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Previous Habitation of ruins

d10 Story Types in Ruins
01 Apocalypse Event
02 Disaster Zone
03 Feral Hab
04 Synthetics
05 Gang Zone
06 Survivors camp
07 Secret Stockpile
08 Secure Lockout
09 Lair
10 Haunted

d10 Evidence Types
01 Video files on machines or data storage media
02 Data on terminals or devices
03 Written in journals, often in parts with multiple writers
04 Sound files eerily playing in loops
05 Holographic recreations of the past playing in loops
06 Graffiti on walls detailing gangs, dates, population tally
07 Corpses remaining in various positions, condition, dress 
08 Carbonised bodies or desiccated mummies, often collapse when disturbed
09 A witness or survivor explains what happened, might not be human 
10 Strange parapsychic phenomena like auras, spirits and visions of the past

d100 Previous Habitation of ruins
01  Undead creating necrovirus ravaged building and inhabitants ate and killed each other in violent rampage
02 Inhabitants fortified place and massacred by machines, striping parts and wires and leaving bodies
03 Hordes of insane mutants poured in killing defenders and devouring them, all
04 As food ran out survivors killed themselves rather than go outside
05 Survivors sealed in began fighting over resources till all dead
06 Mind controlled mob influenced by psychotronic mind control weapons attacked survivors within
07 Occupants influenced by contrary psychotronic propeganda and killed each other violently 
08 Bio plague or radioactivity kill survivors slowly, inhabitants fear outside worse
09 Gangs attacked killing everyone brutally
10 Robots went wild killing every one due to virus as war broke out 
11 Quake caused damage to building killed many and made inhabitants flee
12 Flooded building made uninhabitable and drove out inhabitants
13 Contaminated by chemical waste and spent nuclear fuel drums, survivors fled
14 Disease broke out and inhabitants scattered to escape after many deaths
15 Fire destroyed vital infrastructure and stores driving survivors away
16 Part of building collapsed blocking entrance and was then abandoned
17 Life support became fungus ridden driving out occupants
18 Technology breakdown and system failure, everything corroded and in decay
19 Power system died and occupants faded away over years
20 Battlefield munitions or mines left in building kept people away
21 Fungus broke out taking over area and attracting ecosystem of mutant life
22 Microscopic creatures have grown into macrobe colonies of slimy single celled horrors
23 Vegetation taken over with ecosystem of mutant creatures
24 Huge mutant vermin type taken over building like rats or roaches
25 Remains of some giant insect or arachnid colony once thrived here, bodies everywhere
26 Someone grew crops in here for several years or possibly fungus or livestock
27 Fleshy mutated flesh grows over everything with occasional ganglia and tentacles
28 Vines and dead leaves have gotten everywhere
29 Ambulant killer Trifern plants barged in to kill human survivors and left adter humans consumed after a season
30 A large killer mutant beast had lair in here after taking over from survivors
31 Someone inside building was really part machine or fully synthetic and killed everyone 
32 AI operating building used safety systems and drones to kill everyone
33 Vehicle or military weapon hit building, now a AI time bomb made inhabitants flee
34 Cyborgs made from former friends bodies hunt and kill everyone inside
35 Androids offered humans chance to leave then massacred them once in open
36 Survivors became cyborgs to last longer and now serve the AI or a control brainborg
37 Machines and synthetic beings controlled building until humans attacked destroying them all and looting place
38 Security robots used to serve occupants but turned and killed everyone
39 Swarms of drones poured in shredding everybody leaving a few dead drones
40 Enemies besieging building unleashed a great scrap robot beast killing occupants
41 A gang took over survivors but abandoned place after several attacks 
42 Two gangs had struggle over building with many killed both sides
43 Slavers occupied building leaving manacles and cages
44 Cannibal gangs cooked and ate occupants and have returned here to cook victims
45 A gang raided the building killing and looting everything then leaving after making a mess
46 A gang burrowed in from beneath to attack driving out survivors
47 A vigilante organisation based here were mass murdered by unified gangs
48 A gang used aerial means to get soldiers inside the complex
49 Someone inside group let the gang in who destroyed everyone
50 Gangs used overwhelming force to crush survivors inside
51 A hidden colony thrived here in secret for years secure from outside but hungry and fearful
52 A armed camp and trading post operated here until attacks and other markets too trade away
