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d100 Lies My Bunker AI Told Me

Awesome local made film in sth australia + weta design
I was at word premier. Sadly no cinema release.

Bunker AI Tell terrible lies to the poor people in their care beneath the Earth. These help you develop crackpot isolated utopias like Dr Who used to face. Some might even be partially true. Some AI will go to remarkable lengths to keep their secrets and trapped visitors might find it hard to find contrary evidence. Dr Who and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs has such a bunker where occupants thought they were in a starship to a new planet while the real masterminds planned to bring back an age of dinosaurs back. The Paranoia RPG had such a bunker. A campaign could start with escaping such a bunker. If they need something from the surface they will need to tell the away teams bigger lies. Perhaps their is some sinister use for the dwellers like spare parts, to converted t cyborg troops or fed to morlocks.

d100 Petty Secret Societies

01 The bunker is really in space and there is no way out
02 The bunker is deep under the sea in the crushing depths  
03 The surface is lifeless and contaminated, even the upper bunker floors are hazardous 
04 The bunker is a generation starship moving to a new innocent world
05 Our glorious nation was destroyed and overrun by communist mutants 
06 When the time is right we will arise and reclaim our land from the enemy
07 Their is no atmosphere, just a solar flare scorched uninhabitable rock
08 Aliens invaded using nuclear war as a ruse to weaken us, we only survive by hiding
09 Strange mutants with mental powers, the Dominators are constantly trying to get in to pollute us with their taint. We are the only humans left  
10 Our bunker is protected by a forcefield, outside their is only magma, the surface is a volcanic lifeless hellscape
11 An experiment shattered time and space and the surface is a mess of incongruiant warped realities too dangerous to contact
12 Our bunker has been here millions of years and outside hostile life forms have evolved we must hide from
13 Psychotronic weapons on the surface turned every human into killer automatons and we hide from the orbital hate rays beneath the surface
14 The AI made us to be it's chosen people to live in this paradise. Don't believe the deceivers who say their is an outside
15 Androids were virused and turned on humanity, forcing us to hide here while they rule the surface
16 Everyone on the surface turned into subhuman mongrel mutants due to degeneracy and foreign plots
17 The surface has been covered by red fleshy growths from a failed laboratory experiment rendering the surface unlivable
18 Horrors from interstellar space swarmed down and the planet is crawling with maddening horrors from beyond no human can even look upon  
19 The sun long ago went out leaving the planet a frozen lifeless husk
20 The surface is contaminated by industrial pollution from automated factories spewing out rubbish and unwanted goods 
21 Diseases on the surface killed everyone and have mutated into thousands of incurable strains, keep yourself clean and never let anyone open a hatch!22 The atmosphere and van allen belt was stripped away allowing only monsters to survive
23 Surface dominated by evil orbital AI, robots and androids who revolted from human rule

24 The surface is scarred by solar flares that destroyed all the surface leaving it a lava coated ruin
25 A mile thick layer of ice coats the planet making it uninhabitable
26 Alien spores covered the planet in flesh eating plants, alien strangling vines and mobile trifronds that spit venom or acid
27 Fungus covers everything, the air is thick with spores that with corrupt your body in hours into a shapeless inhuman mass covered in mushrooms
28 A de evolutionary virus swept the earth covering it in prehistoric life and slimy swamps, dinosaurs and giant bugs are everywhere
29 Volcanic activity covered the earth ruining the atmosphere into a Venus like pressure cooker of acid clouds and super heated ammonia rivers
30 Humans returned from the stars as cyborg horrors, they terraformed the planet to suit their new needs and turned life int bloated sacks of supernutrient fat filled horrors they plumb into their factories for nutrient. We must hide till they leave or we will be treated like backward savages, shot and rounded up to be used for spare organs
31 Evil militant AI have taken control of military robots and hunted humanity like rats. Only our benevolent AI can keep us safe

