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Silverton Sprawl Celebrities

So this is significant players in the Silverton area formerly the southern most part of Broken Hill now occupied by the Warlord, settlers and allied gangs. Silver City covers several fortified blocks with a larger area, the sprawl covered by watch towers, trenches, barbed wire and mines. The ruins describes the greater broken hill area to the north.

A bit on the Warlord's domain:
The warlord taxes found technology, vehicles, power cells, ancient meds, ammo, fuel, food and water. In case of tech items taken will be exchanged for a lower value item, food or other services from the warlord's business dealings in brothels, inns, bars, medics and repair shops. Common scrap is untaxed. Those operating in the Silver City sprawl are taxed 50% and many move to the ruins instead. Defence is the main service of the Warlord. Those serving the warlord or in his favour have reduced taxes of 30% or even 10% but still enforces trade of desirable special tech items for inferior ones.

Within the walled central part of silver city the population is dense and the law strict. The rest of Silveton is a semi cleared ruin where settlers are starting farms. Regular patrols, irrigation and monster hunters keep area safe but locals complain of the cost. They all fear living without the warlords army.

In the ruins of the city all kinds of monsters, maniacs and mutants roam. Settlers here tend to focus on heavy defences or secrecy like roof gardens with limited access. Silver city rangers defend any decent looking folk or innocents. The warlords army in the ruins mostly fight gangs and monsters but tolerate adventurers.

1sp to enter the gates plus submit to a tax man search 1in4 times if not citizen
Citizens pay 100sp for a year or 100gp for life with a card issued and names kept on record
Silver class citizens searched 1in6 by taxmen and are considered second class
Gold class citizens searched 1in10 by taxmen and are considered solid locals
-evaluated for citizenship over d4 weeks and awarded citizen papers by the Warlord

Laws and authorities treat visitors, silver and gold differently with unfair fines biased to the rich. A visitor harming a gold citizen will probably be executed on the spot while a gold citizen can kill a visitor. Long serving officials and veterans are rewarded with silver or gold status. Women in the town have many positions of high status and various women led groups support the warlord for this versus the wasteland scum. Many amazons serve the warlord directly.

d10 Quick Types

01 Warlord's Elite
02 Merchants
03 Community
04 Mutants
05 Factions
06 Cults
07 Criminals
08 Popular
09 Downtrodden
10 Ambassadors

