Monday, 18 November 2019

Tech Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

This is the last of these
Last few Broken Hill things for a bit but getting cover art done

d10 Tech Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
1 Broken Hill Scrap Mine - former garbage dump covering large area on edge of the city, collected by robots over cewnturies. Gangs, scavengers, prospectors, mutant creatures, abhumans all come here to pick for loot. Most don't conflict but it happens every few days. Some bring wagons or tribal porters for loot. A few creatures especially flyers lurk here and rats and bugs are common
2 Robot Tower - robots can be seen in pristine building doing stuff. Of many different types and with excellent security systems. The building AI named SAMPSON works to keep humans and hostile systems or malware shut out. The robots are simulating human social behaviours for AI studies. The AI is will fight to keep outside influences out. The robots are highly sociable AI grade robot specialists who pretty decent guys
3 Sweatshop operated by a gang on guard making d4 1=muskets and black powder 2=smelting circuit boards 3=butchering meat 4=scrap firearms 5=drugs 6=stripping robots and cyborgs parts. The biggest such places have all and a gang with slave scrappers. Lots of sheds and caravans and stocks of materials and crates
4 Cyborg police station dedicated to fighting wasteland scum and gangs, AI runs station and killed perps get turned into cyborg cops. Only a dozen at a time can operate linked to AI. Extras aree in cells or frozen. AI will try prisoners under martial law executing some and holding others for reeducation camp that never comes to collect them
5 Ye Royal Theatre - operated by numerous factions for plays, entertainment, recitals, rehearsals and vegetable judging shows. Numerous gangs operate it with help of Theatre AI god a Janus faced muse who keeps out riff raff with robot security and cleaners. Captured humans perform shows and serve counters and bars. It beats trying to eat in wasteland. It has shows every night open to public.Many plays are considered historic and educational. Learened people like to visit for some culture  as do those who aspire to look learned
6 Earth Temple - a green round mound of rubble overgrown with turf with four mossy great blocks of ferrocrete in middle. Secret earth cult rites are held here by various sects some using sacrifices or secret rites they kill any who see. Most keep away as the hippies are quick to arm and go on a murder spree. Underneath is a bunker with an AI and cloning lab. It also likes to grow and release pleistocene wild animals on the surface
7 Mecha Wreck - buried under rubble but insides accessible, visitors inside are looting the complex and others see to activate the military AI. Firefights break out all the time. Some systems could be put online or self destruct activated. Several exotic warheads for use in 4 cannons are inside as well as crew remains and the remains of other visitors.
8 Flight 2274 - passenger airliner crashed and buried under rubble and wings torn off. Baggage and several hundred corpses onboard infected with necrovirus. Local undead spawn from here in tourist clothes. there are atomic fuel cells in engines under the wings
9 Train erupted into street buried in rubble, occupied by a gang using as access to underworld. If one gang goes another moves in. Other creatures, mutants and factions try to move in often. Often are mostly stripped bodies in area 
10 Androids protecting a bunker they use for cyborging and reconditioning humans with psychtronic weapons. They trade parts with robots in return for human slaves. They round up humans on patrol with stun guns. The cyborgs are sent to assist AI in need of combat support. The cyborgs are expendable and effective and the androids want to test necrocyborgs using the zombie virus


  1. Been enjoying this series of posts. They are a good example on how one can have more specific campaign fitting entries while drawing from a more generic source.

    1. basically a local flavour with more specific stuff than my previous more generic one.


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