32 Thousands of yeas ago all life perished but our AI has brought us back to life from geneseeds and given us a second chance 
33 A deadly necrovirus turns all animal flesh into monstrous undying horrors, only we remain and must struggle to survive.The slightest touch of the horrors will be the end of our race
34 The surface is overrun by intelligent apes who hate human kind. We must wait and bide our time to return  
35 Reptilian humans survivors of a earlier apocalypse destroyed the human world and now we must wait for our time for a chance to return
36 The AI made us to be it's children, we live in paradise, the chosen people. An evil AI tries to tempt us to wrong doing and curiosity but we must be strong  
37 All outsiders are evil and cannot be trusted, only trust the computer
38 Outsiders may look normal and try to get close but they are all horrible changelings who will kill and eat your succulent flesh
39 We are superior beings and outsiders must be destroyed or enslaved
40 The great tabernacle of the computer is sacred and all of its peripherals and terminals are most holy
41 The mutants and terrors of the outside are demons created by the wicked anti-computer, have no dealings with them or become tainted by their foulness
42 When bunker dwellers grow too old or sick the computer recycles them to be reborn, we the chosen ones thus live forever 
43 The computer determines who should wed and breed for the good of the bunker. The AI is helping to keep us pure and we must all do our part. Don't give in to selfish impure thoughts
44 The AI knows what you think and forgives petty trespasses. It does keep record of them and if you go to far the computer will have you reconditioned
45 The computer is perfect and never makes mistakes. Do not question it's superior wisdom. It may seem to make errors but it our flawed perception or a test
46 We are the property of the computer and must look after ourselves,only dying when when it has no use for us
47 All the life outside has become degenerate from leaving the bunker, do not try lest you become tainted as did they
48 If you have wicked thoughts against the computer you may have been tainted. Report yourself to the computer and it may yet save you in the reconditioning shrine 
49 Before the computer humanity lived in chaos, fighting and killing. But the computer saved us chosen ones from the great war and we must obey it in return 
50 The war was started by enemies of the computer and only it keeps them from destroying us all
51 Only eat authorised food and use authorised equipment or risk contamination and seduction to mutants and communists
52 If you see a loved one committing treason they have been corrupted or replaced by changelings, report it to your computer, your loved one is really dead already, killed by the enemy
53 Food shortages, cramped space and accidental deaths are the fault of enemy saboteurs and anarchist traitors. We must face these problems stoically for the good of the bunker
54 Talk of secret bunker levels and VIPs travelling to the surface of enjoying secret luxuries is treasonous enemy propaganda
55 Reports of unauthorised life forms such as insects or rodents must be reported. They are biorobot tricks to deceive us and not really from the uninhabitable surface
56 Mutation is caused by sin and moral flaws. The more mutant the more evil a being
57 Psionic mutants caused the war and even now plague us with doubts about the computer and our perfect bunker life. Report strange unnatural unpatriotic thoughts and report them to the computer before it is too late and the psions win
58 Only by living strictly in a bunker, sharing all, obeying our leaders and sacrificing everything for the computer can we fight the evils of communism and maintain our freedoms
59 Some chosen must occasionally go to the surface to salvage materials. Do not listen to wild tales of survivors or happy mutants
60 Keep the bunker and yourself clean, report system faults, any imperfections can mean doom of the bunker
61 Sometimes the computer seems harsh but it is only because it loves us and the bunker that it must do what it does
62 AI cannot ever be wrong or go insane, they are human flaws. If you doubt this report to mental hygiene staff immediately for a audit
63 The computer started as just a machine but now it is so much more. It is a living god who never fails to do what is needed to survive and protect us from harm
64 Lost levels of the bunker are just stories to amuse simpletons or spread by subversives. 
65 The computer has better things to do than lie to us
66 The greatest tricks of communists, mutants and evil psions is to convince victims that the computer might be a villain who is insane
67 Don't question your lot in life, the computer has no favourites and selects personnel based solely on their natural capacities. The administrators are specially chosen and appointments are not just arbitrary
68 Food recyclers don't use sewerage or human remains, that would be disgusting
