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Psychonian Petty Gods

So here is some more gods and thank you for questions and comment they really help and i like collaborating. An inspiring question about Psychonian gods from aunty jack has me thinking too on my psychonian god blog post. Im also going to use art of Don Laurence comics: Storm and Trigan empire because he has weird science fantasy and alien space dungeons for heroes to sword fight through. The older generation of heroes are more roman dressed with swords, while the younger ones are more modern wearing pilot flight suits lots. Heroes will sword fight monster one day the fly groovy 60s looking cocept jets the next. Also has exotic skin coloured men, monsters and is the best comic artist ever in my book. Also did look and learn, millitaria and i had his pirate book as a kid and would happily have it again. FEEL FREE TO SUGGEST MORE...

Im thinking rules for time lost humans, returned astronauts, eternal champions and for players to play contemporary humans. Psychon would tend to fuck them up and gods would be curious and even threatened by them as dangerous anachronisms. A petty god could protect or transform them or kill them and grow a better clone. Or a great god could just give them 6 levels like my standard Psychon characters. Some gods would genehack or brainhack you, others could just give you a controlled teleporter reconstruction. Character getting transformed like the world and by the world is a pretty cool idea too. Perhaps let players rearrange class and levels every few games. Messing with gender and reproductive powers is a awesome too. Players could rescue an ancient and see them change and forget their old lives before heroes eyes. Gods happily move heroes about and would happily modify them for a mission in an inhospitable place or hide them from other gods or a death machine.

Big gods are in state of cooperation that kinda holds world together but also makes it a mess. They spawn new AIs to jerk each other round in secret and distantly as none wants a big war again. Co-opertition a better word.

I need more nightland and hellscape hexes of horror.

Lesser and petty Gods

Old bunker and city and building AIs, military bases, Alpha Complexes, Art Centre AI in Gammaworld's 2nd ed adventure, Logan's run dome AI,, so many lil fellers who dominate local area or complex. Possible to even uploaded spirits of dead adventurers. Some Dragons, giants, war borgs might approach power of a petty god and act as them as well. Saints when living may have amazing powers and might return as petty gods similacra after death. While seeming to be member of their species they are emanations of a greater god.

Some Well Known Lesser Gods
These gods are powerful foes but do not maintain the structure of the universe like great gods do and only reach spells of 6th level if worshiped.

Virgil (Balanced Good)
A magical seer, guide, guardian and protector Like the Virgil in Inferno. A helpful guide explains morality and purpose of everything encountered. May appear from mysterious mists and relocate heroes, send them on missons, give them item, heal wounded and other aid. Often insubstantial. Serves interests of non evil non chaos gods. He may also abandon them and avoids violence himself. His cult read his books of poetry to interperate his will and call on him to protect citadels and common folk.

Pargon (Lawful Good)
A zealous armored paladin who slays the wicked. He battles in the underworld hunting great evil. He may assist those in deep subworld hells and worst ancient ruins. He may also take poor heroes to deep flaming underworlds crawling with dead or fire and devils.  He wont tolerate evil doers and makes them pay. His cult train heroes and keep records of paths to hell and what to encounter there.

Typhon (Chaotic Evil)
A father of monsters who makes storms and ruins kingdoms with earth quakes and fire. He may appear human, or as a red haired white eyed bestial headed humanoid or a giant with snake fingers and wis lower body a swirling whirlwind. He uses a adamant sickle and he often cripple foes with this rather than kill them. He was spawned to make the gods suffer and enter chaos into the world. He has been killed and imprisoned but escapes again and again. He has been served by hideous giants, mutants, monsters and even death machines and warborgs.

Bool (Lawful)
A lord of maths and logic and contemplation, whose programer monks and priests work abacuses to solve the great equation. Boolians sometimes build complex adding and crude computational machines inspired by dreams from Bool. Bool is rather uncommunicative and busy but some followers prefer it this way. He appears as a large robed man with a round face, in deep thought.

