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Carousing pt8 Underland Exploration

Why would you explore the underland instead of spending downtime in a nice safe rat infested gang owned pub?

You come from there
Your race like underground rambles
You feel like a different break
Thought you'd take a quick peak
Following clues
Went too deep in the sewers

Went too deep in the dungeon
A tentacle pulled you down
Have a look in hole under tree stump
Check out that well with the funny blind fish

Thought you'd go see the funny paintings explorers talked about

 d10 Underland explorations - for non humans, lost fools or the truly brave - quick vrsion  
1 Meet travellers - companions on the dark
2 Hostile encounter - meet dangerous threat
3 Discovery - find wondrous underground location
4 Lucky Find - find a interesting thing
5 Strange event - encounter of the underland
6 Exploration - learn to know the under land
7 Hardship - difficult journey
8 Lost - off the trail
9 Accident - dangerous hazard
10 Underworld festival

d100 Underland explorations - for non humans, lost fools or the truly brave
01 Meet lost adventurers d4 1=starving 2=1d4+1 survivors 3=invite to safe base 4=invite to hidden town
02 Discover the goblin market with cheap petty magic items and questionable potions
03 Meet dark elf traders, shifty but some good value items that dont melt in sunlight
04 Meet dwarf war band looking for monsters to fight, gruff but kind to inferior surface folk
05 Gnomes invite you to warren for cheap stay with gloomy companionship, beer and shrooms
06 Meet goblin mushroom farmers harvesting crops with offer to buy magic shrooms and pack lizards
07 Insectoids milking giant caterpillars grazing on fungus, offer to sell magic moth milk
08 Meet horrible monster usually feared peaceful and at rest happy to talk for a bit
09 Hobgoblin cave fishers willing to sell some magic fish to polite adventurers
10 Underland tavern with many races mixing freely for drug and alcohol abuse
11 Shadowy under land assasins stalk intruders for days driving them into unknown territory and threats
12 Hungry screaming insane trolls hunt intruders and scaring them in nightmare cat and mouse game
13 Hungry ogres seeking meal hunt intruders who only escape by squeezing through tight gaps
14 Tentacled elder horror from the depths groped you but you escaped, filthy shame persist for weeks
15 Swallowed by monster but escaped d4 1=giant toad 2=giant worm 3=giant blind fish 4=ogre
16 Humanoid creatures tortured you leaving you for dead but rescued by kind nonhuman
17 Grabbed by giant cave d4 1=lobster 2=octopus 4=eel 4=hag and almost drowned
18 Creatures blinded you with dark magic and tormented you for days till you escaped
19 A horrible monster chased you to surface and now bothers local surface folk where you came out
20 Undead monsters chased you to make you join them for days in dread corpse filled tunnels
21 Find a fabulous mushroom forest where you stay peacefully among creatures for days
22 Find a crystal cavern with steaming pools and magical light, incredible beauty
23 Find a chamber with slumbering massive creatures in deep magical hibernation for milenia
24 A huge sinkhole filled with thousands of monster skeletons and bodies perfectly preserved
25 Find a underground cathedral of natural stone covered in ancient cave art depicting mythic events
26 A huge cavern with underground ocean, prehistoric possibly albino monsters thrive in cave ecology
27 Remains of a wondrous ancient city swallowed millennium ago beneath the earth
28 Remains of ancient tombs and graves of the past with eerie magical guardians and haunting spirits
29 A huge machine of some kind buried here millennium ago to hide from surface mortals
30 Discover dungeon of  d4 1=necromancers 2=non human bunker 3=evil cult 4=vault of old ones
31 Adventurer corpse with a magic item but melts if exposed to sunlight (you might find out in time)
32 Found lost pack lizard with load of goods 1=trade items 2=rations 3=climbing gear 4=bound prisoner
33 Found shiny gem d4 1=cursed by evil 2=trapped 3=hunted by dark forces 4=carved with family seal
34 Found chest of payroll d4 1=1d10x1000 cp 2=1d81000 silver 3=1d1x100 gp 4=1d20 pounds of salt
35 Found petty magic item discarded as junk by humanoids who didn't care about non weapons
36 Found ancient key d4 1=dungeon door 2=sealed treasure vault 3=cursed chastity belt 4=tower door
37 Found magical light source d4 1=continual light rod 2=fungus 3=bug gland 4=pickled cave fish
38 Found escaped slave who is devoted to you forever if you choose to rescue them
39 Found erotic artwork decorated object of dark elves worth d6x100gp, possibly illegal to sell
40 Found handy fungus d4 1=healing variety 2=month of food 3=chaos mutation causing 4=as a potion
41 Strange witness of a dark elf and goblinoid orgy used to keep humanoids subservient to dark fey
42 Strange witness of a horrible tentacled elder deity d4 1=sleeping 2=eating 3=singing 4=fornicating
43 Strange witness of a battle with non human factions slaughtering each other
44 Strange witness of a mushroom men ritual with clouds of psychedelic spores causing hallucinations
45 Strange witness of a other planar summoning of evil beings by cultists or magician of some type
