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d100 Lost Valleys

These are for when you explore the mountains between the coast and the tundra plateau in the north. A broad stretch of mountains, a maze in stone with valleys and things left isolated for millennia. One might become a new home.

Each hex valley will have a d6 exits in random directions so their is unlikely to be a direct line through the mountains and the GM will be be able to grow the map ad hoc.

You could roll on this table several times to produce stranger places.

d10 Lost Valley Feature Types
1 Terrain Features

2 Creatures
Settled tribes
Strange Tribes
5 Remnants of dawn age
6 Cults
7 Mysterious happenings
8 Strange lands
9 Remnants of former peoples
10 Prehuman dreadful ruins

d100 Lost Valleys 1 Crater or crevice of lava, volcanic ash, rock and obsidian deposits
2 Hot springs and calcium deposits, bubbling grottos and boiling mud

3 Deposits of useful materials d4 1=flint 2=ochre 3=coal 4=copper
4 Spectacular fossils of dinosaurs or primitive sea life
5 Quicksand and marshy areas make travel dificult, mosquitoes and disease a problem
6 Tarpits often with trapped screaming megafauna and others attracted to feed
7 Valley is covered in snow drifts, hidden ice crevices, glacial caves and melt water streams
8 A strange magical cloud over the valley and volcanic vents keeps it warm and thick vegetation and animal life from early in creation thrive like giant bugs or dinosaurs
9 Broken rocky slopes of rubble, with vents of foul gas, life here is uncommon mostly bugs
10 Thick fungus overgrows everything and area crawling with bugs and slime creatures
11 Valley thriving with megafauna with few hunters ever disturbing life here

12 A thick ancient haunted forest where faerie folk and tree spirits dwell in secret, shunned by humans
13 Grassy hillocks overun by large burrowing rodents. Curious about visitors 
14 Loose glacial gravel and snowdrifts here but ice worms attack travellers and devour them
15 A ancient clan of elder trolls from the dawn age here, practising their ancient ways. nothing like the insane modern cancerous chaos trolls most familiar with. A few humans live among them and speak for the trolls to humans. These humans have learned elder druid magics. The live in ancient mostly empty spires of a citidel dating back to the dawn age 
16 Carnivorous flightless bats hunt by night in this bushland. By day it seems safe but by night screeching terrors roam about fighting and killing and eating
17 In a great volcanic crevice great dragons come to lay eggs here awaiting the time when they will swarm forth and devout the world. Some tribes come to leave them offerings and worship them as gods
18 Vally of the ogres wher these idiotic drooling beasts hunt and dwell in cliff caves. A clan of ogre magi claim rulership of the valley and all enjoy eating human flesh
19 Giant ants dwell here menacing all life here but some humans have learned to use ant scents to mask their own and hide among them for defence. They at times will manipulate ants to do their bidding
20 This hoorible swamp is full of giant amphibians and snapping turtles and a few black dragons
21 A large campsite area where friendly peoples live and seasonally other peoples come here to trade at certain festivals. The permanent inhabitants are great healers and magicians. Natural salt deposits make people come from far away 
22 Tribe here by a lake with houses on reed rafts live by fishing here
23 Tribe of herders dwelling in tents following their animals to pastures 
24 Tribe here have copper trinkets and weapons, their secrets of metal are kept in a cave where they keep dwarf slaves. They are crippled so they cannot escape and are very bitter about situation
25 Warlike tribes with fearsome appearance dress as monsters and spirits, they are hostile to intruders and remains of enemies are gruesomely displayed on poles in valley entrances
26 A tribe of mighty warriors dwell here with fearsome weapons. While they look like humans they are abhuman barbarians made as soldiers by wizards long ago. They hate all magic now with a passion and burning wizards if their greatest joy
27 A tribe here spend spare time carving statues which they then move and erect to guard the valley. It is unclear what powers the statues have but locals dedication is slowly stripping away all the valley vegetation and erosion is destroying their crops. Some have begun to practice cannibalism
28 Ape folk dwell here and hate humans who they keep as slaves. In their stone city they keep humans as beasts of burden, breeding them like cattle. They forbid humans even talk and cut out tongues of those that do. Not all the ape folk agree with this but they cannot resist the priest or warrior caste who worship the ape ancestor at a ziggurat 
29 Hawk folk riding terror birds rule from a zigarut worshipping a pheonix in a volcano. They devour other tribes and throw some to their god or sacrifice others atop their ziggurus. They use obsidian tipped weapons and clubs, bola and javelins with atlatl 
30 A tribe entirely of wizards dwell here sending expeditions seeking magic formula pictographs from caves and ruins. Their ziggarut is a place where they study their arts and call down elemental beings to serve them31 A horrible tribe live here worshiping the old monster gods and sacrificing strangers to demons32 Pterodactyl folk wizards dwell in a volcano city served by orcs who control human slaves
 Troglodyte reptilians dwell here and are hostile to mammals encroaching on their land
Lizard or frog folk dwell in a swamp, occasional ruins are signs of past civilisations
Dark forest filled with stony crevices and cracks into the earth, giant cobwebs form intelligent wizard spiders who record spells on their webs and they enjoy enslaving, eating and sacrificing two legs. Their great queen lives in a ziggurat guarded by huge spiders, a tribe living in valley are their slaves 
A ziggarutt here is being built dedicated to the snake god, serpent folk hybrids rule as priest-kings while humans are slaves
 Humanoid tribes battle for supremacy and control of hunting grounds, caves and herds of pigs
 A unfriendly tribe live here urge you to go away, in reality they are shapeshifting spirit folk or lycanthropes. Occasionally some might try to join you but will keep their secret
A dwarf community live underground, exposed mineral deposits are common and abandoned mine pits common. Vents from below of smoke are the main sign
 Haughty elves live in a walled cliff to keep out monsters and humans. They live as bronze age peoples but will often take human or goblinoid or orc slaves 
40 A tribe of magma folk here worship a volcanic vent they throw victims too. They use obsidian weapons and catch any strangers in the valley for the fire giant god they regard as their ancestor
41 A advanced tribe live in a walled city with goat herds growing barley and chick peas. Their king is a part god with terrible appetites. The population fear him and his lust for their wives and daughters. They fear angering their god but prey their king could somehow be satisfied 