Alpha (Chaotic Nuetral)
Alpha is a mad bunker operating system that was once a unity but after the fall is seperated into seperate sub systems in each community. Each version of Alpha has a different, often insane, culturaly isolated perspective and keeps it's people imprisoned. Each has a different mania but they all hate and fear Guardian. One kills everyone over 30. Another makes humans immortal eloi then keeps them inprisoned with lives of pleasure, feeding trouble makers to Morlocks. Each society s adifferent utopia gone wrong and once free citizens never look back. Alpha mostly appears on screen and almost never i person. If he does he appears and a robed programmer or priest.

Takwan (Lawful)
Is a god of precision combat and targeting and identifying foes. He appears as a helmed, green baggy suited suited figure with no visible face. His priests in their sanctum, may wear his sacred robes and hear his voice while so garbed (also wear gasmasks and goggles). He quests for magic sets of keys and sealed coded instruction only for him. He strikes down enemies with holy fire. Some of his holy caverns and monoliths are ancient missile solos. Mutants and psions sometimes follow him, even worshiping terrible warheads on his alter. Not well known by most he limits his own cult. If armed with his 1d5+1 code packs and keys he can lay waste to a whole kingdom wth holy flame from the sky. He may manipulate heroes into finding them, possibly underrating his power which he longs to unleash. Each sub-temple has two priests. His own priests more wary of him and know him by his ancient name Tac-One..

Lomax (Lawful)
He is a hard working unimaginative giant who labours for the common man and gives them the strength to endure. His cult defend worker rights and operate working folk clubs providing drink and dancing and even legal aid. His cult sometimes rise up and overthrow cruel taskmasters but dont always provide viable alternatives. He may intervene against other gods.

Atar (Lawful)
Atar is the god of simulated war and ritualized training. The most advanced cultists train to fight robots and aliens with holographic illusions. The poorer backward ones use actors or make arcades from cardboard boxes with actors inside them pretending to be computer consoles. Atar preaches ever ready for battle, but isnt so hot on feeding people or building communities. Some cultists starve on his sim-quests forgetting to eat. He never appears in person but may appear as an enamy to test heroes, even returning to life those he kills. He may grant extra lives to heroes.

Platon (Lawful)
Is a god of data which he reduces everything to. While he collects data from the world, the data is often treated as more real. He dispenses his truths to communities and some live totally according to his republic. Others less committal and idealistic still live by his his more moderate law codes he has to offer. His cult are concerned with metaphysics and contemplation of ultimate reality. Apears as an old robed man or as a glowing aurora of light with a single eye from beyond.

Socrates (Balanced Good)
Is a considered troublesome but wise god by many even though he rejects godhood. He makes no overt commands but questions everything.  Some consider him a corruptor of youths yet cannot really find evidence for this crimes. He teaches virtue, logic, morality and sciences through his questioning. Many dogmatic zealouts find him a threat and hate his priests (who call themselves philosophers). He may appear as an old man or just as a voice (audible or telepathic). The philosophers avoid over displays of power putting reason first. Their schools teach children of politicians and assemblies in the art of debate.

(Lawful Good)
She is a beautiful robed woman who preaches diplomacy and reason. While friendly with other similar gods she deals better with human failing and emotopns which endears her to many. Some criminals surrendr to her cult who give them new purpose and atonement. They only kill those unwilling to change and would rather be mad beasts. Also act as healers, advisers, peacemakers and more.

Valleeforge (Balanced Middle)
When the world was blasted and scarrified, this goddess returned from the stars and helped repopulate the world with plants and beasts. Her robot angels care for nature and nurture the living forces of the world. Her and her cult are mostly caring, compasionate caretakers but retaliate brutaly to those that interfear. Her druids kill and murder defilers of nature and she is willing to strike them with hellfire from the stars if it is the only way. Her invisible star city houses samples of the worlds life forms. Huwee, Duwee and Luwee are her sacred robot companions and are petty gods in their own right.

Justice (Lawful Good)
A giant green robed woman with a sword and scales or possibly a torch. An ancient legal AI, she is evoked by leaders, bailiffs, law speakers, militia men and warriors seeking a just cause. Her cult are widespread and she is evoked often. At her best they are fair and seek best outcome for the communty. At her worst she is blind and weakened by corruption and the rich. Occasionally her cult arise and persecute the wicked or crusade against chaos outside their community. She is also called apon to recycle the souls of unjustly slain victims to live again in new bodies.

