks road and visibility
34 A large vehicle like a wrecked truck, train or bus blocks road and is inhabited by a savage gang
35 Sacks, barrels or crates scattered everywhere
36 Dead cows or horses block road partly
37 Human bodies litter road 1in6 chance one just badly hurt
38 Rubble or scrap metal or tires partly block road from some past accident or battle
39 Motorbike on road with drivers body 1in6 still alive
40 Bodies lay among wrecks on road with baggage near bus, when get close zombies awake
41 Landmines on road need to be avoided 1in6 dummies
42 Wire at cyclist neck height over road
43 Caltrops on road damage tires
44 Pit has been dug and covered
45 Flammable gas or liquid over road ready to ignite, possibly from leaked fuel tank
46 Valuable wreck or goods with bomb 2in6 makers nearby
47 Road section undermined with explosives with gang controlling plunger nearby
48 Road covered in napalm, gang nearby with flamer
49 Tire trap set up across road by gang or cops 2in6 nearby
50 Road covered in craters and bullet holes 1in6 some live ammo undetonated
51 A broken down van d4 1=food van 2=campers from city 3=nomads home 4=delivery
52 A broken down truck d4 1=goods transport 2=farmer 3=fuel 4=refugees 2in6 been shot up
53 A large group of hungry diseased mutants try to stop traffic to get food
54 A large group of hungry refugees escaping town destruction, some wounded
55 A large group of pathetic wretched people actually zombies
56 Car on road d4 1=driver wounded 2=out of fuel 3=maniac trying to lure victims 4=badly shot up
57 A broken down bus d4 1=Church Pilgrims 2=Cult 3=Ferals 4=School children
58 A mob of ferals hungry, thirsty, dust covered beg for help
59 Aboriginal hunters looking for game and gathering fresh road kill
60 Kids playing on road
61 Two gangs meeting on road to talk out some problem
62 Snipers 1d3 with gang on foot ready to attack
63 Gang on foot with several machine gun nests
64 Gang with several RPGs lay in wait
65 Gang victims staked out on road d4 1=gang member 2=cop 3=farmer 4=some kind of agent
66 Barrier of metal drums and crude fence with gang in wait
67 Barrier made from fence and drums with people tied or nailed to front, gang ready
68 Gang members with molotovs, slings and rocks
69 Gang members with large chain ready to block road by towing into place with vehicle
70 Gang have set up toll station on road
71 Authorities cars await hiding will pull over suspicious vehicles to search
72 Local militia with sandbagged machine guns and RPGs, anti gang task force
73 Military in hazmat gear and NBC suits inspecting vehicles, wont say why
74 Damaged police vehicle and wounded cop
75 Redneck sheriffs block road to keep our undesirables and search for goods illegal locally
76 Sanctioned operatives with armed cars block road, possibly seeking adventurers
77 Military declared martial law in area to wipe out gangs, search travellers and question
78 State customs inspecting vehicles for drugs, moonshine or diseased fruit from interstate
79 Sheriff tries to flag down law abiding armed travellers to deputise into posse for man hunt
80 Police from city with paramilitary squad searching for fugitive
81 Old people or school children crossing the road slowly
82 Road workers repairing road 1in6 chained prisoners with armed guards
83 Man chased by wild or angry farm animal d4 1=bull 2=triffid 3-dingoes 4=turkey or goose
84 People moving goods d4 1=food push cart 2=cages of animals 3=building stuff 4=meat
85 Farmers loading trucks d4 1=live stock 2=farm machinery 3=bales of hay 4=triffids
86 Slow moving farm vehicles and machines and grumpy farmers
87 Bales of hay block road, farmers trying to stop local terror gang
88 Farmers are burning a witch on road with gathering of townsfolk singing
89 Local lynch mob d4 1=a beating 2=a hanging 3=machete mob 4=man or monster running from 
90 Procession of slow vehicles or mob d4 1=funeral 2=wedding 3=returned veterans 4=parade
91 Cultists in robes have drawn symbol on road with napalm or blood to call otherworldly horror
92 Intelligent undead road gang in vehicles lay in wait, serving their otherworldly masters in silence
93 Cultist ambush using black magic or psionics to attack drivers then robed cult gang with guns move in
94 Mutant gang, several with weird powers soften up incoming drivers so rest can attack
95 Semi intelligent undead ready to attack, jump from trees or overpass and climb on vehicles
96 Ghouls eating corpses on road with fresh car wreck
97 Strange lights d4 1=weird radio sounds 2=cars stop 3=telepathic message 4=abduction in progress
98 Strange humanoid steps in front of travellers from nowhere and dies, odd equipment
99 Shambling tentacled horror hazard tries to stop vehicle to eat and toy with humans
100 Ghost car on road follows, seems normal but gets increasingly weird (possibly fake to scare people)


  1. Almost hit a bald eagle that was eating roadkill one morning on my drive to work. Bothersome scavengers.
    A deer rn into the car my wife was driving, she avoided hitting it as it crossed the road then it spun arround and ran into the car after being free and clear it was aboutt 40 yards from Deer Run Rd so it really shouldnt have been surprising.

    Dead mutants or aliens in the road would be bothersome.

  2. mom hit a roo - common occurance with long distance public service in wasteland south australia - as a manager she concluded those roo scarer sound boxes they fit on cars make no difference

    i doubt i will need to do a d100 public transport encounter table but i could from my own experience

    1. True story once maybe 20 years ago I am on the subway (the tube) in Boston the train lurched to a stop between stations and the conductor mumbled over the low quality speakers "Ladies and gentlemen ...brzzt crack pop...sorry for the inconvenience...ratlle hummm...police action...crack pop fizzle...Godzilla on the track..."


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