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Hazard Locations in ruins of Broken Hill

d10 Hazard Locations in ruins of Broken Hill
Crater One - where a mutation bomb dropped spreading area in mutagen contaminants that last a thousand years. Others later dumped drums of waste and chem warheads here and rainbow coloured soils and pools and shrubs now cover the area. Strange mutant bugs, reptiles and plants live in the area. Mutants consider the place holy and come here to leave statues and idols here or dolls here. They consider outsiders here blasphemy and are very protective. The crater leaks into old subways and sewers spreading contaminants under the city. Even the vapours cause visions which mutants say are from the gods
2 The Garden - thick with trees, vines, grass, shrubs and mutant plants many dangerous mutants. Besides the deadly vegetation's natural weapons and occasional mobility, animals live among the vegetation branches and roots. Humans find travel hard going and slow. In light areas a machete helps speed up but most places the trunks are too common and too thick to cut. Plant abhumans from pygmies to giant live here who trap animals to eat. Vegedogs too. Plant creatures herd animals into thorn mazes. Ambulatory killer plants have all kinds of mutant weapons and some can even communicate
3 Minefield - was established to stop vehicles passing where major highways meet. Some mines set to human some to vehicles by tonnage. Some mines respawn from nanite colonies in ground nightly. Some can move about like crabs when noenes looking. Mines vary in tech d6 1=black powder in cast iron pot 2=h jumping frag grenade 3=anti-tech nullifier pulse mines 4=chem mine with hallucinogenic gas 5=incendiary mine 6=neural scrambler mine
4 Murderveldt - an area covered by hostile type of mostly flat vegetation. Some rodent or snake size critters or swarms might live in area. d8 1=razor grass 2=three corner razor jacks, natures caltrops 3=grasping grass grabs legs 4=redvine, grabs and constricts and fire resistant, grows fast 5=dry grass a highly flammable weed makes area fire prone 6=Dream Poppies are fields of flowers emit sleep narcotic effect on animals that end up dead 7=sunflowers, direct sunlight into a hot beam d3 or d4 or d6 or d8 depending on how sunny 8= radflowers release radioactive and psychoactive pollen
5 Graveyard - area contaminated by necrovirus weapons designed to make inhabitants undead to fight survivors, dead bring back corpses here which become more undead. Most avoid the area as when dark sets in undead walk and are hostile to the living. Some strange amalgams of body parts crawl about too
6 Water - creeks and ponds often have dangerous life and is used as roadways by aquatic creatures and abhumans. Any crossing will atract attention of a encounter. Larger ponds might have gigantic creatures. Giant frogs, eels, turtles, fish, yabbies, lizards and crocks are most common. Creek banks are often filled with rubble and mud and reeds. Some roads have bridges over water or water goes through own tunnels but these places attract monsters or gangs as they are bottlenecks. Evidence of fish bones, footprints, rods, fishtraps, small boats in use are common
7 Rubble - rubble often blocks roads and some rubble mounds are significant obstacles covering blocks in some cases often burying buildings in streets beneath. Climbing the rubble is risky, it is slippery and avalanches are easy. Sometimes you fall through a rooftop into a building or into a crevice in rubble hidden by a light layer on top. Sometimes you come across scrap or interesting ruins most miss or sometimes exposed after decades hidden. Certain creatures use the rubble and flying creatures hunt smaller beasts on surface. Once a large pile of rubble clears long buried things are exposed d4 1=car 2=shop 3=tunnels under rubble 4=manhole cover to sewers
8 Abandoned Mine Pit - area is scattered with mines for mostly silver but also for scrap from ruins. Many old mines become inhabited by someone some were homes for surviviors or monster lairs for times. Many mines are dangerous with rotting beams, loose soil, cave ins, concealed pits and shafts. Mine typd d6 1=silvermine now used as a lair by something 2=silvermine now gang home base 3=scrap mine littered with garbage 4=battered old robots, cyborgs and androids in hiding, most with scrap repairs 5=fungus garden with mutant fungi 6=stockpiles of boxed goods possibly with traps or guards
9 Sewer system - crawl way tubes under all the streets draining into creeks and catchment ponds. Prone to flooding in rain but most of year are fine places to shelter or get eaten by monsters from the waterway or rat creatures. Many burrowing creatures have connected them to basements and sub malls. They are cramped for a normal adult who needs to crouch over. Snakes, lizards, dogs, morlocks, rats, feral cats, frogs are common, when water flows aquatic creatures become more common
10 Sub way stations - part of city wide public transport and connected to three big coastal cities via old mach6 vacuum tube train interstate lines. Due to ideal space for lairs in ruined trains, platforms and maintenance rooms they are mostly populated. Many are blocked off by rubble. Areas tend to have a dominantly occupant type in a station or near any structures. d6 1=gang hangout 2=tribal morlocks 3=giant lizard 4=giant rat pack 5=undead mob 6=cybernetic gang 

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