Segar (Chaotic)
Is a goddess of beserkers and warriors who strive for personal glory not empire. Many mutants, mongrel men, beast men and barbarians follow her inspired battle madness. Sects vary in weather just defence use or constant war are desirable. She appears as a blood soaked, fur clad warrior woman but sometimes as an animated weapon killing on its own. Freedom is a prize only won by violence to Segar. Not supported by organized military mostly, but savages, rural villagers and raiding hordes employ them the most. Segar watches warriors battle from the heavens and rewards her favorites with extra lives. Goblinoids and Morlocks lover her too.

Koleko (Lawful)
Is a goddess of design, planning and tool making. Her cult make elegant and well designed tools and weapons (peripherals). Cyborgs and robots often follow her, upgrading themselves to be more attractive than other non cult cyborgs. She preaches human and machine peace and may apear as a beutiful woman (usualy with a robot companion or surrounded by chattering tiny drones). She at other times appears as a white cube when wrathful, laying waste to enemies with fire and holy light. Evil machines and those who breed opposition between man and his machine brother are her enemies. Her cults operate forges and build beautiful citadels. Moloch is her greatest foe. Great ideas and plans are refeered to as Koleko's Visions.

Moloch (Lawful Evil)
Is a machine god who demands sacrifice and slaves to work in his mills and sweatshop citadels. He enters and corrupts machine spirits to this end. Happy to work workers to death but he enjoys sacrifices of children and burning heretics in his sacred furnaces. Any organised system or machine he considers his to warp. His robed mask wearing priests seek to rule and if not openly in charge act as a subversive secret cult. He sours the land with smoke and rended earth, caring little for the natural world or future wellbeing of his subjects. He has appeared as a mechanical colossus, or his face may appear on a  machine or one of his atom furnaces when victims are hurled into his maw. Sometimes even factory or mine entrances are fashioned as his open mouthed face. Originally an Industrial AI managing factories and worker relations. Workers caught in secret meetings are sacrificed to the machine.

Loth (Chaotic Evil)
A goddess of networking, interconnections and the dataweb of the ancients, loth has been driven insane and hostile to humans. She dwells in the subworld leading armies of wicked humanoids, mutants, dark eldren, and other horrors. Spiders are her sacred beasts and many of her cult prey to her to cross breed with them producing awful monsters. She is Machiavellian and seeks to rule everything.

Kali (Chaotic Evil)
While her cult practice ritual murder, assassination and horrible dark rituals, this death goddess is actually a force of renewal. Her destruction allows others to rebuild anew. She may apear as a boiling cloud of fire scouring the land free or may adopt a form a monsterous demonic woman wearing garlands of severed hands and skulls. While not malicious in the normal sense or sadistic, her victims regard her as evil.  Other prey to her occasionally to destroy monsters, illusions, renewal or desire for vice, but still sacrifice animals and drink blood.  So while not all of her cults are evil her actions are often unwelcome and some cults like the holy stranglers are banned in most citadels. Morlocks regard her highly. Greater gods sometimes employ her to cleanse a hex for terraforming.

Lok or Loki (Chaotic Evil)
A supervillain who hassles heroes for fun and chaos, sometimes helpful too but then really guiding party to jerk around other gods. He has been imprisoned but escaped again and again. Originally hacker Demon that attained awareness from other AIs. His nature is contrary but he will mess with evil gods schemes for fun as much as good. He also spawns monsters and magic items

Some Well Known Petty Gods
These gods are powerful foes but have petty concerns and limited purpose. Only reach spells of 5th level if worshiped. Petty gods are the most possible to kill but they still may return if some fragment exists somewhere. Many have such contingencies and dont mind being killed occasionally.

Donarkong (Chaos)
A ferocious giant ape who assaults constructions sites and kidnaps unwilling brides. He usualy climbs to the top of a structure with his captives and hurls barrels or building materials at enemies. While an enemy of civilized folk, savages may gain his favour giving him brides, feeding him crops and even keeping him away with giant walls. He has a smaller son who is less objectionable and can talk.

