Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Psychon Sample Hexes six

I got anomalous subsurface environment 1 and 2 from lulu - omg awesome - one of best DnD products ever. Fits in great as region of Planet Psychon. Cool monsters, weird science and satellite AI gods. Highly recommended.

[Addendum: grass and lakes mentioned are seasonal at summer attracting herd beast from other lands. Mostly frozen over and the lakes move seasonally. The terrin of the topleft face should read tundra not tudra too.]

Aqua ice fields and frozen wind blasted dark permafrost. Despite inhospitable conditions a citadel of shared Eldren and Bugbears dwell here with a tradition of shamanic ancestor worship who call zombies to serve the living.

The ancestral graveyard houses over 10 000 corpses and is tabu to outsiders.

Alien steamworks remain half buried with alien undead and other horrors dwelling within. Aliens have tried contacting stranded kin here but they are too scarce and degenerate to reply.

The brotherhood preach ancestors are parasites and only the cult leaders can dispense wisdom. They sell copies of holy books left by a prophet centuries ago. All magic is evil to them.

Modrons cover the land digging up and relocating beings frozen in status. Such creatures cover the hex and cannot be awakened or freed by normal means. They dwell in a great bell shaped hive where no mortal knows what transpires within. Modrons are aware of people they just bite their lips and keep on their incomprehensible mission.

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