53 Farmers fortified area and grew crops and kept animals but area proved too dangerous and they left
54 Bunker occupants fled home and settled here operating clinic and helping locals but drug dealing gangs drove them out
55 Refugees took shelter here and were massacred by a gang with survivors sold into slavery
56 A rooftop garden operated mostly in secret and still grows well with limited care
57 A hidden garden on upper floor or basement or courtyard
58 Hunters camped here often after original inhabitants died in war
59 Prospectors digging for salvage camped here for a time until a gang killed them all
60 Criminal organisation enslaved survivors here and turned into a criminal enterprise like drug production 
61 Disease control centre including tents, ABC suits, drugs, medical supplies, field lab, hospital beds, field surgery 
62 Military stockpile including foot lockers, ammo, camp supplies, vehicle parts, radio, chamo nets, barbed wire, entrenching tools 
63 Wasteland gang stockpiled fuel, arrows, food, water, mystery dried meat
64 Settlers stored root vegetables and grain and beans, seeds, hide, farming supplies, water, animal feed
65 Animal store food here such as nuts or corpses or paralysed prey or rotting corpses
66 Motor gang stored parts and fuel here
67 Criminal cartel hoard vice, stolen goods or dangerous items hidden away from authorities
68 Gang stockpile of black powder weapons like muskets, flintlock pistols and a cannon or 1in6 zip and pipe guns and boxes of low calibre cartridge ammo
69 Tribal cache of flints, arrows, spears, shields, boomerangs, clubs, woomera, wooden bowls, ochre, emu eggs with water inside, ornate sticks, grain, root vegetables, nuts  
70 Feral gang stockpile with beer kegs, bales of drugs, music light and sound system
71 Automated system shutter secured building inhabitants died
72 AI system shutter secured building and kept generations or survivors alive for a hundred years or so without change
73 Robots and automated guns kept out intruders for generations and kept away occupants 
74 Booby traps everywhere left by some faction to claim for themselves, lower floors and entrances trapped and stairwells and lifts 
75 Fearsome guard beasts have been set loose in here by some faction to keep enemies out
76 Building AI locked out humans since war started and kept isolated
77 Morlocks build mechanical traps everywhere to secure several floors for prisoners to eat
78 Morlocks moved inside of walls and ceilings and lured victims inside with scrap and food 
79 Was a pristine sealed habitat for generations before structure decay forced dwellers to leave 
80 Entrances blocked but secret entries to reach inside where hidden small group lived for years
81 Beast abhuman clan lived here for generations as hunters living in the ruins in secret
82 An advanced wrecked console from a eldren base with a damaged radio uplink to a orbital station, Observers lived here reporting on earthly happenings for generations
83 A mixed animal abhuman bandit gang lived here for years but was driven out by other gangs
84 This was occupied by canetoads in the wars of old. A canetoad flag, presidential portrait some toad busts and other insignia are about
85 A concealed orungutang secret observers base with several bunks and a radio link to the Orung empire but dead batteries
86 Tribal ceremonies were held here and painted mythical topographical maps decorate area. Signs area populated by camping human and abhuman beast tribes
87 A tribe of miniature peoples lived here once and put in adorable little concealed doors and tiny hidden houses
88 Rodent folk lived here in old times, digging more openings and extra passages
89 Reptilians lived years here worshipping dragons and dinosaurs until they finally found a living kaiju god to god worship and left
90 Slime covered mutants spent decades of insane gibbering at each other in in the dark, horrible slime covered mess
91 Holograms try to scare people away who approach, 1in6 have killer security holograms, AI has found supernatural manifestations work well
92 Demonic looking mutant horror dwelled here and locals afraid though nobody has seen the beast
93 A cult meet here for sacrifices, booze and drug orgies in private using previous VIP area
94 Mutant cultists came here to worship in secret but moved taking their drums of contaminant with them, Strange glowing hand prints appear by night
95 Mutant or psychic with strange powers lived in this shunned place
96 A long lived old person with powers lived here for hundreds of years collecting clutter and people still shun the place though nobody has seen them
97 Undead used to nest here by night until someone with a flamer drove them out
98 Area crawling with necromutant horrors until religious zealots drove them away
99 A undead motor gang operated from underground garage here for years
100 A vampire lord dwelled here with servitors until explorers cleansed the lair 

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