Sunday, 24 November 2019

Runequest Glorantha at Mewlbourne Uni

Me at RQ con in person!

battle for peloria a fun wargame we half goth through
run by a fellow 1/72 mini fan

so called mini in glorantha god war game

 here is game set up
khan of khans looked good so i got one

Chaosium stall
second hand service was good i got 14 books

Crimson bat eye view
i never got to deploy this piece
but i threatened people with horrible death as bat fodder if they wouldn't accept quiet suicide at home

Was good to meet smart ppl and chat with RQ gamers my age
Sold most of what i brought at ok prices
Melb still has gamer anarchist puinks too so had good pub chats after

Lots of nice buildings and graffitti too. Lots of good game shops.
Mindgames was good.

Id consider living here 
Did spend night in a cumphy chair in a dumpster i found in street

Inspired me to go to more cons and have my own merch

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  1. Great to see Runequest represented so well! Glad you had an excellent adventure (or 4)


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