42 A great and terrible monster that ate some gods in the dawn age sleeps here and a local tribe worship is and have burrowed into it's flesh for meat. Overtime the tribe have come to develop characteristics of the monster
43 This rubble strewn valley is covered by bones of giants and dragons from a terrible war with the gods long ago. Wizards and pilgrims come here seeking magical relics and remnants of glyphs on the bones 

44 A great gate decorated with devils is in the mountain, one of the entrances to hell. A tribe of devil worshippers seem friendly to strangers but really that are robbers and murderers. Occasionally a devil walks the land leaving hooves prints in the stone
45 The great beaver spirit long ago built a incredible dam here from a tree that once held up the sky. Beaver folk dwell here now guarding the dam and repairing it using local wood. They have enough water to flood out the lower valleys and lands easily
46 Some battle with the gods and great beasts and giants here long ago left huge footprints and scars in the rock. A gigantic bronze sword here is visited by distant tribes seeking divine metal. A great red lake of blood here attracts monsters and mutants who feed from it
47 The god of death here long ago led an army here then descended into the underworld. Now cults come here to worship at the holy ground. Unread remnants of the army often wander here, thought to be ruled by a necromancer lich from it's ancient tower over a pit to the great underland
48 Long ago the flying palace of a god crashed here from the heavens in a divine war. Shattered ruins and scarred earth remain and some tribes come here to search occasionally finding pretty baubles. Some of the tribes fight over the ruins each claiming them to be their own. Sometimes the dead remains of an angel or giant are found 
49 A huge rotten tree stump hundreds of yards across is here that once touched the sky and was used to reach the heavens and lands in the sky. Now maggot folk burrow through, eating the rotting wood to gain magical power. A great dragon lives among the roots gnawing on them and other beings too including dark elves. Some of the roots bore down to the underland. Locals tell of a great evil that felled the tree that was carried away by the clan of the great beaver spirit
50 The rubble strewn valley has hundreds of huge statues of beings from the dawn age buried waste deep. They were turned to stone by the gods for defying them. Some tribes come to worship them and some hope to restore some to life to be their gods expecting gratitude
 A large thriving tribe worship a lion cult and are building a temple. The will trade and are confidant they have numbers to keep away unwanted guests. The tribe even keep pet lions
52 A hunter cult here have a lodge and welcome strangers to pass their tests to join
53 A great artificial hill with a stone temple underneath with a statue of the earth goddess. Priestess here are healers and ensure crop fertility. Visitors must surrender themsleves to the guardian warriors
54 Large carved multi headed air god totem poles are scattered round the valley and tribes folk are skilled at building wooden houses. Tribal champions serving the storm god fight monsters and enemies supported by priesthood
55 Tribe here worship a ruined temple of the death god and they deposit thousands an of animal skeletons here. The cult grow increasingly evil and welcome wizards to their collection of necromatic spells if they join the cult. They sacrifice a few who do not join the cult and dream of raiding surrounding lands to grow the cult and increase sacrifices
56 The people here have rich food plants by their trails and are growing certain crops near their large settlement. Corn dolls and corn dogs decorate area. Their plant god enjoys ritual combat and seasonal sacrifices of animals or people to bring a plant golem to life each year or when enemies trouble them The golem lasts a season but helps the soil, moves rocks and kills enemies. Will trade food if someone fights their champion. The better you do the more food they will trade
57 Folk here worship a fire fertility god. They cremate their dead and dance naked over flames to improve fertility. Every year they burn a great wicker figure with animals and sometimes humans inside.They consider this a blessing and rescuing people earn enemies for life. Even a rescued victim might be angry
58 Ice caves in the hill attract worshippers of a ice godess who if goods are sacrificed to ensures a mild winter and food over the coldest months. If unsatisfied ice devils roal snowfields and scare away game and bring more snow. Other ice monsters even giants are seen. Locals are wary of displeasing the cult and are wary of strangers who might cause problems
59 Bear cult here are a strong tribe who even have a few pet bears the sacrifice one of yearly. They demand visitors give them food to pass the valley and harm no bears
60  Salt deposits with a salty swamp and lake here and a tribe of fish folk hybrid. They worship fish folk in the lake and catch sacrifices and slaves for them
 There are remains of hunters camps and stone pictograms here but whoever lives here hides completely and avoid all visitors somehow. By night they attack to drive intruders away with thrown rocks and darts
62 Valley entrances are decorated with skulls and blood covered stones. A wizard school dwell in a cave studying prehistoric glyphs. The wizards keep out intruders with illusions, strange fogs and haunted sounds so they can work undisturbed 
63 Stone barrows and scattered ruins are common here but no signs of long habitation in recent centuries. A vampire dwells here once servant of the bat godess cult now they rule here and travel far for victims every night so visitors are welcome. The vampire by evening might even invite guests into his cave. He is also a necromancer