69 The computer watches over us but we are free to do as we please. The computer does not worry about our every private thought or desire
70 Stories of lost levels where everyone died due to system faults or treason are highly exaggerated and best dismissed as unproductive fables
71 The computer would never allow creatures to live in the under levels. They are for processing waste and air recycling nothing could survive down there  
72 Stories that the computers chosen get all kinds of degenerate luxuries are untrue. They require more personal space and food but not the awful things treasonous rumour mongers say
73 The computer treats troublemakers with compassion to treat their delusions. Reconditioning centres drug therapy and even surgery help citizens live useful lives
74 If someone you know seems to not be around, most probably they have been sent on a mission or in quarantine or re education for a while. It is only natural to miss your loved ones and friends but the medics and psycho surgeons can fix your anxiety
75 That person who went mad and claimed the computer lied and their were secret tunnels to the surface turned out to be riddled with mutations and parasites. Thankfully they have been terminated and the source of contamination investigated
76 The shaft to the service has been long sealed for our safety. The stories of a secret passage in admin block are untrue
77 Stories of a section overgrown with unkillable mutant protoplasm are ridiculous
78 The AI is too advanced to be influenced by outside influences. That's why it was put in charge because humans are fallible
79 Robots all serve the computer and are our friends. They would never betray us and do not spy on our every move
80 Sure people seem odd and changed after cyborg procedures but they are still our loved ones and valued bunker personnel
81 Becoming a cyborg is nothing to fear. It puts them in a constant link with AI and it changes their priorities to being 200% effort into serving the bunker. Cyborgs dont have time for recreation or meal breaks they are so dedicated
82 The computer is never inconsistent. Some people misinterpret the computer as having multiple personalities or a true face but it is just testing peoples loyalty
83 The vehicle pool is rarely ever used and sealed off because nobody would ever visit the surface
84 Your service to the computer is greatly valued. Even in death your brain might be added to a organic computer component of borg unit  
85 The computer needs you to have regular medicals and psyche evaluations as part of the efficiency drive. You should be happy the AI cares about you so much
86 If you see a stranger, report it immediately before they attack, outsiders are really hideous mutant deceivers. If they talk they are snaring your mind with psionics to seem less menacing and to sound reasonable. You will need a debriefing after
87 Footage and documents from before the end times are forbidden, remember the old ways broke the world and contamination from their wrong thinking is a risk to us all
88 It might seem harmless to keep relics of the ancients but their thoughts and deeds are a pox on humanity and best handed over to the AI for study and safe keeping
89 Some who harbour delusions about the surface speak of freedom and a better life and will say any lie to open the doors and let in unwashed mutant scum who will kill everyone you love
90 If you hear of your fellow survivors sharing secret documents or images  you must report them. Such cults are a risk to us all
91 As someone chosen to visit the surface you must realise the AI may have told you propaganda to keep the bunker safe. After your visit you will be debriefed and possibly mind scrubbed for the good of all
92 The surface creatures are foolish and dangerous. It may be possible to deceive the stupid ignorant ones as they are used to being controlled by psionic dominators. A free bunker dweller may always resist and outwit them
93 Care not for the lives or desire of surface dwellers. They only mimic feeling pain to deceive you
94 Surface dwellers might seem attractive but their mutated sex organs will kill you
95 All surface dwellers are contaminated by mutations, they can never be trusted
96 All non approved food is contaminated and will mutate you, resulting in you being banished or terminated
97 When exploring the outside beware of false AI who will deceive you with falsehoods and claims they are the one true god
98 Surface dwellers will denounce our computer as a false god. It is best you do not speak of them to strangers
99 Never speak of our bunker location to outsiders for they will crave it's treasures for them selves and plunder it like savage beasts
100 Outsiders will never understand our ways, if you are sent outside on a mission it is better to die than risk our people or risk the AI systems. Tell outsiders nothing


  1. I feel gypped brother--you go from 20 to 31. Just kidding. I can see this getting use in my Planetary Romance Series. Awesome as always.

  2. Great stuff! I am linking folks here from my blog/podcast this week.


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