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For Your Evil Eyes Only: Magical Tears

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Talking to a medical friend about tears having hormones depending on person and mood state. I thought about the tears of clowns then unicorn and vamp tears and then this...

type of tear table
eye drops (1d10 doses) hard to apply in combat or in danger or may ruin all
salve (1d6 doses) rubbed on thing 1d3 rounds hard to apply in danger may drop or lose all
inhalant (1d4 doses) inhale one round immediate effect, in a tiny tin like a snuff box
crystal (permanant) often mounted in jewelery, staff, headress, ring or contacts for visual powers
potion (1d3 doses) drink, last one 10 minute turn

1 Chaos Jester Tears - inhalant, possessed by crazy clown trickster godling for 10 minutes
2 Paladin Tears - inhalant, 1d12 rounds, makes fearless and acts as protection from evil and chaos
3 Unicorn Tears - eye drops, heals 3d10 damage, shed all dirt and filth
4 Ogre Tears - eye drops, one hour, see STR and relative HP of any being (spot targets to bully)
5 Dragon Tears - coloured crystal, weilder 1/2 damage and +2 save vs one type of dragon breathe
6 Princess Tears - potion, fills evil beings with ecstasy, Aid spell for one hour, good drinkers just cry 
7 King Tears - inhalant, can sense the skeins of fate that control lands and find biggest problem
8 Eye Beast Tears - inhalant, each dose imbues a different eye ray power
9 Titan Tears - gem, +1 intelligence if worn near head on helm, tiara, necklace, nose ring
10 Griffon Tears - eyedrops, last 1 hour, see as binoculars, resist fear
11 Basilisk Tears - inhale, lasts 1d4 rounds, stone gaze 20" range, save vs poison or go blind
12 Gorgon Tears - salve, protects you from from stone gaze for a 10 minute turn
13 Modron Tears - eye drops, see law for 10 minutes, eyes turn chromium
14 Slaad Tears - eye drops, see chaotic for 10 minute, eyes turn chromatic
15 Demon Tears - salve develop 1d3 demonic mutations permanently
16 Devil Tears - salve, sprout horns, +1 attack 1d6, permanent, extra doses inflict further changes
17 Succubus Tears - inhalant, increase charisma +1d4 for one hour, chaotic evil temporarily
18 Hellhound Tears - salve, fire resistance for one hour
19 Starspawn Tears - inhalant, 24 hours of ecstatic visions of starspawn gives permanent link
20 Sea God Tears - inhalant, 24 hours you can see hidden fairy land in water and enter
21 Love Goddess Tears - jewel, +1 charisma if worn near head on helm, tiara, necklace, ear ring
22 War God Tears - jewel, +1 to hit and damage if worn near hand on weapon arm
23 Storm God Tears - jewel, +1 Strength if worn near hand on weapon arm
24 Earth Goddess Tears - jewel, +1 constitution if worn chest or abdomen
25 Healing Goddess Tears - jewel, double natural healing rate if worn chest or abdomen
26 Amazon Goddess Tears - jewel, +1 saves for women only
27 Trickster God Tears - potion, polymorph into random being every hour for 12 hours
28 Priest Tears - Inhalant, recover a spent priest spell of choice
29 Warrior Tears - Potion as Aid spell and resist fear one hour
30 Rogue Tears - eye drops, +3 on any NWP for one hour
31 Elf Tears - inhalant, one hour, see living decay and distinguish, immortals, supernaturals
32 Dwarf Tears - inhalant, one hour, smell gold and gems in 30", sense north and depth 
33 Hobbit Tears - inhalant, six hours, can eat and drink your body weight
34 Tako Tears - inhalant, grow 4 extra tentacles one hour
35 Mermaid Tears - inhalant, one hour, breathe water
36 Dryad Tears - ecstatic feeling of true love, leaves victim helpless for one hour
37 Treant Tears - inhalant, one hour, become one with forest sense location of unnatural phenomena
38 Virgin Tears - inhalant, 1d4 rounds, inspires Good or lawfuls +2AC, hit, STR, and heals 1d6
39 Wendigo Tears - inhalant, one hour, craving to kill and eat somebody, anybody
40 Ghost Tears - inhalant, 10 minutes, see spirits, invisible beings, souls
41 Ghoul Tears - inhalant, 10 minutes, smell corpses or living within 20", red eyes
42 Lich Tears - crystal, daily Animate Dead spell
43 Bugbear Tears - inhalant, ten minutes, +4 sneak hide, ambush 1-3
43 Hobgoblin Tears - potion, one hour, shape shift one non magic form, maximum one hour
44 Kobold Tears - potion, ten minutes, +4 spot, traps lore, +1AC
45 Goblin Tears - potion, ten hour, an exotic goblin mount species is summoned in 1d10 minutes
46 Orc Tears - inhalant, ten minutes, enemy orcs make morale checks or join you
47 Angel Tears - inhalant, 1d6rounds, light halo, 30", heals 1d6 per round, fly as per spell but winged
48 Clown Tears - inhalant, crazy cackles inspire chaotic +2 morale and upsets lawfuls -1 morale
49 Druids Tears - Inhalant, communicate with animals for a 10 minute turn