64 Dryad woods with satyr folk abound and tribes shun it. All kinds of peoples have been enslaved here as love toys of the inhabitants. Thick ancient woods and stone monoliths are common
65 A tribe who moved here accidentally uncovered a graveyard of ancient cursed beings and now the tribe are mostly possessed by evil spirits. Those still free are in hiding while the enslaved dig up an ancient evil temple
66 Wizards lived here and were all killed and burned by barbarians. Their bark books and scrolls were burned also but a few barbarians remain to kill any magicians who might come here seeking lore
67 A great ruined complex here has scraps of exotic metal to be found like copper, lead, gold and iron. A tribe of ape folk keep people away from the shunned ruins
68 Mutant ape folk guard a cave with a elder god within. A pool of protoplasmic slime that spawns abominable creatures is their mindless idiot god. Captives are hurled into the slime and come out mutants
69 Many cave systems under this valley some go into the great depths. Underland tribes trade with surface folk here but such trade is often unwholesome. Slaves for magical food are common. If you seem weak someone will try to take you as slaves. Goblins, orcs and evil demihumans and abhumans mostly. Many caves have ancient lore and small ruins are scattered
70 A ruined city here is shunned by most. Golems walk the streets and repair buildings. Some golems are built into walls and have simple single functions like working as a stove or water pump. The golems don't mind visitors unless they steal or damage anything. A few golems are defective and hostile
71 Strange flesh overgrows the valley and weird hairless creatures dwell here living in passages inside the meat landscape. The area seems to be growing at a alarming rate over a formerly barren stony valley. The folk here use bone and teeth and sinew and do not trust wood or stone or metal. They call their land Xor
72 Giant trees cover the land and tribes live inside them and in branches. Elves, halflings, gnomes, humanoids and beast folk abhuman tribes battle for supremacy. Great dinosaurs roam in between the trees
73 This desolate rubble strewn valley has a dim glow by night and some places make visitors sick. Mutant humanoids dwell here and their cult hate outsiders free of the taint. Many carry glowing stones that make normal people sick. The water and food here is all tainted and most shun this place. A great glowing crater in centre has rubble of some ancient buildings in it
74 A flaming volcanic pit in a cave is really a gate to the plane of fire and many strange fire creatures live here. Strange treasures and ancient ruins of fire cults are here also
75 A sacred pool guarded by nymphs is a gate to the plane of elemental water. Water creatures are common here and cults used to throw sacrifices of treasure and bound victims into the sacred pools
76 A great cavern here holds a gate to the plane of earth and various ruined altars and idols decorate the cave and remains of long forgotten animals are scattered around. Cults used to let blood onto the sacred soil here and strange earth creatures live in the valley
77 A cliff top gate to the elemental plane of air is here and many strange air creatures thrive. Shrines abound in high places and desicated bodies in frames remain from some lost culture
78 A great sinkhole in this valley has thousands of years had animals fall to their deaths here. Long ago necromancer wizards came to make a undead army but never got it to the surface before they all died. The wizards cave has all kinds of spells to deal with dead and if found by evil wizards this place will become the headquarters of an evil wizard death cult
79 A tribe dwell here worship a dragon bringing it sacrifices, and shiny trinkets like crystal, amber, coral and pretty shells. The tribe might trade or might try and capture weak looking visitors. Their village has a great wicker dragon they leave offerings before them. The cult leader visits the dragon for wizard training
80 A mesa top shrine occupied by albino mutant cannibal ape folk is a gate platform connected to several ruined cities across the world. The arts required to operate it are mostly forgotten but wizards could open it with experimentation and study. A few odd creatures live here not normally found in the region
81 A stony plateau with processional lines forming complex patters, on the edges remains of cultivation gone wild and caves with pottery and human heads used in fertility magic
82 Stone monoliths and circles and barrows are commonplace in grassy hills and by streams
83 Ancient stone fish traps, food plants around trails and rubble arranged to drive prey into hunter traps from some past people
84 Cave paintings are common here but people vanished. Some cave art shows that something from deep underground was taking them one by one
85 Long lengths of 
cliffs with rock carved symbols are commonplace, many rocks in region marked with symbols 
86 Mummified bodies exposed on platforms and in cliff niches are common, many are have jewellery and fine tools and weapons but they will awake if angered
87 Crumbling ziggaruts, mostly overgrown and rubble are hidden in forests, some have intact chambers and carved art works of strange creatures and lost gods
88 Remains of shattered buildings, ash and carbonised remains of people slain in great magical fire at the end of the last age
89 Burned remains of villages, torn down walls and filled in wells is all that remains of a past civilisation, a few wild crops remain where soil was not salted
90  Eerie idols and totem poles dedicated to fearsome spirits are left here to ward away visitors, the peoples are long gone but monsters roam the area
91 Valley of ancient tombs of the prehuman monster kings, undead are common

