Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The man with the golden wand: Boss monster plots

What do middle managers of the dungeon dream of? Every level or faction has a boss or a magician to dream of slightly better conditions. More humble than villains, getting by in dungeon on a daily basis is more their speed. Perhaps a roll here could generate a petty worldly need of a wizard super villain.

Boss Monster Petty Dreams d100
1 Get more food, better, fresher, more favorites
2 Get more grog, get drunk or more better grog
3 Get more sleep, better beds, less noise
4 Get transport, animals, wagons, hand carts, sacks and slave bearers
5 Favour of a local magician
6 Favour of a local monster
7 Breeding monsters
8 Working on exotic weapon or combat style
9 Secret weapons development
10 Develop fraudulent props and costumes and tricks
11 More weapons
12 More armour
13 A good after life
14 Paying tithes and sacrificing to gods
15 Fake potions
16 More Drugs
17 Quality water supply
18 Sewerage removal
19 Nice lair, lab or office
20 Nice throne
21 Concubines or a wife
22 Many slaves
23 Dueling
24 Gaining combat experience
25 Respect from others,
26 Fear from others
27 Love from other
28 Fame and glory
29 Impressing ancestors
30 Cult member
31 Guild member
32 Alignment zealot
33 Wasting attention on pet
34 Collecting trinkets
35 Coins collecting
36 Exploration
37 Maps
38 Good luck charm
39 Astrology charts
40 Divination
41 Gladiators
42 Animal fights
43 Torture
44 Pest or vermin control
45 Brooding over lost love
46 Treasure counting
47 Gold or other precocious metal or gem
48 Art
49 Poetry
50 History
51 Science
52 Message delivery
53 Trade
54 Allegiances
55 Pornography
56 Languages
57 Expertise in one monster breed
58 Expertise in one type of magician
59 Building expansions
60 Traps
61 Fortifications
62 Escape tunnels
63 Secret doors
64 Ambushes
65 Discipline
66 Lazy
67 Many children
68 Ornaments and decoration
69 Magic arms and armour
70 Magical knowledge
71 Expertise in gods
72 Pyromaniac
73 Fascinated by dead
74 Concerned by family drama
75 Magic potions
76 Miscellaneous magic items
77 Fancy clothing
78 Honour
79 Gambling
80 Studies everything about superiors
81 On lookout for treachery
82 Magical traps
83 Alchemy
84 Immortality
85 More personal power
86 More henchmen
87 Wellbeing of family and clan
88 Gardening
89 Orgies
90 Acts of depravity
91 Acts of  blasphemy
92 Growing garden of food, drugs, fungi, fruit or flowers
93 Drilling troops and watching men march
94 Espionage, spying on own kind and enemies
95 Serving wicked gods
96 Self mutilation, piercing, tattoos
97 Finding a better master
98 Striking out to find own dungeon
99 Keeping up with paperwork and planning
100 Playing music, painting, cooking or other creative passtime


  1. I mis-read #42 as Animal RIGHTS.

    A PETA dungeon-dweller might be interesting.

  2. I could do a PETA dungeon
    Freezers full of invisible dead dogs, evil leader sucking insulin from pigs, beautiful women in cages and lying in urinals, liberate animals and dump in wilds to starve, pay legal fees for terrorists bombers, throw blood on anyone in leather armour - sadly its all true

    Im going to start PEBA people for ethical behavior of animals. Lobby for dogs to wear pants, stop animal on animal hate crimes, imprison all male weasels and koalas


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