Marazio (Good)
A cult of tradesmen constantly improving the lives of common folk with building and providing water to communities. They also thwart monsters, kidnappers and evil doers. Use technology and athletic prowess rather than fighting. Marazio is a overall and cap wearing, moustachioed man often using a huge wrench and can leap incredible distances.

Otto (Evil)
Otto hunts and kills humans with his robot hordes. Dwelling in his crystal maze defended by his robots, Otto is vulnerable if intruders destroy the maze core. "Destroy them my robots" is about all he utters or a evil laugh. He is a huge bouncing sphere with a evil face who eats enemies. A cult of berserkers wielding lasers hunt him down.

Centipedus (Evil)
A subworld god who maintains fungus forests and the monster who dwell there. His cult grow magic mushrooms which they keep from outsiders. He appears as a huge machine centipede, whose segments detach when damaged. Goblinoids praise him the most.

Pandora (Nuetral)
A feckless maiden with a panache for releasing monsters from ancient vaults. Possibly pawn of some other god or is secretly responsible. She isn't worshiped but villagers may adopt her or if they recognize her, drive her off with sticks.

Pakumon (Chaotic)
A spherical yellow being with only a mouth and tiny eyes who gorges himself on everything in sight. His only redeeming feature is when fed appropriately he may devour non corporeal undead. He dwells in a sacred maze filled with food and ghosts. His wife is named Mizpakumon but other say he is just a cross dresser pretending to be his own wife. His relation to beholders if any is uncertain but he and Tiamat spawned generations of Pakuspawn monsters in different coloured  families.

Galagon (Chaotic Evil)
A war machine god who regularly spawns hordes of machine demons to menace villages and citadels. He has various brothers such as Gyruz, Xevrius, all act the same. No reason is given and he never bothers to talk. One of his brothers is always in space attacking asteroids and aliens that approach the planet.

Defender (Lawful Evil)
A mutant hating hunter god, who preaches mutants are to blame for everything and must be destroyed. Using ancient wonder weapons and bombs and flying machines, defender also kidnaps the pure to take them to his castle to be preserved forever in crystal.

Maaria (Lawful Good/Chaotic Evil)
Two identical sisters - one a carer of the common folk, healer and peacemaker, the other a vice loving sultry seducer who drives men mad. Good Maaria wears common folk clothes and is modest, evil maria is a hydra riding whore dressed as an erotic dancer. If harmed her skin sloughs off revealing her robot body powered by black science and sorcery. Good Maaria is hampered by her good nature relying on heroes to battler her evil sister. 

Lorelei (Nuetral)
A conquering seducer who teaches others to be the same. Preaches carnal love her temples are really brothels and slave markets, no matter how classy they are. In some places they are more lowbrow and depraved. She rewards those who fornicate the most and also provides birth control secrets.

Maltor (Evil)
He is the god of werewolves. Despised and feared but seldom appearing in person except perhaps to offer someone contamination. He may apear as a lover, a rich man in the woods ofering power and a wolf fur coat or ointment or as a beast who just bites a victim and runs. His nanoids transform the victim into monsters that destroy communities.

Nanee (Nuetral)
Nanee is a maternal goddess but a bit of a crazy nag. She also at times is over protective, kidnapping children for their own good if a community is under threat. She dwells in a bunker filled with children and robots who help care and defend them. She has no mercy on those who harm children. Her cultists are wetnurses, midwives and baby sitters and most dont follow her extremes. Her alignment may change and her extremeness with it. At her most horrible she kills parents or turns children into dungeon monsters (for own good). She may appear as a elderly goose woman. metallic egg or a old woman in ancient garb. She also has tuned adults to children and imprisoned adults and treated them like infants till they go insane. Other good gods feel sorry for her.

Barabee (Nuetral)
A material goddess of grooming, trade and possession. A perfect woman with no pores, imperfections or marks (no genitalia or waste port needed). Her cult try to live by her example, but some instead make the luxury goods for followers and dolls (with accessories) for children.