50 Necromancer Tears - eye drop, one hour, see corpses through up to 20 ft soil or rock,
51 Wizard Tears - Inhalant, recover a spent wizard spell of choice
52 Werebeast tears - salve, turns into a specific were beast for a night, 3 doses is permanent
53 Beserker tears - inhalant, 10 minutes beseerker +2 hit and damage, remain concious, fight till die
54 Murderers - inhalant, 24 hours, constantly crave sight of blood and take risks
55 Troll Tears - eye drops, recover blinded eyes with troll eyes! have infravision 60" permanent
56 Fire Elemental Tears - eye drops, immune to fire for 10 minutes
57 Earth Elemental Tears - eye drops, extra 10 HP for 10 minutes
58 Air Elemental Tears - eye drops, see invisible for 10 minutes
59 Water Elemental Tears - eye drops, immune to drowning or damage from water for 10 minutes
60 Spider Tears - eye drops, 10 minutes spout extra eyes, can see in dark, cannot be surprised
61 Tarrasque tears - eye drops, regenerate woulds 1HP per turn for 1d100 10 minute turns
62 Whale Tears - potion, can hold breath 5 minutes per CON, immune to natural cold
63 Scorpion God Tears - eye drops, cure poison from venomous creatures
64 Vampire Tears - eye drops (vampire tears are blood) 1 hour, infravision, sense blood 30"
65 Gargoyle Tears - stone skin appearance can stand still like statue for 24 hours
66 Carrion Crawler Tears - eye drops, cure paralasys
67 Giant Tears - potion, +1d4 strength, 10 minutes
68 Cyclops tears - become a cyclops
69 Cat Lord Tears - gem, +1 Dexterity if warn on body
70 Rat Lord Tears - potion, turn into a rat one hour
71 Horse Lord Tears - potion, run at 24" for one hour
72 Bear Lord Tears - potion, 10 minutes, develop bear claws and bite 1d6/1d6/1d8, extra attacks
73 Ox Lord Tears - potion, 10 minutes, +2 Strength, run 180"
74 Monkey Lord Tears - potion, 10 minutes, +2 Dexterity, climb as spider and double jump
75 Illuminates Tears - eye drops, 10 minutes, true seeing, penetrate illusions, see invisible or disguise
76 Saints Tears - eye drops, 10 minutes, may effect undead as priest of appropriate alignment and
77 Witch Tears - inhalant, spells +1d3 level for 2d4 rounds
78 Ice maiden tears - salve, 1 hour, resist cold
79 Swan maiden tears - salve, turn into a swan for one hour
80 Mummy Tears - salve, cures disease
81 Hag tears - Eye drops, see in the dark and sense good
82 Zombie Tears - packaged as eye drops but one drop destroys a zombie instantly
83 Frog Lord Tears - salve, lasts 1 hour, makes you swim at run speed, hold breath for CON in rounds
84 Mechanoid Tears - packed as eye drops, repairs broken weapons or armour, dont use on your eyes!
85 Scarecrow Tears - eye drops, 2d6 rounds cause fear in one target per round
86 Serpent Man Tears - inhaled, 1 hour visions of the ancient serpent men civilization and its fall
87 Crocodile Tears - salve, lasts 10 minutes, grow 1d10 bite jaws and get extra attack 
88 Githyanki Tears - eye drops, telepathic to any friend or known person in 240' for one hour
89 Abolath Tears - Inhalant, 24 hours, compelled to jump in subterranean water to be aboleth slave
90 Mindflayers Tears - Inhalant, 10 minutes, +2 save and half damage from psionic or mental attacks
91 Sphynx Tears - Inhalant, 1d10 minutes, able to answer one question 1d10 words worth of answers
92 Shoggoth Tears - Eye Drops, save with CON or become a protoshoggoth horror
93 Hermaphrodite Tears - potion, become a hermaphrodite
94 Mutant Tears - potion, causes one mutation
95 Mongrel Man Tears - salve, makes fertile, can cross breed with other species making beast men
96 Naga Tears - eye drops, 10 minutes neck down become a constrictor 2d8 crush attack
97 Archon Tears - crystal, glows in presence of chaos or evil within 30 ft
98 Shedu Tears - crystal, adds +1 to any first aid or healing ability if worn on arm
99 Death God Tears - eye drops, act as raise dead, if taken while living you become undead on death
100 Collection in a box roll 1d4+1 times

Tears should have an emotional (possibly alien) influence over uses depending on type of tear. Many are from tragic circumstances with epic histories. Leaves a strong impression on user sometimes influencing alignment even. Each tear has a secret recipe in a separate book. Some are forbidden to humans and are hidden. Books instruct how to find creature, what emotion is needed, how to obtain it and they other ingredients and conditions. Some recipes are flawed in one of these ingredients. Witches still teach some of the simpler recipes in Tear Lore. Gods cry infrequently and are hard to make cry and grubbing about for their tears is unseemly and rude. Thus these great tears are rare. Some tears are bad trips and might require a WIS save or develop madness or alignment shift (new neurosis, phobias, likes, dislikes).

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