Saturday, 11 May 2013

Anachronisms of cosmic order + my first free PDF link
all planet psychon stuff to date test of compilation from this blog for public
EMO rulebook shortly - let me know if any problems - point is to test

As promised - the opposite of chaos and gamma mutations, these are aliens super science and allied to forces of law.

Anachronisms d100
Some come with limited ammo which is hard to find most 1d3 clips total

More extreme bizarre, debilitating freak powers with mostly clear biomechanical quality
1 Third eye on forehead +2 spot
2 Weapon is bound law spirit, always does average damage in hands of lawful
3 Weapon +1 hit and damage
4 Weapon +2 hit and damage
5 Natural brawler, any body part 1d3 weapon, +1 hit and damage if already have brawling
6 Subsonic domination +4 CHA after 24 hours near if fail save
7 Armour +1 from tougher pain resistance
8 Armour +2 from metallic or crystalline skin
9 Amour +3 from metallic and bioplastic carapace
10 Armour +4 full metal body
11 Advanced exotic slug pistol, machine pistol or las pistol
12 Advanced exotic rifle of late 21stC, las rifle, gyrojet, blaster, sniper
13 Advanced combat weapon of late 21stC, shotgun, smg
14 Advanced melee weapon
15 Advanced explosive weapon like grenades, rocket launcher, claymore
16 Cyborg eye no range penalties
17 Cyborg eye thermographic vision
18 Cyborg eye night vision
19 Cyborg eye telescopic vision
20 2d6 laser eye, once per 10 minute turn 30 ft
21 Gas filters
22 Steel claws, 1d4 damage or +1 if already better
23 For every 10 shots of ammo you find one extra shot
24 Weapon leaps into hand at danger
25 Weapon houses intelligent spirit
26 Cyborg pistol built into hand
27 Gamma Aeon Laser pistol 5d6, 10 shots only
28 Shock gauntlet +1 electric damage on punch or through metal blades
29 Eat 10% less per HD or Lv
30 New clone babies hatch from your corpse d6 1=1 2=1d3+1 3=1d6+1 4-6=7
31 Drink 10% less per HD or Lv
32 Sleep 10% less per HD or Lv (no effect on relearning spells)
33 Drives you beserk (something sets you off into homicidal killing spree, )
34 Parthenogenic hemaphrodite, breeds without a mate and can start a colony
35 Can radiate light 30' radius up to 3 hours per day
36 Translate written language
37 Intolerant of minor legal or rule infractions, fanatic stickler
38 Must always be in command or competing with leader
39 Food kept on person does not age
40 Fast growing long flowing hair
41 +3' jump distance
42 +3" run speed
43 Blade hands 1d4+1 damage with one or both hands
44 +1 Extra attack per round 
45 Breathe 10% less per HD or Lv
46 go to the toilet 10% less per HD or Lv
47 Sterile, eunach or sexless
48 A drone or cyberbeast lives in cyborg housing in body
49 Freakish genitalia and sexual characteristics
50 Eat inorganic rocks, wood, metal, bricks
51+1 save vs poison
52 +1 save vs illusions
53 +1 save vs charm
54 +1 save vs death
55 Cannot lie
56 Perfect glimmering teeth
57 Slow aging 10% per level
58 +1 STR
59 +1 CON
60 +1 DEX
61 +1 INT
62 +1 WIS
63 +1 CHA
64 Two brains, extra save vs charm but turns on back up personality (?)
65 Body parts regrow, and parts cut off become adult clone members of your race
66 Internal sense alerts if poisoned or diseased
67 Sense poison gas
68 Beam vision like Fiery Eyes spell
69 See souls, can spot undead, see targets in dark, tell if dead, see spirits leave those killed
70 Grows valuables in body like gem in head, ivory, fur
71 Sense disease
72 Heal in sunlight one hp per hour
73 Any weapon held glows, +1 hit and damage
74 Con save each round to stabilize HP loss when in negative HP
75 Eye lasers 3d6, three shots per day, 50" range
76 Spit hot coals 1d4 damage, 10 foot range, can start fire, one per CON point per day
77 Can save severed body parts and re-attach if bandaged back together
78 Always land on feet -d6 fall damage
79 Buzz saw in chest +1d6 damage to grapples(or other bizarre inbuilt cyber weapon)
80 Prehensile hair
81 Metallic tinted skin
82 Bejeweled eyes worth 1000gp each
83 Shock touch 1d3+1 per level touch once per battle, can stack with a punch or kick
84 Heat resistant, cope with natural heat and resist water loss
85 Cold resistant with blubber or fur or both like a polar bear or seal, comfortable any natural cold
86 Exhales smoke or steam
87 Never fatigued
88 1/2 effects of fatigue
89 Cats eyes night vision, very reflective
90 Cold skin to touch, harder to see with infravision or heat based sensors
91 Sense north
93 Sensemagic
94 Now children born in eggs
95 All children are clones
96-100 choose one


  1. Downloaded! Can't wait to dig into it.

  2. In part this is a test run and i wanted to make a hardcopy to generate some more hexes

    some more character and monster stuff


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