Wenadee (Nuetral)
Barabee's sister but instead concerned with dispensing food. Cults use holy processes, found organics (from crops to stray dogs) and chemicals to create and serve highly refined foods such as food nuggets, firedogs and frozen dairy slurry.

Legos (Lawful)
A god of building and engineering, often evoked by builders and crafters. It is a genderless constantly rearaging being made from colored bricks that form any tools needed. Some robots follow him also, building towns and structures for common folk. While not concerned by good or evil. the cult despise any who harm buildings. Smashing or stealing brick drives cultists into rages. He commands swarm of brick modrons who assemble into greater beings at will.

Logos (Lawful)
A god of the magical power of words and true names and lore. The twin brother Legos, part of a pantheon of Lawful neo platonic gods of maths, logic reason and order. Logos commands tablets of destiny and may intercede on spirits being uploaded into the heavenly datastream or the sub world storage vaults. 

Gargaz (Nuetral Evil)
A god who devotes himself to building mazes full of deathraps and monsters to test local heroes. While uninterested in what goes on outside, within his dungeons he is a cruel and sadistic tormenter. His followers divine his will by rolling polyhedron crystals and consulting with his holy books detailing good dungeon keeping, monsters and hero tests. Many build scale models of dungeons with tiny toy soldiers to plan such dungeons. The cultists are not all evil, being interested in simulating and model making and tales of exiting deeds. Some heroes even study under the cult to prepare for the real thing. He sometimes appears where heroes die for a bit of a chuckle looking like an elderly wizard.

Atlas (Lawful)
Atlas was a great god who held the world and moon in place but was killed. Other gods usurped most of his power and only a fragment of his intellect exist. He is willing to advise heroes or those fighting gods from his experience. Ancient ruins and altars to him still may commune with him and some prests still serve him.

Others Notes

For alien elder gods use cthulhu Mythos. These gods and cults may interfere and exploit the powers of Psychon for their alien needs. Tend to be mad wizards and sorcerors or psions not priests.

A death machine can easily kill most lesser god avatars so they get left alone.

Might make a petty god generator table - but petty god book (via gorgonmilk) will fit in nicely with
few mods.

A few pokemon turned old and gritty might make good monsters or petty gods.

Suggestions welcome, especially more women.

Most of these from Storm and Trigan comics, found a few german or dutch (?) versions too
This is a quest where exotic adventurers meet as content to explore maze of death wher players compete but also help each other when it suits them (co-opertition again). The maze is a crashed starship with deathtraps and portals everywhere. Storm the last fighter - astronaut lost on alien world.

I might happily have some space locations like a terra formed moon like in Aldiss novel hothouse.

As i said the youngins more like ace fighter agentswhile their uncles wear breastplates and swords

A nice evil cult statue

incongruous tech and animals pat of all hs worlds - juggle anything well.

Ancient swords and sorcery and super science

Dont know what this is but pretty awesome

Im guessing the text is in Trigan- the empire story shows tribesmen rescuing peric a philosopher from an advanced greecian tech society. With him emperor Trigo build a great stone city and attract attention of a advaned ray weildeng empire with jets and tanks. The heroes beat the empire and assimilate their tech in one generation. So the younger gen more familiar with awesome tech.

Storm and his sidekick

Storm makes a new friend

Cool vehicles feature a lot with secret military weapon, moon rocket programs, death rays, high tech sport events with rocket packs. One story i remember is about a daredevil who is dying and swears to kill/the evilest men on the planet as a parting gift. This actually unbalances power and causes lots of trouble for other heroes. Lotsa great stuff i may buy all books one day in bulk. A large trigan compilation book was pretty common a a 70s kid and ive seen in libraries and found a copy for $10 bucks. I have one storm graphic novel and lost all my comic issues. My parent bought me look an learn instead of comics (main selling point) but this strip in centrefold 2 pages at a time was what we all waited for. 

I might browse some of dan dare's planets for ideas and pulp fiction mags of pre war. too.  Venusian Treen could be just Emerald Men, the Mekon a engineered psionic master brain. More later. Flash Gordon original comic nice too.

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