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Carousing pt5 Rambling in the Wild

Not everyone likes to party in the city, read musty old books or prey, some hit the rural trails and look for recreation in the wilds. Many character classes would rather spend time in the bush than the city and this is for them.

I have considered a maritime version of this also. I considered a table for people or monsters living in dungeon communities. Any other tables for downtime recommendations I will consider.

JD asked last post how I use these tables - sometimes it is just to imply hero had a adventure in between game - especially if time passes or player misses a game - i might play as a solo for each player like Pendragon games have a solo phase if it would take a few rolls or all could be resolved in similar time.

I will be 3 game logs behind now doh. Considering revising my religions to as im using babylonian gods in a game i might customise my dnd setting gods more. Using Babylonian gods was always a shorthand.


d10 Getting close to nature in the great outdoors - for druids, barbarians and rangers - quick version
1 Meet travellers - companions on the road

2 Hostile encounter - meet dangerous threat
3 Discovery - find wondrous location
4 Lucky Find - find a interesting thing
5 Hunting - trail wild creatures
6 Exploration - learn to know the land
7 Hardship - difficult journey
8 Lost - off the trail
9 Accident - dangerous hazard
10 Festival - join local festivities

d100 Getting close to nature in the great outdoors - for druids, barbarians and rangers
01 Meet holy pilgrims on the road may meet again on travels
02 Meet hermit and his pets who teach unusual philosophy
03 Meet a magician who tells of a monster lair location 
04 Meet a ranger who might act as a guide in the future
05 Meet friendly non human tribes who invite you to feast and dancing
06 Meet adventurers who indicate a dungeon they seek, nobody has seen them since
07 Meet friendly country folk who you live with for a time in peace
08 Meet merchants who welcome you to join them for a spell
09 Meet lawmen chasing a criminal and aid them
10 Meet barbarians and live among them for a time
11 Hostile humanoids pursue you into rough terrain and you eventually elude them
12 Hostile monsters attack and you manage to kill them and capture a egg or infant
13 Hostile supernatural beings menace you and you hide in a holy site to evade them
14 Hostile flying creatures harry your travels till you discover a cavern system to escape
15 Hostile creature in your path you defeat and claim it's sack of loot d6x100gp16 Hostile undead haunt you by night till you hide in a lost shrine to escape
17 Hostile bandits hunt you and you manage to locate their lair and escape
18 Hostile robber knight almost kills you, after escape discover a reward for his head
19 Hostile were beast nips at you while running through brambles, pretty sure uninfected
20 Hostile faerie folk pester you and pick your pockets and play mean jokes on you
21 Discover a unexplored dungeon in a hidden pass in mountains
22 Discover a bubbling spring with friendly beings who beg you too keep it a secret
23 Discover a ruined building dating back to olden times with possible complex beneath it
24 Discover a monster lair with signs it has treasure and captives inside
25 Discover a dank sinkhole with a howling monster trapped inside and many remains
26 Discover a forgotten graveyard long neglected and possibly haunted
27 Discover a a dank ruined old House hidden from the common roads 
28 Discover a dank ruined castle off the beaten track looked strange so you lest it for later
29 Discover a strange tower in the wilderness and long isolated (towers 1 and 2)
30 Discover a Islands in a body of water such as a lake or river
31 Lucky Find of a hermits cave with long dead body and 1d6 healing herb bundles
32 Lucky Find a abandoned hoard with 1d6x100gp coins 
33 Lucky Find a lost donkey with a load of camping and adventuring supplies
34 Lucky Find dead prospector with map and deed for a lost mine
35 Lucky Find dying adventurer hands you a petty magic item 
36 Lucky Find deposit of possibly valuable ore or gems in a eroded cliff face
37 Lucky Find of a relic visible but virtually unobtainable with guards and barriers
38 Lucky Find of ancient carved marker stone pointing to some long forgotten location
39 Lucky Find of a prehistoric relic near a megalithic site of the ancestors
40 Lucky Find of a long forgotten crypt that may have treasure and a guardian
41 Hunting in forest tracked unicorns and find d6 magical unicorn poop each heals d4 hp
42 Hunting and follow the magical questing beast that leads you to a dungeon entrance
