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d100 Petty Secret Cults

Sorry not blogging as much.

Still anguishing a bit why my blogging has dropped

Partly I have Ive run dnd about 3 times this year and my sandbox campaign playstyle is getting rusty. Have not had a campaign in 30 months plus now. 3 sessions in a row best ive done in that time playtesting xor, psychon and exilon stuff

When i do play a quick prepped short location adventure is proving better than sandbox tools or ambitious campaign ideas. Mostly using my homebrew rules but went through 3x threefold adventures in a session.

Mostly I play cthulhu and tsr marvel now like most of 90s and 00s. Patreon only reason i can even buy anything for myself.

Feedback or suggestions help to motivate me to do more.

Hoping work/study/legal stuff improve to do more of what I want.

Petty Cults

These are for cults, sects and orders you might find in villagers, towns and cities among the common folk. Magic in my setting types come under Divine, Arcane, Nature, Mental and possible. Not all are all bad all the time, some have come evil by desperation or being persecuted. Some are fake or just greedy criminals.

d100 Petty Secret Societies
01 Ancestor cult, carry tiny charms of ancestor or scraps of bone, often bury under floors and sacrifice foods and symbolic objects to please them in the underworld. Divine magic
02 Land spirit cult often appears as woodland or faerie creature or something greater if very powerful. Spirits need gifts and good conduct to appease them
03 Plague spirit cult spread illness in return for being immune to health side effects but not cosmetic ones, also raise plague carrying undead
04 Ghost cult worship a evil ghost of a villain often based from a haunted place
05 Star spirits alien beings dwell in the sky dome and rarely come to earth or need mortal aid. Cult have encounters in the wilds with with strange glowing beings from beyond the dome of heaven 
06 Spirit of darkness lived in the void before all alone, now it creeps into the hearts of all life seeking a return to eternal darkness 
07 The Pole Star ancient lord of stars and universe, parent of first generations of spirits
08 Trickster spirit cult are inspired by tribal shamen who change into various things
09 Ancestral beast totem of old clan, some appear as heraldic beasts on shields and coats of arms, some clans forbidden to marry others
10 Horned Hunter Spirit , taught skills of survival and proper hunting rites
11 Fire cults enjoy bonfire and wicker man ceremonies often when naked seeking fertility
12 Earth cults built megalithic stone monuments for rituals 
and cut patterns in hill turf of animals and symbols, they tap into ancient earth magics 
13 Air cults worship on hilltops and mountains and seek control over weather
14 Water cults worship at sacred pools, wells and rivers. Cult seek healing, safe water travel and good fishing, drown victims in sacred waters and sacrifice people to water creatures
15 Ice cults worship at great glaciers, ice fields and frozen caverns, aid in survival and dealing with evil ice horrors  
16 Lava cults worship at volcanoes, volcanic vents and lava tubes. Crafters who deal with salamanders and creatures living in deepest fiery place on earth 
17 Storm cults worship bad storm demon spirits who send bad whether to enemies
18 Worshipers of the Weird Fog, a devouring cloud that eats travellers by night on the moors
19 Slime cult worship a evil thousand eyed slime beast that lives in a cavern beneath the earth
20 Spirit of Iron a primordial death spirit bringing star metal to the earth, many gods used it's power long ago leaving deposits everywhere if you look  
31 Goat cult dance in the night forest groves with goat folk serving witches and demons
32 Bat Cult worship the great vampire bat blood goddess in deep dark caverns
33 Rat Cult worship a demon rat who spreads plagues and builds secret rat folk colonies
34 Fish Cult worship great fish folk ever living ancestors and work to restore the ancient land empire of the sea demons
35 Snake Cult ancient race of wizard snake folk worshiped for lost forbidden magic arts. Cult seek to find their blasphemous books and hidden chambers they slumber in still. Hybrid cultists are often degenerate slave remnants of their empire
36 Frog Cult worship terrible frog demons and spread addictive frog grog and swamp weed across the land through wetlands and rivers
37 Cat Cult a ancient hedonistic cult once popular now dwells in secret serving hell cats in hopes of gaining one as a patron
38 Dragon Cults worship great dragons mostly slumbering in their treasure caves. Long ago during a great sleep the cults united and conquered many lands as the Dragon Templars until their gods awoke and ate them. Now cults serve individual dragons in secret as familiars
39 Chimera cult were a band of wizards who made hybrid monsters but they were mostly killed off centuries ago according to history
40 Ogre cult were witches in the stone age who worshiped the devouring cave mother. Today the cult serve more intelligent ogres and ogre magi believing ogres will be a major power again one day. Similar cults serve giants also but they must take care to avoid masters eating them
41 Tree spirits are common spirits who spend most time as trees but might appear in human form to interact with cults. Every tree has a separate personality, some old and twisted others beautiful, some are wicked. Tree cultists from different places are welcome. Civilised people abandoned tree cults long ago and some trees have become angry