92 Petrified forest with ruins of a reptilian city, with degenerate survivors and dinosaurs 
93 Remnants of a ruined metal city populated by golem servants of ancients, regard humans as vermin or stray animals but many wonders remain intact here
94 A city of stone shaped by magic, towers of prehistoric wizards with cave painting spells and pictograms are to be found but often they are guarded by supernatural beings. Wizards and their servants come here looking for magic lore
95 Blasted lifeless area of volcanic rock and ash with undead tribes and megafauna, rubble remains of building formations and broken idols are common
96 Walled ruined city with statues dedicated to demons and devils, some monsters remain
97 Strange ruins with odd angles and organic form. Great green stone and basalt vaults have wards on doors keeping these elder horrors sealed away. A few of their lesser spawn dwell here and cultist tribes come as pilgrims for forbidden lore
98 Huge ruined buildings where giants dwelled and destroyed by gods in the dawn age, degenerate formarian and hill giants remain
99 Thick jungle grows due to magical stable tropical climate. In a great depression a forbidden city populated by tribes of humanoids and monsters remains. Degenerate serpent folk hybrids send out raiders to brig sacrifices and mates. Forbidden lore here attracts evil wizards, some seek a gate back to the past when monster kings ruled world with black magic
100 A valley filled with chasms, gorges, mesa and canyons. Many have carved relief art and buildings cut into them and many humanois tribes live here. Some ancient people lived here and wizards desperately seek their lost wisdom

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