Thursday, 4 September 2014

More real dungeon adventures

So ive been working on a 3d tunnel image making project to document graffiti. Im gonna be in 3d giving a tour. And in a book. This is my token fine art project for year. Apparently the composting of stills takes days and the cloud time costs hundreds of dollars to turn thousands of stills into one.

Ive seen a 3d resin colour sculpture of a section that looksamazing

this is media player

this is 150 meg image file (sorry)

you can use arrow keys to go back and fwd and mouse to look about

Thats me with glue on me. People run a million miles when they meet you at night with chunks of glue on you. Im teaching again and collabing on art and painting and pasting so looks like im a artist again.

This whole project thanks to Dr Josh Harle

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