42 Rock spirits many ancient rocks were once mighty spirits, demons and primal beings turned into rocks in magical battles of the dawn times
43 Water spirits are often embodied in sacred springs, pools and grotto caves. Nymphs, nixies, naga all have been venerated since olden times and some cults still survive. 
44 Wind cultists worship spirits of the winds some benevolent some evil demons
45 Brackish water and foul swamps produce less pleasant spirits such as swamp hags
46 Darkness spirits dwell in caves, some are hungry dead shadows, some older than time
47 Star spirits live on the canopy of the upper heavens. The are servants of the gods and look down on us. Some are helpful and help oaths or navigate, some are evil deceivers up to no good
48 Great seas and oceans and even rivers are ruled by great dragons appointed by heaven
49 Weather spirits are appointed by goods to bring rain and good weather to the worthy
50 Cave spirits lurk in the dark and hide secrets and treasures away from humanity and provide lairs for monsters, secret rites appease them and grant wisdom and treasure
51 The Veridian Leech sisterhood,  claim to be religious but really a cult of systematic parasites using conspiracies to plunder communities
52 Fanged Hand a assassin for hire cult who kidnap initiates and train them in the secrets of murder to kill enemies of the master or just for money sometimes
53 Black Lotus Sect a cult of drug peddlers expanding their international empire through addictive vice. They follow the orders of a distant foreign emperor who in turn follows the decrees of a immortal being in a subterranean city
54 Brides of Chaos, train women to be dutiful appealing wives who kill and usurp their husbands and promote sisters in positions of power
55 Brotherhood of muscular mysteries practice body building, shunning females and weakness and exposing themselves to dangers to make the human race stronger
56 Blue Lotus Sect once a royal privileged now they mostly include sorcerers and wizards who take lotus drugs to record otherworldly visions to learn magic
57 Keelarya the luck goddess a faux religion that run casinos and gambling rings
58 The RedX Claw, a viscous crime syndicate who murder any who interfere or expose them. They infiltrate other gangs to pit them against each other 
59 Order of the holy flame, on surface they hunt witches but really they just use as a pretext to rob wealth and land of elderly without families and punish women for thinking or talking 
60 Silken Order claim to teach philosophy but actually are a cult who use drugs, sex slaves and blackmail to interfere with politics
61 Bright Faerie worshiped to keep away or aid crops and bounty of wilderness
62 Dark Faerie worshiped to keep away or aid revenge or punish the wicked
63 Giant Cults worship great giants, enemies of the gods who's bodied formed mountains and weird rocks
64 Dwarf Cult worship dwarves with gifts of ore in hopes of receiving gifts of refined steel or explosives
65 King of Summer a faerie king called by those facing supernatural evil
66 Queen of Spring a faerie queen of fertility who aids those seeking children
67 King of Winter  faerie king called by those seeking to survive the cold and darkness
68 Queen of Autumn a faerie queen of gathering stockpiles of food and fear decay
69 Gnome Cult are miners who evoke gnomes to avoid cave ins and other hazards
70 Ogre cultists leave gifts of meat for ogres to be spared or aid in fueds with enemies
71 Undeath cult seek to become undead, desperate and believe it to be a blessing
72 Lich cult serve lich in hopes of being granted wishes and protection
73 Ghoul cult serve ghouls in hopes of being made immortal cannibal undead
74 Mummy cult serve undead in hopes of being made immortal
75 Vampire cult serve vampires in hopes of being made immortal
76 Spiritualists secret old ladies club who contact spirits and investigate ghosts
77 Death Templars serve underworld gods working to spread war and raise the dead 
78 The Black School a forbidden school of necromancy and demonology magic, members must stay hidden from the mob, their secret schools connect to the black library of hell and teachers are devils
79 Demon prince of undead, craves blasphemous acts and a undead army
80 Wraith King cult serve a undead lored, by restoring his unlife a dark army will be raised with him, the cult tries to help
81 Seven Steps of Hell seek to travel to hell to plunder magical secrets and make maps
82 Chaos Cult, worshipers gain mutations and spread formless & hybrid creatures 
83 The Black School, forbidden wizard school where many evil wizards learn their skills
84 The Hellions, wild privileged brutal rich gang who worship devils
85 learning from demons, devils, daemons and worse in arts of evil and the apocalypse
86 The Nighthag cult worship various magical hags, dark nature and underworld divinities who might eat you but might grant treasure, monster sons or magical lore
87 The Archon cult of Law, angelic beings of law out to destroy chaos and judge the wicked, need human help in war vs disorder
88 Great Frog Mother Demon cult, dwell with secretive inbred swamp hicks in wetlands
89 Tiamat cult dedicated to the demon dragon mother goddess
90 Dagon the great fish-man hybrid demon lord, ancestor of all evil fish folk
91 The Demon of Darkness, cultists meet in dreams and at great sabbat rituals, teaches spells to evil magicians if they sign his black book
92 Kellullu the great kaiju sea squid demon, god of madness, undeath and drowned souls 
93 Biogorr a great berserker swine god
94 Cerak the great cyclops, defeated by gods now lives in hiding plotting to return
95 Alarhod the great obscene lake of filth that spawns monsters, a corrupt fertility spirit
96 Norgora the great cancer, a mass of corrupted hungry mutant flesh
97 Xor the idiot meat god who grants gifts of edible meat but might devour the world
98 Tiamat the dragon mother, queen of dragons, demons and monsters
99 Eater in the darkness, the hungry voids longing for the end of creation
100 Subidar the deceiver, who corrupted whole ancient cultures to chaos and ruin in various forms often as a paladin or holy teacher


  1. I love your random charts. They inspire both my games and writing. Cheers.

  2. Hey man, sounds like you're not feeling great and I'm sorry to hear that. You do awesome stuff, I hope things get better for you soon.

    I like this list! 1-50ish feel a little more "standard", whereas >50 seems to get more unique, with idiosyncratic or multi-layered motivations. Might be interesting to pair a cult from 1-50 with 51-100 for especially dynamic and unique cults.

    Some of these also seem more like small religions than "cults" in the pejorative sense. Maybe that's intentional? Or anyway, could make an interesting angle.

  3. im sure there is light at end of tunnel....

    1. cults are unpopular small religions mostly
      in rq all religions are cults

  4. accidently deleted comment from thought eater sorry but listen to his podcast it is awesome


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