d100 Title

01 Gideon Pile - The Wasteland Warlord, leader of Silver City and the region by strength of his gang
02 Mavis Crow - the iron maiden, leader of the warlords amazon bodyguards
03 Lord Amok - commander of the warlords army, masked mutant maniac
04 Selene Black 045 - warlords secret police chief, former bunker dweller security chief 
05 Dr Susan Vortis - warlords science adviser, doctor and interrogator 
06 Camden Birdman - organises, regulates and taxes food production in warlord area 
07 Bazza McCready - runs the scavengers, a mob of jobless poor and convicts who salvage scrap systematically from ruins for gruel
08 Norman Beardley - treasurer of the warlord who administers cash and storage of treasure and artefacts. The best are in a museum and well guarded
09 Breaker Fortynine - runs the mechanised infantry and vehicle corps responsible for fighting vehicular road gangs
10 Bonnie Breaker - runs gladiator fighting pits, prisons and regulates the slave trade
11 Elon Bonito - the Scrap King, sells scrap parts and various junk from towns largest scrap shop, employs lots of mutant labourers and offers work to the needy
12 Laura Silver - banker and in charge of the cities silver mint, loves luxury and status
13 Barney Ghekko - leader of mercenaries company the silver spears who provide caravan guards mostly, former tribal and knows the wastes, tribes and gangs well
14 Doc Harper - treats all comers wounds fast and willing to conduct cyborging and other mods frowned on by healer cults, employs a few helpers and might heal needy in return for scavenging ruins for meds or ingredients of drugs
15 Molly Rocksov - runs biggest brothel and vice pit catering to soldiers and mercenaries plus a VIP bar for merchants
16 Patty Mummer - feed market owner, supplies animal fodder and buys exotic creature meat and skins from the ruins, pluss sells live creatures and waggons ans operates a stable service
17 Donny Prescott - slave trader, buying and selling mostly used humans , deals with lots of gang and scum but only buys citizens of Silver City if debtors for limited contracts for a few years
18 Glinda Goldgrub - runs a casino, pawnshop and loan shark emporium, she is very greedy and employs all kinds of scum for many reasons
19 Lowdry Chowder - of the Cabbagelander trading caravan that moves food and settlers from east in return for scrap and silver
20 Corby Fliechman - from southern ruins of Madlay Torrenz Traderz company, brings in scrap, food and slaves and often take mercenaries back
21 Brick Rathmore - leader of the miners brotherhood causes trouble with warlord often but only so far as they need protection. Includes silver miners and scrap prospectors
22 Betty Green - leader of the united farmers movement, always demanding water and protection and better prices and less tax 
23 Sister Mary Grey - healer priestess who runs charity hospital
24 Alex Thoth - publisher of printed illustrated news tabloid and believes in the supernatural
25 Corman Drudge - leader of the workers party, protect common labourers and organises strikes, barley tolerated by officials who know the damage the party can cause
26 Billy Jackthorn - prospectors guild leader who runs a underground par and several secret safe houses for members in ruins, don't include silver miners and often avoid taxes
27 Old Grandma Poss - possum abhuman leads animal folk in the sprawl who are often treated poorly
28 Mandy Kane - leader of Silver City rangers a vigilante organisation tolerated by warlord who act as a militia, bounty hunters and lawmen in the sprawl and ruins. They predate the warlord who has a non interference deal with him. They wear distinct uniforms, hats and badges and are expert sharp shooters and trackers 
29 Lord Stumpy - leader of the beggers guild and the shanty towns just outside the city sprawl who are not permitted entry but beg visitors to pay entry fees. Most members quit if the make any money
30 Geezer B Goode - leader of feral settlers who grow fuel and drug crops and hold parties, increasing wealth has attracted interests of crime and the Warlord
31 Seleez Gorax - leader of the mutant brotherhood who protects mutant villagers and  workers from anti mutant factions and gangs or mistreatment
32 Brother Piebald - mutant cult priest dispeces charity and aid to opressed mutants
33 Arlexak - chimeric shape shifting serial killer lives in sewers and murders daily
34 Mother White Eye - mutant gifted with foresight and locals fear her
35 Silverado Fantang - leader of mutant bandit leader raids settlers and helps mutants escape
36 Caleb - leader of mutant workers performing menial jobs and farm labour and dwell in sewers under the sprawl and ruins
37 Thulen Fire Lance - anti human mutant terrorist wanted for spreading contaminants in water
38 Zora Cephal - mutant leader gathering the most powerful mutants into a vigilante org to protect mutants and settlers who help mutants, many fear their strange powers
