Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Necromancer who loved me: Evil plots for fantasy villains

Evil wizard/sorcerer/cultist/witch/priest evil plots d100
1 - Create undead or monster army
2 - Create undead or monster kingdom
3 - Create workforce to build monument or other weird project like a zombi binary computer
4 - Spread a species of monster to weaken the kingdom such as werebeast or dinosaurs
5 - Create a race of beast men or mutants to serve as army
6 - Summon monsters from beyond such as demons or modrons or slaad
7 - Awaken long lost evil race from slumber
8 - Awaken a long slumbering god to appear in waking world again
9 - Release the bonds of a forgotten being bound since the dawn of time
10 - Resurrect a evil hero or magician from ancient times
11 - Resurrect a evil god or being, has been dead for aeons
12 - Open gate to other parallel world
13 - Open gate to other time period
14 - Open gate to the dungeon dimension
15 - Awaken lost city of ancient evil ones
16 - Call a comet from the sky bring about a new age
17 - Find a lost evil relic to unite evil and raise an army
18 - Find a lost relic and release a dark outsider god into this realm
19 - To spread a radical new alignment or philosophy that challenges a moral order
20 - To curse, cripple or weaken the ruler of the land
21 - To usurp the leader of the land and his family
22 - To forcibly marry into ruling family
23 - To capture or curse the heir to the kingdom
24 - To capture the most beautiful women/men of the kingdom
25 - Kidnapped children to be used for evil sacrifice
26 - Virgins kidnapped to feed or lure monsters
27 - Virgins kidnapped to be brides of evil
28 - To find and enter ancient hidden burial chamber for relic or book of evil lore
29 - Breed monsters for fun and profit
30 - Establish a huge harem and be parent of a dynasty
31 - Establish den of vice and villainy to shame the world
32 - Establish worship site of a evil religion
33 - Spreading secret network of cults to secretly ruin country
34 - Corrupting generation of young heirs
35 - Start a secret cult of forbidden pleasure and otherworldly vice
36 - Start an arm race by stockpiling magical weapons or creatures
38 - Exterminate or enslave a race
39 - Establish a school or black magic
40 - Build a monument to impress a god or being
41 - Imprison or kill a great champion of good
42 - Disturb an ancient foe of human kind
43 - Spread cheap weapons, drugs and other vice across the land
44 - Call a great disaster to wipe out a population
45 - Harm or cripple an important god
46 - Obtain strange otherworldly forbidden weapons
47 - Destroy an important alliance that brings war
49 - Kill an important magical being to aid evil
50 - Open a breach into primal chaos or elements or other hostile plane
51 - Start the day of darkness when the sun blackens and evil lays waste to world
52 - Capture a location or relic that can control a species
53 - Destroy a community utterly
54 - Raise a great fortress of evil using magic
55 - Usurp power of evil god or being
56 - Searching for evil documents that provide great power or release great evil
57 - Attempting ceremony at scheduled time to gain great and terrible powers
58 - Establish dungeon as a base of evil
59 - Destroy or corrupt a holy pristine natural holy site
60 -  Release forces of the underworld
61 - Aid in birth of the evil one
62 - Kill a child who will grow to be great hero or saint
63 - Build a great automaton or undead colossus or other war machine
64 - Research a magical technique or recipe like gunpowder
65 - Warp a being or location of good into a force for evil
66 - Spread criminal organization using brutal gangster tactics
67 - Bring alien troops and weapons through a gate
68 - Blacken the sun or stop the sun gods passage
69 - Spread an evil region or terrain type like a cancer
70 - Scourge the living by unleashing disaster, plague or famine
71 - Kidnap a generation for slaughter, sacrifice or to turn into monsters
72 - A fanatic cult spreads with mind control like wild fire
73 - Destroy and persecute common farming folk with magic and monsters
74 - Turn a fair city into a monster filled hell hole
75 - Destroy knowledge by burning books, buildings and killing experts
76 - Aggravate factions, clans or royal houses into civil war
77 - Make the ruler or next heir to kingdom a puppet
78 - Faking evidence and foul assassinations to start war
79 - Kill all magicians of one type (or possibly monks or bards)
80 - Re attempt a plot of an ancient left long dormant (roll again)
81 - Use bards and agents to spread slander and propaganda to destabilize kingdom
82 - Destroy and destabilize currency and trade and merchant families
83 - Unleash apocalyptic weapon on city or nation
84 - Hybridize humans with monsters for breeding program
85 - Raise self to god hood by theft of gods power or artifact
86 - Personally spawn a horde of monsters
87 - Turn self into gargantuan horror
88 - Change climate into ice age, swampy hot house, desert or volcanic hellscape
89 - Call opposing armies from other planes to fight alignment war and ruin world
90 - Kill, harm or weaken a god to unbalance power of universe
91- Amass huge piles of treasure, enough to destabilize world or local markets
92 - Destabilize commodity like metal, food, beer, wood, gunpowder, scarcity effects kingdoms
93 - Army of assassin to kill important leaders and sew terror through land
94 - Well intentioned plan requires horrible mass sacrifice (had to kill world to save it)
95 -  To equip and train organization of powerful boss monsters or agents
96 - Enslave a race or species with blackmail or hostage or magic to do evil
97 - Create military blueprint for conquest complete with intelligence to weaken world order
98 - Espionage network to spy on powers and collect dirt and strategic information
99 - Turn self or progeny into powerful supernatural monster
100 - Reroll 1d3+1 times

You might want to roll twice, once for fake plan, then again for real one (craziest plan should be secret one usually but sometimes the evil temple is a scam works too).


  1. This could work well for supervillians, too.

  2. Id do different things for superheroes
    Did do some tables for marvel once...

    I could do one for middle manager level bosses aspirations more petty like - get more wine


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