Monday, 10 June 2019

More Filthy Kobold Scum

So printed out and played with geomorphs. Needed some more straight surface points. Might make some sewer ones in cyan soon.

Some tables to pad out my recent kobold antics.

d12 What are Kobolds here up to...

1 Miners at work - will attack with tools
2 Workers sleeping - if awaken will flee
3 Warriors training - will attack
4 Guards on duty - will attack
5 Cooking a meal - surrender and offer food
6 Looking after babies - flee leaving children behind
7 Elder telling stories - flee leaving children and elders behind
8 Having a drunken party - some flee some drunkenly fight
9 Crafting goods - will attack with tools
10 Hunters - will try and ambush or fight
11 Skinning a monster (carrion crawler?) - will attack
12 Playing with pet dogs - will attack

d12 Kobolds decor
1 Circle of rocks 
2 Pile of various bones
3 Midden heap of food scraps
4 Carrion crawler skin on wall
5 Collection of pottery urns 
6 Drawings on wall of kobolds hunting
7 Pile of kobold feces
8 Kobold children's crude dolls
9 Piles of slag from smelting metal
10 Mining tools
11 Pile of kobold teeth they constantly replace
12 Sacks of preserved food

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