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Carousing pt4 Holy Endevours

This is mostly of priests or at least deeply religious characters who desire to spend down time observing religious duties and contemplation. Probably the least exiting one of these tables to date. If you follow a evil cult just reverse the intent of the result. Instead of helping orphans you burn a orphanage and so on.  Hearing new myths of your god or discovering a different version or new lesson is a worthy result for the faithful.

d10 Charity, prayer and contemplation of the divine in the Holy district - quick version
1 Meeting - new contacts among holy folk and congregation
2 Invitation - interesting opportunity
3 Solace - deep reflection in isolation or as a hermit
4 Pilgrimage - visit a holy place person or relic
5 Secrets - forbidden or forgotten lore uncovered
6 Study scriptures - learn holy mysteries
7 Charity - working with the needy
8 Miracle - witness a holy wonder
9 Preaching - seeking new converts
10 Atonement - and cleansing rituals to absolve sins

d100 Charity, prayer and contemplation of the divine in the Holy district
01 Meet a holy person who offers to cast some high level spells for donations in the future
02 Meet a wondrous saint who inspires you to zealously battle the name of your god
03 A holy leader encourages you to make party members promise to attend church to receive healing
04 A elderly teacher teaches you many wise proverbs to constantly mutter around your peers
05 A keeper of holy relics allows you to handle some important objects that prove your faiths history
06 A wise holy leader presents you with a holy symbol worth d4x100gp as a gift to encourage you
07 A great historian of your faith shows you an account of a lost relic taken by the wicked into a dungeon
08 A important patriach/matriach of the faith call on you as you are at front line of fighting evil
09 You meet a teacher you identify as preaching heresy in secret - do you report him to inquisition?
10 A holy inquisitor has a prisoner he believes to be a witch or heretic and desires your help
11 Invitation to sit on ecclesiastical committee where you get to debate church policy on important issues
12 Invitation to join a order dedicated to slaying evil, if you accept they may provide aid and guidance
13 Invitation to join a order of peaceful contemplation you find brings you peace in between constant war
14 Invitation to join order of healers treating the sick poor, poor people recognising this treat you better
15 Invitation to assist inquisition in rooting out heretics, witches and diabolists serving evil
16 Invitation to perform a wedding ceremony of influential d4 1=merchant 2=knight 3=criminal 4=official
17 Invitation to perform last funeral rights d4 1=your teacher 2=a poor leader 3=knight 4=plague victims
18 Invitation to study in library of forbidden books and find location of a blasphemous cult dungeon
19 Invitation to give moral teaching to noble youth who follows you for 1d4 months for a huge donation
20 Invitation from villagers to stop a supernatural being menacing them in return for eternal gratitude
21 Solace in a isolated monastic community until you solve a horrible murder mystery and quit the order
22 Solace in a distant island with hermits community until they are enslaved and sold by the wicked
23 Solace in a isolated grotto but are annoyed by rich and nobility visiting you for trivial advice
24 Solace in a dark cave with bugs & snakes for company till church orders you to return to the struggle
25 Solace in a stone hut in misty mountains but demons kept taunting and tempting you so you fled
26 Solace in a distant wasteland where you almost died but a vision from god sustained you
27 Solace in a monastery until you discovered they had lost powers &  were living lives of depraved vice
28 Solace in a lonely shrine but got sick of villages asking for advice and blessing their animals
29 Solace in a plague colony helping the sick until someone you cared for you had you ordered out
30 Solace in a teaching position in a school but temptations and dramas made you return to adventuring
31 Pilgrimage on a tour of country shrines across land, met many local clergy and familiar with roads
32 Pilgrimage to location of a sacred miracle restores you faith
33 Pilgrimage to a great church where you studied and were inspired by the leaders there
34 Pilgrimage to holy font and received 1d6 bottles of holy water to share with your friends
35 Pilgrimage to holy font and received 1d6 bottles of 1d8 healing potions to share with your friends
36 Pilgrimage to distant shrine where you defended pilgrims from bandits, undead and other evils
37 Pilgrimage to visit relic of a saint restores your youth and vigor making you one year younger
38 Pilgrimage to graves of holy teachers and champions where you had vision of a great evil to destroy
39 Pilgrimage to dangerous mountains where you faced many hardships and had to flee badly injured
40 Pilgrimage to holy site was attacked by bandits and only you escaped, you swear to avenge them
41 Secrets uncovered that you church was once infiltrated by a evil cult posing as priests
42 Secrets uncovered that a senior leader was once involved in a great scandal that was covered up
43 Secrets uncovered that a important official was once possessed by great evil spirit
44 Secrets uncovered that a evil magician swore vengeance on your church and may be in area
45 Secrets uncovered that a inquisitor has been over zealous and has been tormenting folk beyond duty
46 Secrets uncovered that a county chapel was built on a cave complex of evil cultist and monsters
47 Secrets uncovered that a graveyard is tormented by undead and wicked and ought to be cleansed
48 Secrets uncovered that a civic leader was once a cult member in past and possibly needs checking on
49 Secrets uncovered that a saints relics are fake, real ones lost in a dungeon complex and still there
50 Secrets uncovered that a sect of wandering flagellants are actually demon worshipers spreading vice
51 Scriptures reveal to you a new myth of your god or a saint you had never come across before
52 Scriptures reveal to you a long forgotten evil dwells in a certain location and has been forgotten
53 Scriptures reveal to you that your church has been lapse in enforcing a ancient tradition
54 Scriptures reveal to you that we are living in a age of great wickedness and a apocalypse is coming
55 Scriptures reveal to you stories of the great epochs of past helping you locate deep hidden ruins
56 Scriptures reveal to you stories of horrors giving you advice on battling one type of monster
57 Scriptures reveal to you possible location of lost holy books from early pilgrims long ago
58 Scriptures reveal to you one of your party members is in need of moral guidance and your help
59 Scriptures reveal  the wicked deserve mercy & should be offered a chance to repent before death
60 Scriptures reveal to you visions of demons, devils and other horrors and a location of old ruins
61 Charity mission to the mutants offering them a better time in the next life causes a riot in ghetto
62 Charity mission to the plague victims earns the church many inheritances and a leader thanks you
63 Charity mission to the starving in the ghettos gains many recruits from the starving
64 Charity mission to help people escape lives of prostitution anger pimps who try to kill you
65 Charity mission to help orphans is attacked by slavers who you punished soundly
66 Charity mission to help widows earns you respect and support of noble women
67 Charity mission to help starving students turns many from wizardry and sorcery and into the church
68 Charity mission to island ends with population fighting each other and only you survive
69 Charity mission to rescue sewer children disappears and you cant find them
70 Charity mission to the ghettos has made you well known among city beggars
71 Miracle witnessed when a holy person cured dozens of the plague by leading in prayer
72 Miracle witnessed when a devil menaced a commoner and a priest drove it away
73 Miracle witnessed when a holy person created food feeding a hundred starving peasants
74 Miracle witnessed when a holy person converted a monster and led it away never to be seen again
75 Miracle witnessed when saw a divine servant of your god battle a supernatural evil
76 Miracle witnessed that a good and needy commoner was healed by power of faith at a shrine
77 Miracle witnessed when cultists trying to infiltrate holy ground burst into flames screaming
78 Miracle witnessed when a cursed graveyard had a great evil cleansed by a holy leader
79 Miracle witnessed when a holy person helped pilgrims escape a monster
80 Miracle witnessed when leader inspired loosing soldiers to rally and slaughter their enemies
81 Preaching mission to island ends with population fighting each other and only you survive
82 Preaching to barbarians d4 1=chased you 2=converts 3=crucified you 4=they killed non believers
83 Preaching to adventurers d4 1=attacked you 2=made donations 3=healed several 4=found a lost relic
84 Preaching goblins but they hopelessly misinterpret faith with comic and tragic results
85 Preaching to soldiery by healing and many gave tithes to your church
86 Preaching but encountered a rival faith and had a contest to choose the best faith for a group
87 Preaching but target group were in grip of nightmare monster cult who sent assassins after you
88 Preaching to prisoners and manage to get 1d6 released into your care on parole for a year
89 Preaching to poor who zealously armed themselves and disappeared in a dungeon full of evil
90 Preaching to homeless and managed to overcrowd the current missions of your church with needy
91 Atonement for all the blood letting and death you have caused by cleansing rituals
92 Atonement for contamination by fraternisation with strange adventurers required prayer and fasting
93 Atonement for neglecting you duties while adventuring by dwelling in silence in a holy cell
94 Atonement for touching unclean places and the dead by ritual cleansing and anointing with holy oil
95 Atonement for spending time on adventures by helping the poor and needy
96 Atonement for missing holy days by reading scriptures and deep contemplation
97 Atonement for helping non believers over faithful by serving commoners needs in ghetto shrine
98 Atonement for spending time away from church by celebrating holy day with fellow faithful
99 Atonement for missing important ritual, senior church leaders give you a quest to recover relics
100 Atonement for neglecting church needs you spend time performing manual labour at church