46 Strange witness of mass sacrifice by cultists or humanoids lasts 1d6 hours
47 Strange witness of a gate being opened and otherworldly beings entering your world
48 Strange witness of strange monsters champions battling for faction dispute or ritual
49 Strange witness of fiery salamanders, elementals and devils cavorting in great lake of fire
50 Strange witness of thousands of slaves building a wonder in a great cavern for a subterranean empire
51 Exploration of tunnels reveals new surface entry d4 1=city sewers 2=dark woods 3=ruins 4=dungeon
52 Exploration of section of major long distance tunnels produces a valuable map
53 Exploration of water ways finds tunnels linking depths to near surface entry at a spring or well
54 Exploration of under sea reveals interesting shoreline and islands lost in time
55 Exploration of passages discover and map route to long lost dungeon, city or ruins
56 Exploration of caves discover passage connected to sewers of a city or town
57 Exploration of tunnels find a long sealed entrance to the land of the dead guarded by necromancers
58 Exploration of caves find long buried remnants of civilization thought long destroyed on surface
59 Exploration of underground labyrinth uncovers a monster filled dungeon guarding lost secrets
60 Exploration of great lit cavern finds a prehistoric lost world with albino cave men and great beasts
61 Hardship when you becom infected with fungal spores that occasionally erupt on your skin
62 Hardship as many of your companions are killed and arise as fungal undead that chased you for days
63 Hardship when foot long thread worms infect you, return skeletally thin and always hungry
64 Hardship when captured and interrogated by under land race, abuse leaves you with d4 scars
65 Hardship when captured by tentacle monsters who leave you an emotional wreck in a heap of slime
66 Hardship enslaved by subterraneans and abused but escaped with help from inmate
67 Hardship when fell through into faerie land for 1d4 years of your subjective time before escaping home
68 Hardship when impregnated by parasitic monster babies who erupt from you in public sometime
69 Hardship when enthralled into dark faerie bacchanalian revelry for days of twisted unholy orgies
70 Hardship when captured and tortured by d4 1=demons 2= devils 3=fire elementals 4=goblinoids
71 Lost for days in darkness before popped to surface at bottom of a village well far from home
72 Lost for a spell in great caverns of dark elves who hunted and taunted you for days
73 Lost for a while in troll land and chased by crazed inhabitants for days before escaping into sunlight 
74 Lost but came across a strange dungeon complex you surely can find again if you looked
75 Lost in fungus forest and lived with goblins, dark elves and mushroom folk, sworn to secrecy 
76 Lost in great cavern of serpent men who hunted you with dinosaurs for discovering their secret home
77 Lost in a underland necropolis and pursued by undead and monsters for days of terror
78 Lost in dwarf tunnels and inhabitants hunt you as a spy, will send d4 assasins or constructs to kill you 
79 Lost in kobold filled trapped maze with most of your companions killed before you
80 Lost in caverns and found way into mine full of prison labour, had to bribe your way out owe d4x100gp
81 Accident with climb, fell into deep pit and slowly recovered alone and crawled to surface
82 Accident with cave in trapped in darkness for days before rescue, starved, now fearful of tight spaces
83 Accidentally fell into subterranean river and were spat out of a spring miles away from friends
84 Accident crossing a bridge over d4 1=lava 2=bottomless pit 3=monsters 4=kaiju many friends died
85 Accidentally floor collapsed and plunged you into deeper levels alone for days
86 Accidentally companion wizard killed rest of party with a spell leaving you alone
87 Accidentally released flood in tunnel washing you alone from a seaside cliff cave later
88 Accidentally flammable gas ignited killing your party and left you crawling to surface with burns
89 Accidentally poison gas killed party but a local inhabitant rescued you and returned to surface
90 Accidentally discovered you were inside a titanic monster, as it awakened most of party lost
91 Underworld festival with goblinoids and have great time except for strange grog and food
92 Underworld festival with dark fey folk and witness avatar of one of their gods appear at climax
93 Underworld festival where dwarves invite you to drink and feast to celebrate past victories
94 Underworld festival with subterranean civilization who only welcome strangers in these times
95 Underworld festival with normally horrible monsters like trolls and ogres who treat you ok
96 Underworld festival with strange cultists who get a bit carried away in bloody orgy to the elder gods
97 Underworld festival with gnomes who put on fine food and booze and marriage offers
98 Underworld festival with underland fish folk, with strange trumpeting and aquatic horrors of the deep
99 Underworld festival with serpent folk and parades of dinosaurs before they realise you are aliens
100 Underworld festival where you meet court of fey folk and are gifted a petty magic item

will be prepping for con games mostly this week

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