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Cave Campaign Encounters

Stuff I might do here:Tribe generators
Lost Valleys

Cave Campaign so far
Megalithic Ruins
Stone age Relics
So here are some encounter tables

Thanks for all the comments most I've had in a very long time and inspiring me to do more. I've run one trad euro fantasy dnd game in a year so hard to be inspired by that genre. Will probably knock all of this into a booklet some time.

Stone Coast
Cold windy stony beaches with occasional piles of seaweed and driftwood.
The main food is fish, birds, seaweed but water is rough and weather harsh.

d12 Common
1 Flock of terror birds on patrol
2 Sealion colony
3 Penguin colony
4 Puffin colony
5 Large gull colony
6 Jackal prowling for food
7 Family of sea otters
8 Walrus colony
9 Wild dog pack prowling for food
10 Hellpig family prowling for food (Entelodont)
11 Marine crocodile
12 Use rare table

d12 Rare
1 Giant crabs come ashore
2 Giant marine scorpion comes ashore
3 Mososaur beaches self to gobble up anyone close to water
4 Fish folk hunters with a priest after sacrifices for demon gods
5 Allosaurus scrounging for food
6 Plesiosaur basking on shore or lurking in shallows
7 Shy tako octopus faeries trade coral and shells for food
8 Dimetrodons basking on shore
9 Giant marine crocodile
10 Pterodactyls hunting
11 Sea wight from ancient times
12 Sea hag craves pretty humans as slaves and worse

Hills and mountains
Cold and windy, rough terrain with lichen and mossy rocks, grassy sloping valleys, streams, pools, lakes and waterfalls. Animals, plants and fungi to eat, not as many yummy bugs to eat as other places.

d12 Common
1 Dire wolves hunting
2 Sabretooth hunting
3 Mountain goats grazing
4 Giant Eagle flying overhead looking for vulnerable prey
5 Auroch cattle, very aggressive will systematically hunt enemies
6 Giant lynx
7 Guanacos grazing 1in6 huge batchelor herd
8 Elk herd grazing
9 Yak herd grazing
10 Cave bear
11 Tribe (use tribe gen tables or pick one)
12 Use rare table

d12 Rare
1 Carniverous apes out hunting
2 Terror bird flock out hunting
3 Troll out hunting
4 Hill giant strolling, possibly hungry
5 Ogre gang out hunting
6 Giant sloth grazing
7 Wooly mammoths grazing
8 Mountain nymph, most shy but sometimes curious
9 Bison herd grazing
10 Glyptodons grazing
11 Wooly Rhino grazing, very aggressive
12 Air elemental playfully making breezes

Foothills around mountains and many valleys are forested with thick ancient woods. The forests are fearsome and unwelcoming, the domain of faerie folk and tree spirits who do not like humans. There is lots of food here and things that will eat you. Fungus, acorns, bugs, berries are common. Some forests seem to be growing faster than normal.

d12 Common
1 Giant squirrels scurrying about
2 Owls hooting
3 Deer herd grazing
4 Wild boar
5 Sloths in trees grazing
6 Dire wolves
7 Terror bird flock hunting
8 Game birds foraging
9 Giant beavers gathering wood
10 Cave Bear
11 Sabretooth cat
12 Use rare table

d12 Rare
Giant flightless bats hunting
2 Dryad tree spirits seeking lovers to enthral
3 Treeant wary of humans and their use of fire
4 Wild tribal elves or sprites or other fey folk
5 Gnomes tribe with pets 
6 Raptors or giant lizards hunting
7 Forest giant peacefully sitting
8 Giant beetles
9 Tribal folk (use tribe gen or pick one) 
10 Giant weasels
11 Forest mastodon
12 Irish deer

Grass, fungus and moss in places with permanent frozen ground to the north. Swept by cold winds. Food from seeds and animals is easy here but many animals are dangerous and in large numbers.  

d12 Common
1 Auroch or Irish deer grazing but wary
2 Mammoth herd grazing
3 Sabretooth cat or pride of cave lions or giant lynx
4 Dire wolf or cave hyena pack hunting
5 Bison or musk oxen herd grazing
6 Giant ground rats scurrying about
7 Tribal folk (use tribe gen or pick one) 
8 Flock of moa grazing
9 Flock of terror birds hunting
10 Herd of elk, ponies or camels grazing
11 Woolly rhino
12 Use rare table

d12 Rare
1 Giant eagle or owl looking for prey
2 Giant weasel hunting
3 Giant baboon tribe foraging
4 White apes or a yeti hunting
5 Ice elemental summoned long ago wandering
6 Nanuqsaurus, half sized furry tyrannosaurs adapted for polar life
7 Ice troll or ogres hunting
8 Frost or cloud giant travelling
9 Winter wolves hunting
10 Icetoads hunting
11 Frost drake or Frost salamander hunting
 White or blue dragon flying out on a hunt

Elder Ruins
These areas are mostly blasted heaths, destroyed long ago when the monster kingdoms and age of darkness ended. Nothing good lives here and most shun such places. Evil wizards come here seeking arcane lore. Occational survivors of the monster peoples dwell here but most are degenerate weaker versions with only a few rare ones as mighty as the ancients. Food is scarce here but even wandering such ruins might awaken the living dead or hibernating horrors. Animals fear it. Humans feel dread but babies and children cry here.

d12 Common
1 Dark druid lord with pets, keeps people away from here 
2 Evil wizard with servants search for arcane lore
3 Evil necromancer or priest with undead servants search for lore
Evil priest with followers seek to restore ancient evil cult
5 Dire wolves lair in this place, these ones have evil intelligence
6 Giant spiders hide in cracks awaiting juicy morsels 
7 Gargoyles guard this place from intruders
8 Evil abhuman or humanoid tribe here once served ancient evil masters
9 Giant beetles scuttle about seeking carrion
10 Degenerate mutated mongrel folk live in fear of the ancient ones
11 Giant rats pack, most common food animal here
12 Use rare table

d12 Rare
1 Living statues often in pairs guarding entries into ruins
2 Sphynx or lamia living in seclusion with tablets of forbidden elder lore  
3 Degenerate mutant beastmen servants of the monster kings of old 
4 Elder beastman wizard or priest with degenerate kin slaves
5 Spectral minions enacting ancient scenes, 1in4 are armed and can fight
6 Wights, evil warrior servants of ancient necromancers
7 Shadows lurking in rubble come out to feed on living
8 Undead servitors of monster kings mostly zombies but 1in6 ghouls
9 Grell lurking in a deep well comes up to investigate intruders
10 Lich with undead servants seeking lost tablets of lore
11 Shoggoth or dark spawn or deranged elder thing gibbering in a pit
12 Demon or devil or daemon

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  1. Man these stone age posts are awesome! I am looking forward to more. Maybe fossil necromancy or primitive alchemy can even appear as discoveries?


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