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Stone Age Hexcrawl

So this follows on from my encounters tables and fits in with my random valleys and caves. This will be some tables to help fill every hex you explore with non violent stuff to interact with. Hopefully the party can get their abilities up before taking on dangerous tribes or hunting mammoths.

The coast in winter ices up, beach is covered in chunks of ice washed up and sometimes freezes out to hundreds of yards off shore. Several inlets are frozen over and some people canp on the ice to go fishing. Half the year is dark season where sky is twilight dim and gets fully dark only a few yours a day, it snows lots and white outs are weekly. The rest of the year is warmer and has daylight 16 yours then twilight at night.

Stone Coast

The coast is windswept and stony with rough and freezing water. Most of the beach is stony with cliffs. One section of the coast has a tree filed often frozen over marsh area.

d6 Stony Beaches and coastal cliffs
1 Dead animals washed on beach possibly a feast d4 1=whale 2=dolphins 3=fish 4=seamonster
2 Colony on animals on beach d4 1=seals 2=walrus 3=penguins 4=giant marine iguana

3 Conlony in cliffs d4 1=gulls 2=puffins 3=boobies 4=pterodactyls
4 Goods from sea d4 1=Driftwood 2=pretty shells 3d10 3=seaweed 4=edible jellyfish 
5 Sign of tribe d4 1=shell midden 2=campfire 3=gnawed human bones 4=crude raft or log canoe
6 Coastal cave

d6 Frozen Swamp
1 Crabs or Trilobites or Giant Isopods scuttling on shore for food
2 Pools of young fish and sharks
3 Good lumps of wood
4 Wild pig tracks 1in6 chance cave pigs in area
5 Mosquitoes in area carry sickness
6 Worm riddled wood in mangrove trees good eating

Hills & Mountains
These areas up country are full of isolated valleys and plenty of inhabitants and creatures survive in isolated places.

d6 Hill country

1 Stone carvings
2 Stone monolithic site
3 Campsite with fire pit
4 Ugly tribal wooden fetish

Mineral d4 1=flint 2=obsidian 3=ochre 4=copper

d6 Valleys

1 Camp site
2 Large herd of game animals in area
3 Lots of small game birds and animals in area
4 Tribal campsite occupied mostly hunters but 1in6 whole extended family

5 Monolithic stones
6 Cave

d6 Mountain Trails

1 Camp site 1in6 with travellers
2 Mountain goats in area
3 Herd of aggressive animals blocks trail and moving
4 Part of trail dangerous d4 1=falling rocks 2=road crumbles 3=crevice to jump 4=slippery
5 Fragment of carved stone or statue from ancients
6 Cave


The newer forests have sprung up rapidly and tribes are beginning to utilise them. They fear the darker old woods where faeries and monsters dwell and humans shun.

d6 New Forest
1 Herd of animals grazing area
2 Camp site 1in6 have a person long lost and alone
Tribal campsite occupied mostly hunters but 1in6 whole extended family
4 Carvings in trees of unknown symbols

5 Scary fetish some kind of warning
6 Cave

d6 Old Forest

1 Gigantic fungus and edible mushrooms
2 Stone rock carvings of faerie folk
3 Ancient monoliths often covered in moss
4 Old barrows from some ancient people

5 Ruins of elder civilisation or demihumans
6 Cave


The tundra is a seasonal grassland and even in winter animals dig up frozen grass and also eat fungus and lichen. They tend to move about more in large herds moving constantly. In green season animasl spread in small groups and move less. The far northern glacier areas are occasionally explored but done so warily.

d6 Tundra Plains
1 Abandoned camp
2 Hostile predators territory d4 1=cave lions 2=wolves 3=sabretooth 4=dire wolf
3 Huge herd of aggressive mammals
4 Scavengers feasting on dead d4 1=giant vultures 2=cave hyena 3=cave lions 4=cave baboons

5 Tribal family camp with tents and mammoth tusk huts
6 Stones with pictographs 

d6 High Glacier Country

1 Stone monoliths with ancient carvings
2 Barrows where ancients buried
3 Wizard camp, they seek elder lore
4 Non human tribe camp
5 Ancient ruins
6 Ice caves into glaciers


  1. Verrry interesting. The only thing I'd want to see as a player is maybe some magic mushrooms or hallucinogenic berries that give vision quests. That would be fun.

    Under the last category, d6 High Glacier Country, #3 Wizard camp name seems incongruous to me (the wizard part).

    1. Starvation causes hallucinations pretty well.Certainly some peoples didn't use psychedelics that were all around them. Possibly i might do some table to cover this

      all through these posts on cave stuff I have had wizards mentioned. They are a major point of campaign and some will go on to start a empire of necromancers. Wizards use rock and cave art instead of books mostly

  2. What program do you use for making your hex maps? They always look well made and good quality. :)

  3. Very cool. Thanks for sharing this!


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