39 Brother Deadhead - a necromutant leader of banished necrovirus plague carriers that actually include many undead, locals scare children with stories of them. They act in secret in the sprawl40 Xanthos Quark - a blue morlock dwarf cannibal cult leader who burrows into the sprawl for victims to eat. The gang have a secret ruin stronghold and several tube station bases
41 Mullaway Black Emu - tribal chief
42 Dr Morgana Greywitch - restorer of ancient tech and collector of artefacts, while not a fan of the warlord he is the provider of stability. Her subterranean lair is a museum temple and school
43 Buggsy Fantasm - mutant herder of giant insects who is teaching other farmers about bugs
44 Una Petersen - hates robots, AI, androids and blames apocalypse and human fall on them. Often preaches about them infiltrating community 
45 Old Murdoch - postmaster general who trains orphans as messengers and is in contact with far off cities by the postal cult
46 Mona Clarion - leads the water bearer sect who run irrigation and wells and dole out water rations in droughts. She has workers building a great underground cistern
47 Floyd Redhand - preaches formation of a democratic state mostly seen as a curiosity and potential troublemaker
48 Pasco One - tags name all over sprawl ans sometimes ruins, wanted by the law for slandering the warlord
49 Brother Astelin - tech shunning farmer leads a sect refusing tech above basic gunpowder 
50 Mother Hubbard - cares for orphans and protects them from slavers, helps them get legit jobs
51 Malaras Liceworm - priest of the atom cult, filthy and hated by most, offers to take anyone to the contaminated holy places
52 Red Annie - preaches comunism to poor and mutants and is hated by most well off persons
53 Guyan Tor - leads an apocalypse cult seeking the doomsday weapons to unmake the world and serve evil military AI's that might give them nukes. Has contact with gangs in ruins and seeks recruits
54 Sister Maynard - scholar of ancient texts who pays for old documents and data files and knows ancient lore, archivist cult leader
55 Brother Harlon White - preaches peace and love, people like to listen to him and he can calm mobs and rioters but many of his followeres are murdered each year
56 Sir Erebus Prime - purist templar leader urges all to kill mutants, barley tolerated and occasionally leads a mob, avoided five assassination attempts. Has a small bodyguard of armoured men and serve as anti mutant mercenaries, some settlers want mutant land and favour him
57 Master Talmain Gorgoroth - demon worshipper encourages decedent selfish sadists to abuse those outside the town sprawl. More about drinking than ceremonies but has links to worse cults in sprawl 
58 Scruffy Baggersly - drug dealer with his ambulent drug crops, popular at parties and always hungry with his dingo Dooby 
59 Blarney Phingers - a romantic collector of ancient pop culture and trhe deep religios wisdom of the ancients it conceals
60 Zebidy Husk - well known farmer sacrifices victims in secret with his inbred redneck family to blood thirsty mobile corn plants to keep them from wandering
61 Gabby Ratshank - runs the biggest juve gang in the sprawl making younger members pass increasingly hard tests some which are fatal. Many parents want her dead, others bribe her because better the devil you know
62 Carlos Grizzleby - smuggler, former merc has multiple secret tunnels into the sprawl to avoid tax evasion
63 Orla Fang - runs a gang of thugs who prey on explorers returning from the ruins
64 William Bilby - runs a gang with animal abhumans and mutants who lease out services to other gangs or legit people wanting someone beaten up. Debt collecting most common work
65 Hillson Cray - conman selling fake ruin maps and also sets up explorers into ambushes or monster lairs so he share can loot of dead. Knows gangs and monsters
66 Vinny Calzone - old man from east came as farmer turned mob boss now retired. He does consult for anyone needing info on crime, gangs or finding stolen goods. Has four large sons and their dingo abhuman pal. Always eating pasta and family all names after items on Italian restaurant menu
67 Grink Filborn - assassin for hire runs a knife sharpening shop and sells weed killer and poison bait for pesky animals
68 Topaz Topper - leader of thieves guild tolerated by warlord and pays her taxes, rents out her people as scouts and spies and sends lesser ones scavenging in sprawl and ruins
69 Garrick Fudge - sells and buys dodgy goods stolen, dangerous, defective or that the warlord would usually take
70 Black Eagle - tribal man deals with tribes for criminals often use for smuggling or even murder
71 Alan Countdown - bard sings the top ten songs of the town about drought, bandits, cannibals, mining, saucy mutants and more but keen to learn new songs. Mostly blues or folk or bush ballads, plays lots of instruments
