Monday, 16 December 2019

Concluding Cave Campagn

Will compile this into a book soon. I'm doing adventures in 3fold flyer format starting on patreon soon. Here is everything so far and thanks for all the kind comments and ideas.

Will be focusing on my adventure writing on my patreon for a bit. Hoping to write ten adventures i can have a playtest for some holiday sessions.

Lots of this stuff could be placed in other settings. They could still be forgotten remnants of the past left alone for aeons. Ill be happy with a few sessions of this myself. It doesnt have to be a long campaign.

PDF link here from my patreon for a vol zero of season 10 of my 3fold zines

I'm up for suggestions to blog about at moment.....xmas requests?

Rough Ideas for stone coast 3folds

-Glacial cavern
-Ogress caves
-The stone city
-Serpent temple
-Wrath of the walrus
-Thing from the stars
-The monkey shrine
-Pit of the Worm God
-Obsidian Crown
-Nightmare Portal

Lost Valleys
Map & Hexcrawl
Tribe Gen

Megalithic Ruins
Stone Age Relics


  1. :D I know! Do some dragon evolution species types ranging from dawn age to the age of stone.
    Showing the differences in intellect and magical power from more modern ones. Like imagine if dragons were originally caused by mutation in local wildlife from exposure to magic and rifts to chaos. Which led to early dragons being very bestial,near constantly enraged beasts who couldn't fly as well and spit chaotic magic radiation. :D Things like that.

    Honestly I really like your work so anything will do. XD OH why not talk about Alchemy if you want?

  2. are you replying from something before? you show as anonymous.

    i rarely use dragons
    mostly hype and not dangerous in early eds

    magic has been in decline in my settings and dragons predate chaos and wizards. If anything dragons helped teach humans. If anything older dragons better than modern ones.

    id like to do a alchemist class like one of the dragon ones but lots of projects first.

  3. Hmm no,I am posting from my google account. Which always shows as anonymous for some reason. BUT I am the same Unknown from the past few Unknown messages.
    And I understand what you mean about dragons in early editions. They fall short alot of the time.
    I always liked settings where magic is in decline or on the uprising from a previous lack.
    Just keep on keeping on and I shall read your work. :)

    1. your profile isnt public

      i guess pre first ed HP were lower, adnd increade hp of characters and not monsters. By third id it was broken and now 86 hp bugbears roam dungeons and you get 4 fights a game


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