43 Hunting deer and chased by wolves for days till escaped to a village
44 Hunting deer but forest wardens of local ruler insist you need a licence and pursue you
45 Hunting for game but a monster attacked you and injured you as you fled
46 Hunting for game and stalked by a lion, battered and wounded but now have a lion pelt
47 Hunting for game and manage to collect 1d6 sets of skins and antlers
48 Hunting but offended druids who chase you in hopes of bloodily sacrificing you
49 Hunting but came across attractive elves who tried to lure you to faerie land as a slave
50 Hunting and came across nobles d4 1=hunt you 2=feast invite 3=
51 Exploration came across strange tree in the woodlands
52 Exploration came across a unknown monastery
53 Exploration came across a strange lone grave in the middle of nowhere
54 Exploration a route to unknown passage not on any map
55 Exploration of borders of the kingdom and important passages
56 Exploration of important villages and inns across the kingdom for future travels 
57 Exploration of coast line, rivers and water ways of the kingdom for future use
58 Exploration of mountain passes and find previously unknown valleys and passes
59 Exploration of forests and discover previously unknown hidden community
60 Exploration of kingdom and find a hidden dungeon complex
61 Hardship from being trapped by avalanche, starved until rescued by others by chance
62 Hardship from water poisoned, lay ill for days without being able to move till saved
63 Hardship from bad food, starved and delirious survived on bugs and snails
64 Hardship from injury with limited mobility and illness till managed to reach villagers 
65 Hardship from fevers with hallucinations, cared for by country folk until well 
66 Hardship from weather keeps you under cover and in shelter for days in misery
67 Hardship from disease made weak as a kitten and highly contagious 
68 Hardship from being trapped in a pit or snare for days before crawling out 
69 Hardship kills many fellow travellers when passage blocked by disaster or enemies
70 Hardship temperature extreme leaves you a weak and drained wreck 
71 Lost and find self in haunted forest surrounded by evil (ghostwood)
72 Lost in for days in the mountains and surrounded by peril 
73 Lost in horrid marshlands haunted by malign intelligence
74 Lost in dark elf woodlands and constantly taunted by evil fey beings
75 Lost in the forbidden sylvan forest of the bright elves forbidden to mankind 
76 Lost in the highlands where barbarians lurk on the fringes of civilisation
77 Lost on the forbidden moors by night and haunted by it's evil 
78 Lost and came across megalithic ruins from prehistory
79 Lost but meet a doomed immortal and you both find your way to civilisation together
80 Lost but aided buy unknown hidden race who return you blindfolded to homeland
81 Accident trapped in a bog and almost succumbed to drowning but lost one item
82 Accidentally fell off cliff injuring yourself badly and managed to crawl to civilisation 
83 Accidentally started fire, managed escape, sylvan beings & druids demand atonement
84 Accidentally swept away during a water crossing and attacked by water creatures
85 Accidentally struck by wooden branch while gathering firewood and knocked out
86 Accidentally caught in mudslide covered if foul sticky mud and carried down into valley
87 Accidentally outraged previously friendly locals who perused you with burning torches
88 Accidentally trod on a serpent and bitten, several days lay under a bush in fever
89 Accidentally stumbled into bandits camp but managed to escape with injuries
90 Accidentally shot by hunters who thought you were a wild man, they kind of apologise
91 Festival in local village during a wedding, all welcome for drinking, dancing and flirting
92 Festival to burn a great wicker idol and local druid says you are the guest of honour 
93 Festival to celebrate local religious event, locals merry and pleased to have a guest
94 Festival to bless the crops and animals with drinking and feasting and fornicating
95 Festival where two villages compete in gruelling sport event, both want you on their team
96 Festival of the moon where moonlight singing and dancing then feasting take place
97 Festival you are invited to includes fasting, austerity, sober thoughts and prayer
98 Festival where visitor chosen to fight a  creature in front of cheering crowd
99 Festival you stumble into where locals dress as monsters to scare children
100 Festival where someone made king for a day d4 1=stranger 2=idiot 3=slave 4=zombie

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