72 Oaty Bigmouth - town crier, knows recent news, local history, who's who and 
73 Shiela Criminy - former drover, truck driver now barmaid, veteran of the wastes and hero in the Canetoad wars, knows everyone, strong as a cow
74 Mindy Silvermoon - exotic dancer popular with mercs and miners who throw silver coins on her stage to get her attention, friend of the warlord and has guards and maids and gimps who carry her in a palanquin about town 
75 Outback Jack - old man in safari suit with huge beard tells tall tales of survival and mutant monsters, catches snakes and giant bugs menacing folk in sprawl he sells or releases
76 Skip - lady kangaroo abhuman saved many children and outwitted dozens of crims. She is also a mechanic and bomb expert, sometimes drives her GEV jet hovercar
77 Miss Chin Lee - Chinese chef runs her Golden Scorpion restaurant and cooks up strange monsters from the ruins 
78 Old Orung - exile from the Orungutang empire up north, very wise, knowledgeable about terrible ancient secrets and can build up to 1950s technology of his homeland. Can be reluctant to change local civilization
79 Toadflap - prisoner from the Canetoad invasion forces he runs a alleyway grog shop selling rum and drugs. He is only canetoad allowed to live in town and knows the warlord
80 Nanny Gobbler - goat abhuman doe, likes to eat all kinds in normally inedible things to determine their properties or contamination. She often acts a a food taster or 
81 Lil Milton - pathetic mutant urchin begs by gates, mutations change every time you see him
82 Ols Suzie - old woman catches rats and vermin she sells cooked on sticks
83 Crazy Sam - old mad prospector tells wild stories of life in rubble
84 Billy Cripplelegs - old miner lives in a box has wheeled box for legs after landmines found, begs for money and booze, knows mining and ghost stories
85 Weeping Widow - in rags sobbing for family lost in the wasteland
86 Minky Bauble - village idiot, drooling friendly fool says hello or goodbye to everyone coming in and out, sees more than people think, loved by locals
87 Shifty Pete - offers help finding local vice hotspots  and where to find any depravity for a few coins, offers things you wish you had never heard of
88 Emil Minty - a feral kid who steals food scraps and hangs round, warlord insists he be let in
89 Sick Vinny - drunken street dwelling sadist, coward and trouble maker, cons visitors and leads to doom with gang buddies, preys on week and gullible, steals children 
90 Cappy Blackbeard - old former gang leader actually still in contact with various gangs and acts as a spy for a rival warlord of the wastes to the north
91 Duke Greenwart - a recent arrival from the the Canetoad Empire, he is establishing the embassy and is granting gifts to people of influence. Many hate canetoad abhumans and few are ever welcome in the city. Hopes to buy silver and slaves
92 Count Orange - orung abhuman from the advanced jet age empire of islands above Oz. The count is here to be friendly and show advanced tech from his homeland including a long range, airships and jets. In future their ambitions will change will sell bolt action rifles and revolvers, motorbikes and scooters and jeeps
93 Peter Peanut - from farmers of bannanaland always paranoid about canetoads invading and trades in fruit, sugar and rum
94 Lady Tiger Tannako, ambassador from the Empire from the sun most advanced peoples with ambitious interests beyond their maritime empire. They have traded portable transistor radios and helped local radio stations. She is wary of Orungs and caetoads but friendly to others. They like to buy ancient tech and robots and operate a free cinema with subtitled films
95 Samantha Light - ambassador from crow eaters at war with various wasteland raiders and rabbit abhumans. Brings in food often recruits labour and mercenaries and on good terms with amazons
96 Clifford Wallaby - represents bigger tribal groups who trade food and furs for weapons and medical treatment but are notoriously hard to deal with. Provides barers and guides and negotiates for passage through tribal land. Warlord keeps on good terms with them and they inform him of gangs and travellers by smoke signals
97 Homer Phillips - old farmer ambassador from Sapsucker lands who provide many settlers and agricultural knowhow. The warlord has sent busloads of troops to support their wars with rat abhumans and zombies
98 Rahmid Pandu - from cornlands comes to trade food and seeks aid but hostile to Bannanalanders, Cabbagelanders and Gumsuckers. Works to supplant other powers
99 Grace Filpatrick - noble from cabbageland trades food for aid against zombieland, serious and operates mission providing medical aid to settlers
100 Kakala Khan - reptile abhuman agent of the reptilian alliance who believe they ruled before humans erroneously. Provide troops for the warlords campaign 


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