  1. Here are some more.

    Schism - someone has a new idea in your faith and starts preaching that their way is correct.
    Holy war - you are going to war against another faith.
    Holy war - another faith has started targeting your faith.
    Large donation for the church given to you, 1d6 x 1000gp. What do you do? No xp if you pass it on to church.
    Church decides you are not pious enough. Must donate 1/10 of total xp worth of belongings or magic item.
    Church needs magic item for holy crusade, one of yours.
    Decide that you are exempler of faith's behaviour. 1d6 acolytes follow you on next adventure to see your exploits and prove themselves to you.
    Church burnt down. Money is at a premium now. 2 times xp for coins donated from next adventure.
    Church burnt down and it's your fault. 1/2 xp for coins found on next adventure. You don't get to keep them.
    Heard a juicy confession from member of nobility.
    Heard a juicy confession from wealthy merchant.
    Very attractive and desirable married lady has taken an attraction to you.
    Wanton harlot (quite undesirable) has taken an attraction to you.
    Rumour has gotten around that you give coppers to orphans and street children. Everyone recognises you.
    Creature sacred to your religion comes into town and starts causing trouble.
    Local ruler declares your religion illegal. Hopefully he or she will change their mind soon?
    Interesting religious conundrum posed. Clergy totally focussed on finding a solution. No healing or other services available until satisfactory solution found.

    1. these are awesome - inspire a second set when these get old

  2. I'm enjoying these carousing/downtime tables. I'm curious how you would play out some of the results at your table.

    1. sometimes it is just to imply hero had a adventure in between game - especially if time passes or player misses a game - i might play as a solo for each player like pendragon games have a solo phase if it would take a few rolls or all could be resolved in similar time


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